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Attention! The book was published in Russian.

(excerpt from the book)
© Vseslav Solo (Sergey Paretsky), 1989-2012 by GG



Translated by using an electronic dictionary.

Original excerpts in Russian is here.



Astral. For a long time in the fate of the Earth was a concept for some people the Holy, relatives or relatives, understandable and necessary, but for others, just certain people, something imaginary, unreal, even malicious or unnecessary, nasty, and the like.
What then is the very concept of justice in this: the negativity or positivity of it is based on lies?
The fact that I have always, for example, talking with some people from among the deniers of the Astral, argued roughly as follows:
It is known that from nothing to something to be obtained. Always get something out of something (here involved is the same well-known energy conservation law, which states that no energy can not disappear completely, and necessarily passes from one form of existence to another), and hence that the same kinds of science derive their energy, senses and feelings of their own discoveries, to those aspirations (goals and objectives) only from the area still unexplored, the available, but not unexplored. I emphasize impressive: science in the development of a draw only from the already existing, it is available, but not yet understood by them, sciences, draw their energy from the development of space, not laid in the logic of scientific experience, and hence the space of another logic, another form of staying power In this case, the energy that will be re in the energy development of science. Always a new birth of free space, where there is no generally accepted Laws, but it is born and immediately Laws raid on him from all sides, to issue a "Certificate of Birth." But the magical processes can never be born because they are only able to wither away, they are born and live in their own world of logic and at this time can not be used in any science on Earth. But when they die, then they cease to be of interest for Magic, but that's when they acquire a new interest in the new birth in the logical space sciences. And always, as soon as science is trying to give scientific form of Magic, the science has become a pseudoscience, unfounded upstart, who, in his own admiration of the other lzheprevoskhodstvom finished his life on the scaffold of the real material world, because in the end became not an inheritance for Magic and for a genuine science.
If so, and this is the case, though, because it is logical, then try to analyze it in a certain plane. The fact that there is still an unknown, to analyze the different logic, which in this world, referred to as the logic of science: a fairy tale, fantasy, fantasy, nonsense, invented by, Bassenko, desirable, but not really, sometimes just called nonsense, poetry, dreams, hallucinations even madness or delirium, writing, deceit, naivety, theater, magic, astral, in extreme cases, it appears as a working hypothesis.
So, it turns out that rejecting the same magic, the same Astral, scientists, science deprived of the most important thing - their own pursuits and the development path, they automatically put themselves into the framework of the gradual development of logic only objective of the plan and could never really make a jump or a breakthrough?
Yes, as it happened with the opening of the same power, which, incidentally, was at one time, it was given to the Magic at the mercy sciences.
It turns out that denying the same magic, we can say that prohibit this high poetry, Rodd Science?
This is the case, but rather skazt in the face of the banned magic prohibit Poetry of Human Senses, most of her crown, life itself, which carries the most important sense - complete freedom from the known laws. And the more such freedom, the more possible discovery.
When the ban on Magic Life Sciences of pale, and religion come up and hold down your finished, not creative, not canonized skryvaemo beginning the nature and essence and meaning society as a whole. There comes a time, a strong deterrent.
After all, judge ye: if a scientist uses the Graduate Poetry, or at least just poetry, it is not a poet in science, it is always very modest, or dependent, a mediocre scholar. And if he is also enmeshed in the canonization of a religion, then all of a scientist's little that can be expected, and great speed.
Barring magic, we prohibit genuine freedom as such, it is the original meaning of existence in human society, prohibit the poetry of life, and therefore, prohibits a Evolve!
Today we know a lot of attempts have already concluded Magic in the framework of legislation that will necessarily lead Magic and the Law itself, which made this ban in an ugly look to the camp a laughing stock, because the magic can not be similar in its logic, the logic of living life on the physical plane. It has its own logic, which is always used and enjoyed and will enjoy all the sciences. There may be tools of knowledge in the Magic Laws of Cognition and Behavior, Morals, but it can never be in the magical space of even a trace of the Laws of the Earth, because then the magic ceases to be such, but its energy has not yet been formed and the magic of science will necessarily look as if to give an example, a cake, which is just put in the oven, and then immediately taken out of itself and began to feast and said, "How disgusting!" Yes, dear Lord lawmakers infringing on the World of Magic Logic (meaning primarily Lawmakers of all Russian) - do you propose to become a magic muck, you offer to stop it, virtually ban today, even if not so openly and explicitly, but implicitly, unconsciously, by a chim-pressure or direction, or the sly, so - you are killing themselves, its not just tomorrow, but even now already, because nothing in the world can not be outside the movement. And if the magic to stop the flow of energy into this world to stop the flow of Liberty, coming all the time, or even downplay it a bit - inevitably, it will affect the lives of all people of a society in which such manipulation occurred. Wake up before its too late. Do you already have an example of the Middle Ages, when it is so slow and deadlock, it is absurd and chaotic for a long time riding evolved civilization, and all this happened only because it was so because the magic was in Ban, Graduate Poetry Life, Inspiration, Faith and Discovery Liberty. Today, a lot can happen again and already has a place to be in a hint of repetition, but an even more horrible and ugly level, according to the known spiral visions and ideas about the development of the world.
Begin to understand the above at least what you have today, you know, and know, and talk about it: it was the same wishful thinking human on the same apple, running on a saucer, and today it is a scientific reality, there were other dreams of humanity that occurred in -hearsay from the world of Magic, which is all this that was in my dreams uninitiated people who have already enjoyed in its logic and ideas about life, and then it became real and vsedostupnym.
For example say today (I mean, Russia), you, Lord, forgive me, but, nevertheless, bound Lzhezakonodateli imposed on the same traditional practitioners, Sensetivov, imposed in the sense of obligation to their licensing (determine skills), but here you are trying to drive a surgeon's art in a pattern of science, in this case, sit down to work under the roof of medicine - is absurd, and more! This can not be made, for then the surgeon's art simply will stagnate and die, not grow, not to bring new energy to the same medicine, and its ability to dissipate even the existing ones, to destroy science. Sorry, but soon even the pills and potions will no longer operate effectively, they will have to open all the time more and more, because faith in the old will die away very rapidly, representing the image of addiction.
However, any process of getting used to - when something is not updated, no movement in the address of the user (faith).
Indeed, in the course initiated an example, say you can drink the same medication for years and it will not lose because of this ever, but only grow stronger.
After all, if the motion is not in medicine (new medicines), and the soul of man (and such movement will only occur where there is a Higher Poetry World - Magic Allowed, freedom, for it was she who brings new energy development), then New drugs are not really needed. With the disease will cope quite old. As for the forms (new pills and potions), so it is infinite, their invention is essentially a dead end. Because any drug should be improved by faith to do it, as more and more people egregore increase in number by the number of believers in this lekastvo, within the meaning of faith in such, and not modified in form. Because even the usual chalky pill can cure anything, but would have to drink it properly, with the correct attitude, but a man who gave it to the patient, believe it really is. When will the world do all the new forms of drugs, is essentially the same drug, only in different forms, then people are more and more split into small groups for faith in something or other medicine, and a fantastic beginning to happen: a doctor prescribes the same drug to some people, and this medicine is working well - treating a person, and the other is a doctor prescribes the same drug, even, perhaps, and this same person, the patient and the medicine is working poorly or not at all, and sometimes vice versa, and all because of that faith, faith at different levels of different doctors in a particular drug and the people as different, and the company's image as different , firms that produce drugs (which means more power and therefore different drugs). Yes, today is the place to be fragmented in a society of people with regard to drugs and so many drugs on the Earth released new, the existence of which sometimes can not even understand the most eminent connoisseur in the field, a pharmacist.
Where does all this lead? And just to ensure that there will come a time when drugs no longer just a little act, and all because there is no new energy dadennoy of Magic (forbidden) for the formation of belief in medicine for the improvement of already existing drugs, but only permission to manufacture new forms of medicine - a dead end. Because the motion here is not due to the movement of faith, but due to the formation of new forms of the same mass of almost faith that leads to greater and greater fragmentation, the development of a deadlock if it can be called development.
And another thing I wanted to mention is here to see prices, continuing on the healers, traditional healers, the sensitive. By licensing the same doctors, they are forced to know, for example, the same human anatomy - it's like death, stopping in the development of a healer. Especially if the doctor, for example, deals with such treatment, when he should not know anything about the internal organs of man, even more than that, the fact that he once knew about the same internal human organs and their locations in the physical body He must forget, and durable. Because, for example, the doctor treats the physical volume of the body and it should not be, no internal organs. And if they are imposed on the license, then he can not heal on its presentation, but will look like a laughingstock, a charlatan, and he imposed it's ridiculous!


The most terrible time, when not killed in the fire, water, or even where, as it did in the Middle Ages, and the worst when they try to put on the free winds of the Higher Life of Poetry - Magic of the shackles of Laws, when it is not just trying to imagine, and to make science or forcibly compel their children to serve science.
But the magic will never be and was not and is not science, it creates and educates, raises science, collaborating with them on the basis only of its own logic, it is a parent, not the child. And it must learn to understand and reckon with it, and not to ridicule or deny. It is terrible to think, see and be this: children (science), laughing over his parent, mock him, mock him and try to kill him. What could be more inhuman, paradoxical, and evil and terrible of the society in which the laugh of the old-parents?
I do not call to ban religion or to abandon science, but I urge -
DO NOT PROHIBIT magic, not sneer at it, and learn to count THAT IS, AT LEAST itself! ..
Why here, in the Introduction to this book, I began that way with my readers, talking about the attitude to the Magic, and hence to the astral plane, as such?


Yes, all because in this world of analogies, comparisons, and you relations, desired to become Astralschikom, a man of the Age of newest astral-physical existence of mankind, and you, as well as in society as a whole, around you, they have a similar look: you zapretitel, supporter of Astral (Magic) or not and, behold, as they say, or a supporter of Magic?
The fact that your so-called inner world is all the same processes as in the physical environment in the real world around you, so - you are the King, the President, the chief ruler of the self, your inner world and you must correctly determine that there is a place for poetry in the Higher your world, there is a place for Magic, Freedom, for Astral (to decide is whether you really want and be able to have (and act on these grounds of the estate), as internal and external freedom).
You need to understand how Astral allowed you to your inner world and how ugly it is not driven into the framework of physical laws of your education and experience life as it is available you have it in their own logic, even if it is still not clear to you completely or sufficiently distinct, yet in his own, not imposed on the world of your real life. And, if you first do not put things in it in himself, in his inner world, you have made the proper balance, it is so much you will make per se does not, you do not learn the Astral, the outputs at him in his state of life.


You will need to understand themselves, clarify, through a careful analysis of the nature of its own mentality and spirituality, that which abides in you more, denying or making Astral. Moreover, you will need to make in yourself the following explanations: first, determine the level of aspiration, desire access to the Astral, then start to think in the background caused by the mass determination in your soul, to think, to remember everything that you know as a denial of Astral (read, heard, saw themselves once did such a conclusion, and so on and so forth), and once you remember a fact that once the existing denial of Astral, immediately remember the other, any existing, remembering the fact that you confirm the Astral (Astral in fact), and when you will have almost nothing to remember in this direction, then refer to the remainder of the mass of a sense of determination in your soul (just to the residue, because this mass is required at the time of your tests will be spent and repaid the logic of negation), and, if any, mass will be able at this time to lead you to the operating time out in the Astral, it means that you are indeed able to learn to go to the Astral. If not, it would be wrong and you will suddenly see that you have enough mental strength to go on, suddenly you see what your aspirations properly melted, then do not worry immediately, and continue, if enough of this desire, continue your work, namely, start to gather new evidence for the Astral, as opposed to those who are against you, and Astral are the primary work you could not overcome. And the facts of the Astral, you can purchase different. For example, read the literature carefully trying on everything in himself, in his experience, as well, this book can help you a lot in this matter. You can go to any courses in that direction and just popriglyadyvatsya it to all looking for the facts of the Astral. Or you can meet people who are engaged in the astral plane. In short, you need to create a special atmosphere of life and live in it for a while.
But if, after the analysis suggested above, you do not look for a single gram of striving to enter in the Astral, well, then you helped does not begin to implement the future of frustration and not spend a lifetime in vain. But if you are in fact destined to be on your current karma (destiny) did learn to go Astral, your thought-work done on the background you have available to the aspirations of the outputs in the Astral, not wasted - through this action you will create a formula, the precedent to do so in itself automatically, on a subconscious level detection in the environment and a new evidence that the Astral or against him, and, therefore, may well come a time when the facts for you to win the Astral even in this life.
In any case, know the most important one is that in the development process is the most Astralschika First Rule:
Know and can do only what I know and can do myself, and I will know and only what you really want to know and be able to own.




Why do we need in the Astral Out?


And indeed, why? It seems quite possible, and this, at first glance, it is, to live without some sort of astral traveling. Currently live, and it is likely that a pretty good human life on Earth that, and then .. and then just as successful, as it will, as the fate - to die. How simple and clear here, old and familiar, but!
When a man begins to understand herself for the first time, it is itself as itself, and not to be a bunch of other people's possession of thoughts, feelings and movements, it is an amazing discovery: it begins ...





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