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"Mystery of Damnations"






Attention! The book was published in Russian.

(excerpt from the book)
© Vseslav Solo (Sergey Paretsky), 1989-2012 by GG



Translated by using an electronic dictionary.

Original excerpts in Russian is here.








Curse: The Concept, formation, realization



To opt out of anything was, we must first, as a minimum, at least have a (good to know and understand) the thing that are going to give up, so that never again to have it as a temptation. ("Sin, but repent.")
It should be understood that we, the people from morning till night, and without that curse each other and often do not even notice how it's going and what the laws being implemented in certain cases, because the curse - a phrase that is not always say or think and - a special relationship between the state (thought forms) people and objects. After all, you can simply look at a person (the subject), to look as objectively as well as pointless, look in a certain state of his feelings, and thus to curse the person (the subject).
* The Curse - a special state of feelings, thoughts, body, expressed as a subject, and pointless, forward to the balance in a certain duration and extent of the space of consciousness of a subject-objectless thought-forms in relation to any other thought-forms, as well as the subject, and pointless. *
Curse - is tuned instrument, compact weapon that has no analogues on the strength of their own, and also excludes any protection from it by the order, against whom it is directed.
Corruption, evil eye, and samosglazy samoporchi, slander, and so on, all this is nothing but a curse because of: corruption, evil eye, slander, and more - it's vulgar names Curses. Magically natural and original, if you will, for you would be clever to say, "committed, implemented Curse," instead of simple folk, "corruption, evil eye, slander," and others. Anyway, enough even to know and understand me correctly, when you think of the damage, evil eye, slander, and the other, then at least imply that all is listed there actually curse.
According to the Law or the Law of Analogy is a lot of distortion known to you, I will expound on "The Curse" in stages, to some extent from the already known to the new. And I'll start with the classics of the curses (of Christ), then explain the logic, the conditions of construction and realization of all curses, suggest to your mental and Practical Development Control and conscious form of Curse's own configuration.




Classic Curses.


In this case, I propose to consider those classical forms of curses and their designs, which are derived from the time of Christ. But it is by no means something that is in any way should be provided as an attempt to insult, humiliation or belittling of all, which only has, religions on Earth. Just I was born into a Christian day of Epiphany, and then baptized in the Christian tradition in the church. It turns out that, as it were, twice baptized, for he who is born in such a holiday is already baptized, and it is usually not baptized in the church. But it just so happens that my family still insisted on the baptism in my church.
In so far as Christianity is closer to me by my birth, I'm talking about classics like curses arose from the time of Christ, that does not mean that there are some classics, too, and she always is.
My task is to present the essence of the theory and practice through the Curse of something concrete, the most natural for me (and to date, as well considerable majority of the people around me), rather than to administer the full historical perspectives of the Earth Religions. Also, in this regard, I sincerely emphasize that I respect all religions and Worship Peace Earth and not one of the religions and faiths is not one single out as the principal, even for myself, for everything there is in place and at one time otherwise would not exist.





Three classic look Curses



For the convenience of learning the material, I very tentatively of course, shared the Classic Forms of curses, the design of which we have inherited and preserved to this day, the types, put them in a row according to their realizable impact force.
So, three kinds of Curses, and at first the way they sound:
Third type of Damnation, "You are my brother (my sister), but I'm not with you on the road, otryahayu dust of their feet."
2nd View of the Curse, "It would not be born to this man."
1st View of the Curse, "Damn you (curse you)."
The strength and direction (task, idea) implementations of 3 types of Curses:
Curse third act on the environment of the man who cursed. That is, it could be anything, in any form and strength, depending on the degree of guilt cursed man, whatever might happen to him, say, home, family, things and objects, are not indifferent to him, belonging to him, as well , with his clothes, work with people close to him and friends and so forth, but directly from the man himself damned anything could happen, in other words, body, soul and mind did not receive injury, will not suffer and did not undergo physical changes.
2nd View Curse envisaged as a direct physical impact on the most cursed man. Mutilation of the body, mind and soul were expecting damned 2nd Kind Curse person.
1st View of the Curse is directed to repay the incarnation, the physical incarnation of life so damned human. Naturally, not about what resolution to use this kind of disciples of Christ Curse could not be considered.







As you know, the Curse of the classical form (3 types listed above) - this is quite the subtlest instrumental weapon of karmic punishment and use it only possible (each species) is consistent for (development) of purity. Here, in an appropriate capacity, the required purity of means with respect to each Kind of Damnation, the purity of the operator, his soul, mind, and even the body (the operator - the person conducting the curse). It turns out that the classical form of Curses - a weapon which, to put it figuratively, has Two Smoking Barrels, and a trigger. Pull the trigger, the operator is difficult to predict where and in what direction the bullets will fly and hit, she vopetsya "victim" or as the operator itself, because it is the required purity of line operator Kind of Damnation, which he used, must be calibrated as perfectly correct by the operator, and only curse will be implemented correctly, the operator will remain unharmed.
It is clear that such a weapon to use Universal is very dangerous, why am I, here in the presentation, I will offer you for your understanding and practical development, as it were (it is shareware!) "4th" type Curse, I have developed and tested in practice of the small number of my fellow students. View Curse, which is relatively safe for the operator, karma is true, in a sense automatic, but more on that later.
Terms and Conditions Required Implementing Curse of any kind and Origins:
Curse - is, I stress again, state, and any state of any thought-form consists of a certain range of the dominant relations to other thought-form, and that's analyze this relationship.
Thus, the Curse of the accomplished and only realized only if:
a): a -
1. The operator (person doing the Curse) is absolutely right.
2. The victim (the person whose curse) is entirely to blame.
b). The operator of aged and formed the following circumstances -
1. Operator no longer absolutely nothing to be ...







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