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Attention! The book was published in Russian.

(excerpt from the book)
© Vseslav Solo (Sergey Paretsky), 1989-2012 by GG



Translated by using an electronic dictionary.

Original excerpts in Russian is here.









Mascots are almost always there, as is our knowledge of the world.
* Talisman - is any substantive or groundless subject that has consciously or unconsciously support a certain quality and direction of a particular faith, essentially, the same subject or groundless any item that has consciously or unconsciously certain kachectva faith and direction in a certain part of the entity in the subject-objectless consciousness of any one particular entity at the same faith of the essence in respect of non-objective subject-object, as the faith and the essence of her consciousness. *
Talisman may not be really any substantive or pointless subject and even the mascot may be some specific entity or group of entities or a group of non-objective subject-objects, as well, can serve as a talisman of some configuration of the spatial arrangement of the definition
divided by an entity or group of entities and specific configuration of the spatial arrangement of certain non-objective subject-object or objects.
Mascots can be tied, and with time as that is, as the very specific time can serve as a talisman, and the object or objects, entity or entities may have a certain or definite time (as duration) as a mascot.
Mascots are manufactured specifically as well as established under certain circumstances or on certain circumstances occur unconsciously.
As you already must now begin to understand me correctly, the charms can be for being the essence of living in a physical body, the five levels of force are:
Item Level,
Astral level,
Mental Level,
The level of spiritual,
The level of the beholder.
Naturally, the mascot can be used both consciously and unconsciously, and I think that you are clear what levels of force are the mascot for the growing line: Item, astral, mental, spiritual, contemplative, where Item is the smallest and beholder will be the biggest force Level mascot, which, of course emphasizes the fact that the higher the level of force mascot, the mascot trudoemche manufacturing process, and the brighter the success of its application.
For the manufacture of the mascot say, objectively, fit any materials or even finished goods, also mascot for the manufacture of Astral fit any mood, emotions and feelings, sensations, peculiar to man, to make a talisman Mental fit all phrases, words, concepts, and the manner of thinking this inherent man, as a mascot for the manufacture of the Spiritual order is required to have a certain quality and direction, a logical relationship (merger), astral and Mental person who has a habit of active zero, for the manufacture of mascot Level required to have a contemplative beholder at the Site (the theme of "Memory") a certain quality of vision and direction of the World, the task of the World.
What is the mechanism of control points the existence of a mascot named each power level?
Item Level mascot has always its existence as astral and mental, as well, and spiritual and contemplative,
only, except for the beginning of his subject, which is real, everything else is hidden in a talisman and unconsciously, because the whole life of a mascot is a report only on the subject, and it is, you know, is very cumbersome and not always convenient and applicable (remember the magic wand or something like that for which they fight each other any wizards, sorcerers or witches in fairy tales, and all because without a magic wand or some other equivalent to it, a magician, a magician or sorcerer of the objective of Level does not constitute a valid magical power).
The same is true about the mascot and the level of the astral, which is invisible to earthly eyes, which of course emphasizes the development of a more significant level of magician, sorcerer, magician, rather than in the case of the subject mascot because, here, on the astral level of force, and charm can take for a possible fight, but it will be a greater struggle for the possession of faith. Warlock, Mage or Sorcerer, in this case, would be forced to defend their faith, or to take away from his last opponent, and, Astral level of force may be the mascot did not need to be conscious Faith, but rather the unconscious, that is, a
Faith may be called rather a ritual, faith built on the Binding and canons.
The level of mental strength above all, the mascot will be based on the extent, depth, awareness of the magician, sorcerer or magician here, if there will be some kind of struggle, it will always manifest themselves: a new development, new standards and open spaces mastered logic, the ability to control the logic that automatically fasten the magician, sorcerer or wizard to improve your mind in the sense of deliverance and all the more from the bindings and Toy Land.
The spiritual level of force implies that the mascot as a magician, a sorcerer or magician has merged his will and faith in the one whole and how this fusion can function together, but independently, that is, that when the will and faith are divided in their lifetimes and movements, but they are united by a single vision of the person possessing them as such, their coexistence. This level of mascot can be characterized like this: Conscious Movement senses.
Power on the talisman Level beholder and really amazing and unusual. Here, as
they occur as a struggle with the spectator himself, with all its world of consciousness immediately and simultaneously, where all entities and objects as subject, as well as non-objective, both conscious and unconscious are enemies because they all need to learn how to experience and to remove from the themselves forever.
There are those charms that may be because of all the five levels?
What are they like?
It charms, made objectively, but they are created by a person who already has a level of consciousness, the level of awareness of the beholder of the World (not just know about the mechanics of meditation, the logic itself, but it is really and truly understand it and live in it and mastering it consciously).
That is such a talisman would open its power, will only work in the hands of this man, the creator of such a talisman, and that is interesting is that the mascot of the manufacturing and quality is almost completely invulnerable, because it can change its configuration subject ( his earthly body), for his master and the parent can easily and safely by the mascot for that lost one of the subject body of his stay in the world crude form into another form of being, say, the mascot was a ...





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