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Астральное Тело, роман Третий Натура или Всея Любовь



Astral-Magic Epic

"Astral Body"

"Nature or All-embracing Love"

Third novel



Attention! The book was published in Russian.

(excerpt from the book)
© Vseslav Solo (Sergey Paretsky), 1989-2012 by GG



Translated by using an electronic dictionary.

Original excerpts in Russian is here.







Both lay on the couch next to each other.
Bozhiv carefully lowered one more kiss on his short silky whispering lips of Natasha and the body leaning slightly on her face, once again considered its melodic line. He saw, remarked on her cheek like a tiny piece of silvery tears, and Yuri took his head to gently wipe it with his cheek, and expressed in the movement of the body's intention to do so.
- No, Jura, - Natasha whispered hiding. - Do not ... This tear is pleased injures my soul. I am thankful to this "wound" ... Tell me ... - the beginning of the question, and Natasha paused. - Why ... did you do that? ..
- I did a lot to do what you do not know, and this question, if I was now responsible, you would have asked me a disturbing number of times in a row and failed to hear the full answer - I do not know.
- So you do not know why you did it?
- I know ... Know exactly why, but I can not answer - why?
- Do not worry. I do not blame you at all, Jura. But I did not confess to you, even as his rather that to me today as it would be wrong with Sergei itself - uniquely gentle and good, and the confidence that I am that you know what we did right ... Thank you for Sergei, Bozhiv, for my love and strength that you gave my heart stops ...
- I will not allow him to stop, and whether it can stop at all?
- I think not ...
- We share a secret, shared secret, Natasha.
- Do you really speak like Sergei, I do not Seryozha Do you?
- Who are you now see before you?
- Yura. Yura Bozhiva, but I see Sergei and I think ... no ... not with the eyes, and saw something invisible.
- But before you did the Jura Bozhiv!
- Bozhiv Still, you're right, and it is not clear.
- Explain the inexplicable - ignoble, stupid, and useless thing. To explain - not to see the listener, but only to know the blind.
- Do not tell me any more, Serge .. Bozhiv .. - corrected Natasha. - I see myself, I see something. Do not need the clarity of obscurity to be creepy.
- About the clarity does not say, because if it is, it does not even considered, it can not be considered.
- Yes. And do not be a lack of clarity - there will not be considering, so - nothing will happen, because it considers and clarity ...
- There is still uncertainty. - Summed up Natasha. - And then, if I look at Sergei, but he would consider me completely up to the last drop, then we would not like Sergei and Natasha, we stop seeing each other.
- Yes, but we start examining how we continue to see active following uncertainty and deal with it, so that it ceased to be visible and became us.
- You said we?! ...
- I misspoke.
- Nice slip of the tongue. So there is Unity?
- This is Unity entities, and therefore the whole universe, because essentially all of creation. Eternal Unity.
- But then the division, Jura, how to recognize it?
- That I did not exactly know, but I can not translate to the language, probably later ...
- I believe in it, Sergei. - Said Natasha and shut down for a moment and then opened her eyes. - And yet Bozhiv! - She corrected herself and added, - I, too ... I'll know.
... Vic drew back from the doorway into the apartment and froze in a daze unknown, inexplicable feelings. Just heard it clearly as the truth, she knew without a doubt, said to Natasha, but the Lord, he spoke of her husband's voice, the voice Bozhiva ... Clearly bugged just two votes: Natasha and this, the first two near and dear!
The fact that Serezhina mother asked her yesterday, Vick, now go to her for a minute to take the key from the apartment. Natasha was leaving tomorrow to rest in the suburbs, and in the afternoon, as the mother of truth in the University, work is work, and Sabina in kindergarten, and small hurt - no one would care for sleeping in lethargy Sergei. Vic responsive and minutely agreed to help, but when she is now, minutes ago, went up the stairs and stopped at the door of the apartment and prepared to press the bell as usual, her hand reached for some reason did not call, and dropped to almost priotschelennuyu door and the door without much pressure though she has moved into the interior of the apartment and opened a crack on the elbow and the Vick vote magnetized words its not released to Vick did not listen to them. She is fascinated by them, stood motionless, while trying to resist her mind, but the conversation was overheard ...
Soon Vic caught some movement in the apartment, and now, as if it magnetically viscous inside the apartment, Vic is physically restrained by his body aspiration walked to the vote. However, movement in a flat, lightning peremagnitili appeal to the push, and she, with difficulty, all well, barely kept his body physically can not escape, rumble on the steps, carefully otshagivala poodol door.
Vick on his toes fell down the steps, and if parousia unknown catch-up in the back by the wind, and the voices did not make out what it was talking, she heard on the move, approached by the entrance, and only when she was in a hurry at the door to his apartment - stopped here, it again froze on the spot and became sensible to listen to the silence of the upper floors.
Not long after, there was heard at the top of several distinct, clearly voiced the steps and slammed the door. But for some reason, the steps are no longer continued, as if they were dissolved.
In a few minutes bated, the steps to pick up again: someone coming down from the top floor down the stairwell.
Vick found a touch nervously in her purse at the key of his door, pulled it out and plunged immediately into a metal slot lock and otschelknula constipation. So she continued to stand, not jerking your hands on the keys, ready at a single moment to push the door with his shoulder.
And then: - Vic! How good that you've returned! - Said smiling uncertainly, as Vic said, her husband Bozhiv. He showed up around the corner stairwells.
- It's good that you, too, is back! - Dry and cautiously said Wick.
- You mean from Natasha? - I inquired about the Jura. - Yes. I was there. Tomorrow she is going on the road, you know ... Asked for help upressovat suitcases, so heavy - just a nightmare.
- Upresoval!? - Suddenly, even to herself cried Vic.
- You what? What are you shouting? - Fluently Bozhiv said, he went to his wife and hugged her gently.
- Just tired.
- She said. - Tired of all.
- Well, let's go ... home. - I asked Yura gently with a tone of guilt in his voice. - I'll make strong tea, while you sit in a chair, okay?
- Okay. - As if in obedience to the inevitable, said Vick, and they both went into the apartment, Jura, and gently closed the door behind him, so that there was a subtly clicking the locking bolt.
... The next day, Natasha went to rest in the suburbs, and a few days later Bozhiv went to Moscow for a session at the Literary Institute.


The central view



Street lamp flared, hard light yellow sheaf relied on the sidewalk in front of a black band across the road. Poodol from this luminous spot in the midst of sweeping the night talking to a few dirty words clumsy human silhouettes.
Occasionally, if the balls from the roadside, and the unknown, turning near the bend, cars sped past us fast silhouettes, and the noise of their wheels vzvetrenny soon faded vaguely, in the depths of the desert highway.
The steps of the metro station underpass "Shchelkovskaya" rose two men, one of them was wearing a black shirt and jeans. In the dark, cloudy whiteness of its branded shoes gently, but firmly, "stalking" the concrete ledge above, under the fresh, starry sky and the street was immediately evident that he was somewhere to accompany a second, ingratiating, the catch-up, the lagging gait whose no doubt confirmed the statement. Sputnik man in a black shirt, timid, but continues to keep their choice a girl in short skirt and kotonovoy red blouse with sleeves to the elbow, as if touching, tried to follow his every step is a new touch.
They went upstairs, looked around and, as if pushed by loud voices of the silhouettes on the other side of the street, like a Christmas tree star that shone blood large letter "M", otshagali to the bus stop, stop .. and silently turned to silence. ..
Suddenly, a man was separated from the company, which immediately abated. He briefly joined the highway, and slowly, as if pondering something, went to two people standing at the bus stop. The girl darted like zashagnula behind his escort. But after a few seconds, she felt, at first unconsciously, and then all the more contrast, outlines a clear structure of support, unknown to her before, some invisible imagination, tangible, measurable what is inexplicable, and this state has given her the strength to remain silent and calm, to expect ...
Chaperone, a man of medium height - followed a barely perceptible turn of the head of a man approaching from the company's silhouettes. A man was walking across the path like, extinct steps, it seemed that he had jumped off the screen, lamp light, jumped out of the movie on display in front, and is now becoming a reality with every step, but it is directed and confident look, at point-blank shot up threatening aspiration did not stand in the shaken the bus stop ...
But if that's escort vzglybilsya froze in place and with the rapid glance at the ready, and walking like a man ran into an invisible wall, stopped five meters short.
The opponents stood in silence and openly stared at each other.
Not long after people stopped said:
- A friend ... - Immediately followed by a clear and persistent response to escort girls.
Voprositel cavalier paused again, as if pondering something. Melted a second ...
- What other name is ...? - Now is the earlier belief, the attacker said slowly, as if stepping back a little. It seemed that he himself did not know what he said.
- Peter - if it was waiting for this issue of verification, as the blade nulo reply to a escort.
Once again the silence was restored for some opponents. And so:
- Excuse me - suddenly said softly and pleasantly forward. Then he immediately walked away not long as bitterly and forcefully to the side waiting for his silhouettes, and he soon ceased to be a reality once again, returned to light the lamp in front of the frame, across the street ...
Escort lived in a communal apartment, his room was the largest by area - m twenty-five, the remaining tenants: Aunt Claudia, as it is lovingly called by his return home he and Valya, a woman of forty - two lived in a relatively smaller spaces, housing, referred to as facilities. At length, he spent koridoroobraznoy hall girl in the bed supporting the views of these neighbors. It took place from smiling shyly, which unexpectedly became under the care of strangers. The girl, quietly closed the door behind him in the shelter escort when he came in first, managed to turn on the lights and sit on his haunches with a low refrigerator, looking for that would bite.
- Sit on the couch. - The offer was made team owner, and she was not slow to fulfill it.
- Thank you. - Apprehensive she said.
- Is there anything you wish now? - He asked.
- I drank a cup of tea. - Immediately replied the visitor, looking cluttered little table near the sofa, two, once crowded, upturned ashtrays, crumpled paper, tattered books and two devastated, with dried tea leaves tea on the floor, yellowed glass.
- That's it? .. - A sidelong glance at the girl asked the host.
- I'm not hungry. - Heard the confirmation.
- Okay. Then you have to sit in a little lonely, until "stirs" the kettle from boiling water, and I ...






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