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Diary for a Warlock

(Diary for the Future,

for 12 Constructions

of Love events)





Attention! The book was published in Russian.

(excerpt from the book)
© Vseslav Solo (Sergey Paretsky), 1989-2012 by GG



Translated by using an electronic dictionary.

Original excerpts in Russian is here.








I am often asked, and asked about my sources of development, about where I come to knowledge.
Now it is time to open a world of my teachers, a hitherto unknown world of the City of the Gods.
The first God, God, which can now be willing to contact people - is the God of Love TELAALOFF.
This God, manifested in the hedges outside his kindness directed toward the man turned to him with a request for the approximation of the physical bodies of subjects of the Earth. He is free: to help and to punish, destroy and create.
Take his inspiration when he drew his strength for you, by the Third Rome, with the consent of your.
TELAALOFF - God of Love, which existed even before ancient Egypt, and he came again to unite the entire Earth.






TELAALOFF, TELAALOFF, TELAALOFF - God of ALL LOVE. You're here, can you hear me, can you see me you love me. I feel you in my body, my body.
All the people of Earth feel you in their bodies, their bodies. You are the only bodies of all the earth and all bodies of the Earth are the same you.
Help my desire, TELAALOFF, revealing his will in it, my desire to revive the body of my favorites of the Earth and submitted before your omnipotence.
Yes, take out your hands, TELAALOFF, object of my desire guise of my desires.



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Diary of a notification to the owner:




1. Magic Power's Diary comes alive only at the right performance of all the Regulations on the handling.
2. Diary can be filled only at certain magical time. Magical Time is given in the following article in the Journal.
3. Entries can be shown to others by any person only after you make sure that these records are permanently materialized, and their existence for more than half did not depend on you. You can use a diary to burn, you can store, if you're confident in yourself man, you can and keep diary, and if not, it is best to burn it - then materialized events and objects with the help of your blog is you can never be corrected, and anyone and probably will only create new ones. If you decide to burn your diary for use, then make it so that someone saw the process of burning Diary, but did not write per se at the time of the fire. After burning softly say out loud: "All the power and the records remained living in my world."
4. Do not tell others about the meaning of ideological and sensory your entries in the diary, no they do not show up to implement and strengthen those in your life at the most will be independent of you, and your peace of life events and objects. Became strong record, received a realization in your life, you can show to anyone - they can not break down and pereinachit, you can show them and talk about them, but do not show the others, even the blank pages of your Diary, as well, and others, the fledgling record. On the nature of the Diary can say arbitrarily, and with anyone who will laugh at your diary, make fun of him, tease, or do evil machinations - will be punished, and you know it, but it does not rejoice in this, and perceive it as a tribute to the cold-blooded punished for the teaching of human rights. Can you say joker once and coolly out loud, if you believe that the joker is not to be heard against the agressiruet such or in a whisper, and can be myself, "Laugh, who does not fire - ashes fall off your laughter, and zatopchesh to you, and your will be extinguished. " Can anyone and never talk about the diary, or talking to people, chosen at your discretion.
5. This diary may be material rializovyvat-only events and objects of life, which are connected with the love of man for the opposite sex.
6. In order to completely get rid of the Diary, as his would have never had you, as you would never even knew about it, you need: cross fountain pen (black ink) all the magical pages of the diary ( all the records on them, or even blank pages), pull the cover sheet with your name and burned only his, and the ashes scattered to the wind. The rest of the blog and just tear vybrasite in place for trash - do all of this should be quite coolly and resolutely face to face with him. After these manipulations Diary anymore or does not take part in your life, and all the materialization Diary will be able to break down and cease to exist at all as they would not have happened.
7. Not recommended to write in this diary, which would go to the detriment of the object or person in your world of life events. There are recurrent strokes do, the owner of Diary. Remember that you have accepted responsibility for the consequences of this Diary and your such.
8. If you do not have a special white windows of the title page of the Journal of the relevant records, then this diary completely unknown how it will work and the consequences can be quite incredible, or no.
9. The publisher and the originator (author) of the Diary is not responsible for the work this man has a diary, in any way acquired the diary. Also, the publisher, composer (author) of the Diary is not responsible for anything any materialized events and objects, including the health of the soul (spiritual), the physical body and mind, resulting in a person's life (Diary of a holder) as a result of his work with this Diary , also appeared in the environment surrounding people and objects.




Handling the Diary:



The first thing you need to do is show your diary, do not razlistyvaya his eye on the thirteen people you know. It can be shown directly thirteen or show each of the thirteen alternating basis. Also, it is possible that the diary and saw a few people, less than thirteen (say improvised little groups of two or three, five). But, again, bring the number of people seen the diary to the number thirteen. Does not explain anything to them at the same time, refer to the fact that this action is very important to you, and only after three days you will be able to explain (after the first entry in the diary of desire). Three days later, and you can really tell that anyone interested in a diary of his sense, but not before (not saying you made a record in it, record your wishes).
Then, retire to your chosen magic time, which is described below, at the end of this, is now being read by you, "Address to the Diary."
The preferred location and position of your privacy: the silence, tightly closed, curtained windows and doors, a burning candle in a step located in front of you. You are standing on their knees and make the necessary appointment only with a fountain pen (black ink). Be sure to drag a place where you stand on the knees (around) with a white chalk circle (you stand on your knees in a circle). You need to have your diary was lying on something in front of you, and therefore, it is best to stand up to his knees at the table, on the other end of which will burn your candle is lit in advance (only this candle, you can use this pen and just in all subsequent sessions your work with the Diary.) Stand on your knees should face turning to the East. Be sure to calm down before you kneel down, give yourself in a balanced state and do not pay any attention to the possible oddities that can occur around you when you communicate with the Diary (noise, knocking, and more - they are not natural, but do not be afraid of their if only it were not the sounds of the human environment, which would be better to not be at all before the start of your work with the Diary.)
So you're retired properly (and you'll always retire so to work with diary), and now, at the distance of the First Vision (the distance at which there is a good focus, for example when reading the text you enter a book) carefully, and without blinking, Focus both eyes on the white point, exactly in the middle of the figure, which is located in the white square on the front page of Diary, immediately under the name of the author's Diary. Focusing-quest sensual cast, for a few seconds (five to ten). Then, immediately proceed to fill the front page of the Diary of a person yourself. Make the appropriate entries in his own hand. On the front page of Diary, when viewed from the top down, are four white window. In the first box (from top to bottom), which is located just below the words "for the Wizard's Diary", you write your normal handwriting your name, the second write the word "My" in the third, "my", and in the fourth, in which was listed heading "Receipt Holder's Diary", write the following phrase: "I bear full responsibility for everything that will be associated with this diary in my life," and then be sure to include abbreviated (for example, 22/12/99 years), month and year and sign.
Now, after you complete the cover sheet Diary, keep your diary, and more reliable for three days, from time to time, think of it accumulating in this case by the desire to take advantage of diary. You can not see the Diary of exactly three days, otherwise he may lose his powers partially or completely, and, naturally, and not anyone else can see it. It is better if you lie down somewhere in the Diary of a secluded place determined for it specifically, wrapped in a piece of black cloth (you can use any material, even apart from the synthetic silk, wool or fur).
In Diary of a magical twelve pages, which you and need to fill their wishes. Exactly twelve of your desires for love can be carried out. Entries need to do the desires of each Magic Page sequentially, alternately filling each subsequent, but not randomly.
Three days later, you are returned to the Journal, but now to make it the first recording of his desire.
In his solitude, drink a glass of plain water and, behind the glass to the side and turned to the diary, loudly, slowly and clearly pronouncing all the words, read the prayer to TELAALOFFU once, and heart (of course, you have to learn in advance the prayer by heart, it is printed on the fifth page of the Diary).
Then, immediately after the reading of prayers, the very first razlistnite M. Page Diary and make a record of your desire within the white field, which is drawn in the shape of the heart (write, small handwriting, do not hesitate on the spelling - it does not matter).
Entry should look like and what it should be of a general?
Recording your wishes should be brief (you can even write snatches of conversation in the form of abstracts of original). It is better to write it, without stopping, without hesitation or preparing it in advance (do not think over a record in words, but his heart, in your feelings to carry it), but in this case, we can predict the future success of your desire to implement. The desire not to be selfish, but natural for you to be justified, justified as you understand it, is logically justified, convincing to you (in advance to speculate on the feelings of this excuse, understand his feelings.)
By writing a will, slowly inhale and exhale slowly feeling the remnants of this desire (your chest), so that you feel as though the space that remains of your feelings with your breath as it were absorbed into the words that you wrote in the Journal and the words saturated and the glow of your feelings at the same energy (breath in through your nose - out through the open mouth of the floor), you feel it almost physically. With each inhalation and exhalation after every two or three seconds, hold your breath.
Breathe for a minute or two in this way. The next time you say a prayer for every heart TELAALOFFU, close the diary, the session is over.
You may from time to time before and after the realization of the desire-tion materials of such desires to re-read your notes in a diary, but only if you do this, they very coolly and calmly, balanced and easily pleased.








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