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book Understand money






The money you will understand!


Attention! The book was published in Russian.

(excerpt from the book)
© Vseslav Solo (Sergey Paretsky), 1989-2012 by GG



Translated by using an electronic dictionary.

Original excerpts in Russian is here.


The magic is amazing and easy money. Money - this is the time and this is in any respect: either your existing product, an object, the action of someone else's or your need is expressed in the amount of time spent. In the first case, the goods or object, you have the time taken to manufacture a product or subject, and the second - the time spent on the action, which can be expressed, to appear on the astral (emotional) or mental (logical) development of your or anyone but again, the development over time, which stresses that money - it is a social energoekvivalent time. There are two commodity exchange: indirect and direct. In the indirect exchange of goods, more profane, primitive, when the subject or item, or action is paid directly to another product, object or action, the exchange of goods, wares, actions, and not always the object and the object or goods for goods, but also mixed, that is, the action for the product or item for action. This treatment time is deeply targeted, logical, fundamental predmetizirovanno. Hence, there is a possibility, the probability of a huge transfer logic of the goods, paid for, say, a certain effect on the action itself, and vice versa, the possibility of transfer of the logic of the goods, paid for this action.
In other words, the goods will be operational from its new owner in the action, and vice versa.
For example: you have done the work - the action, though some have repaired the roof, and you have paid for this action, your work, a bag of onions. Now what will happen? Here's what: the roof is not very edible, and because its logic is the logic to add to the onions, so onions, which you will eat, will bring you together with the development of the variety of your mind and some discomfort, even in trouble, again, according to -because the roof is not edible. From eating a bow can start all sorts of diseases of the body, mind and soul. If the illness of the body, they can be expressed in the character of your roof repairs, suppose this: when you're constantly repairing slips on the roof, so the bow, so you have earned and eaten by you, will be in accordance with the Law of Analogy, or distortion, bringing you "slips" in the body, which can be expressed in the same ailments both internal and external organs of your body, temporary failures or disruptions of functioning of these bodies, this will happen in the mood of your astral existence and subsequent cases within your mind.
It goes without saying that the person who paid you for the repair of the roof bag of onions will "onion" roof, that is, a roof can be literally slippery, like a bow, works magic money.
For example, the owner of a roof or anyone else will have the opportunity to drop off her, and even bitter or sweet, with yumorkom, depending on the flavor given for repair of the roof bow, and depending on the ratio of this bow, break or fall awkwardly, and possibly with laughter. And then the roof can be a mold, rot fungi and amazed, like an onion. In the astral-mental affairs host will take place the roof of similar situations, and where necessary the natural softness and smoothness of the mood of the mind, will show a certain amount of "roof" hardness, sharpness, or immobility, even selfishness.
Direct barter, or when a person gets for their work product, which is his, or his labor is invested in the manufacture of this product, or the person giving the goods or part of the work done for the manufacture of that product.
Direct barter, too, has in itself the pitfalls, the same logic of hyphenation. But it all depends on the purity of the manufacturer. For example, the chef cooks soup in a bowl of borscht and if the cook is sincere, and the owner of borscht is not selfish - to make a great product - borscht. There is the direct exchange of goods possible compliance with Peace and Good Fortune, a natural karma (fate) that the indirect exchange of goods is almost impossible, is reduced to zero.
And yet, as the indirect and the direct barter, except in the final state of Peace and Good, there is a choice, do not that to the extent necessary, and what is planned, which means that the prospect of new distortions and karmic bells and whistles, the prospect can not live "like a bird, not worrying about tomorrow," but fornication, greed - to do less and take more and vice versa.
Money, too, have the ability to transfer from the logic of one commodity for another, with the action of the goods and vice versa, but everything depends upon the personal relationship to money earned by a man who, in this case, depends only on himself.
Magic Money, Money provides an opportunity for a person operating time of personal excellence in relationships, to overcome all those entering and manipulating energies, thought forms as a manager, not as a subordinate.
There is no dirty money because the money - it is a social, organized on your collective mind and acting in his vast released, the energy equivalent of the time, you can unpack in any direction, or at their direction, and the allowed volume, interprets the magic of money. But in order to understand this, understand that money does not come in with dirty, one must overcome the imprint of a slave of natural exchanges, must learn to really move their relationship to the goods and acts for money, in other words, do not represent money with goods and merchandise with the money, not to see or understand the place of the goods - the money and instead of money - the goods when he sees or has only good or only money, not to confuse yourself, the logic of the goods and money in your mind.
In the presence of monetary relations it is possible to form their own independent karma. And the man who thinks that money can bring only misfortune and adversity, deeply wrong, because if you imagine for a moment that you have as much money as there are times throughout your world, time and action items, the this will mean that you will get quite full access to all his world, you will manage it in accordance with its development - this is the first moment of development of its own consciousness of the world.
If the problem is only human to live better or richer knows not why, he will never become truly wealthy. There should be a goal of expanding your wealth, even if not greater, stages, but the goal. Ford would never have become Ford if he had not seen her in order to "put America on wheels." If you do not have their own goal - the cup, to put it figuratively, bowls coming wealth, then it means that your wealth is illusory, it is always used in someone else's goal, is not in your cup, so any time you may lose your status because it does not belong to you, lose if you try to defeat the purpose, involving your well-being, in this case, the magic of the money will punish, expect problems.
The man who tries at some point, realize their own goal in finding their own wealth in another bowl, try to send their wealth is in the direction of its own, arising from his goal - may not be able to do this, because it is actually not rich, he has no personal assets, all of its funds are in someone else's cup holder, which will resist, to beat and punish the disobedient, to destroy. Such a person will have to start all over again, or not touching the wealth of the former being in someone else's cup, to acquire new wealth directly to the bowl, which embodies its own purpose, which may lead him to true wealth.
* If all or any part of your money (funds) are not comprehended by you, then such portion or all of your funds must comprehended by someone. *
It is generally understood in the various nuances. Let's say that your money (funds) are in your bank account or in someone else, is not involved in your case, but only in the accumulation of your dividends, in this case, such your money (money) is open in another function does case, which means that they are in such a manner of existence, belong to you, but only in the amount of dividends and no more. If you try to take your money out of such a bank or another business to, say, take them as an additional part to another business, your or yours, everything will be fine, your profits will continue. But if you took their money and decided to send them to a separate channel, where they will be a major, major, the only means, that kind of money will have astral-mental inferiority of the matrix, they can not engage yourself in something, to it necessarily will have to add some money to you or to someone (because they are - steamed money), in this case, a case in which you choose to send, to invest their money steamed: may be experiencing difficulties, may fail, slow down and much more.


Of course, the magic trakutet money that you can fix a power breakdown, let's get into those steaming some money product (can be dollars) for yourself or someone else for a while storage or permanent use, with the subsequent implementation goods if it is acquired temporarily - so you are again, steaming, defective money merge into a single thought-form, and again they will be able to participate in growing your wealth in a foreign business or your own or as independent partners.
* Your money working in a strange case and bring profits - are deprived of their own matrix, become dependent on foreign affairs, which are involved and lose their uniform, the possibility of independent existence, to resume their independence and unity needed reformation of astral-mental matrix *
Money - the energy, time, and whether you can live without the world and improve?
Absolutely not.


One day, after one of my many speeches, I was approached by two students and said with pride that they have no money, there was and never will be. Is this correct?
Reason for yourself: what will people in this world, if it becomes this kind of a hermit, as these students? Nothing.
Even if you look superficially, as I normally expressed in the first reading, then, in this case one can understand that God - the whole world, literally everything that is Subject-are non-objective world, which means knowing the world, we come to God , we enter into his vast consciousness. All our species of tyrants seclusion, at least from some parts of the world, the same seclusion from the money, and hence the possibility of a hermit existence, not for someone izhdivirovat idler, and helping to develop, to learn, to approach the divinity, any species and genera of seclusion - there is no acceptance, denial of God.
Perhaps you remember that there is such an interesting parable, which tells us that one teacher, several of his disciples left the five gold coins and left for several years in other places. When the teacher returned, he found that one of his students spent all five coins and the teacher scolded him for it. Another student let the five coins in circulation and has ten - his teacher scolded the least. Another student kept the five gold coins in the intact and the teacher scolded him for having the most.
This parable shows that nothing can grow, while remaining in place. The magic of money allows us to understand that money - a network of time, we are thrown into the ocean of the world to know themselves, they must be always in motion.
* If your money is not moving for a while, then, exactly at such time and for exactly this part of the money you lose the opportunity of development, because it limits access to yourself and your collective wisdom to the development of a new logical space - a kind of seclusion. At this time, the logical space of the mind is mastered, is taken away and won by denying you are contemplative and you have to fight him harder when you want to revive again, set in motion stopped for a time their money - they can not be spent for your benefit, and Another development for the benefit of the beholder, that will pour out for you in all sorts of trouble, strikes, frustration and even failure. Such stopped at the time the money is better spent specifically, or even better, at least temporarily, but to invest as part of, but not as major a strange thing (to translate into dollars). *
"Save yourself, and many will be saved around you," because the world around you, and you yourself have separated, your expanded consciousness, "None of the hermit did not come to me" - these sacred expressions, as nothing can better the world, sound convincing.
It sounds like a proverb: "If you are an intelligent man, why are not rich?" And I'm telling you: to God alone does not come ... Magic money is open to you here - study it!




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