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Astral-Magic Epic

"Astral Body"

"Izida or Gates of Sanctuary"

Second novel



Attention! The book was published in Russian.

(excerpt from the book)
© Vseslav Solo (Sergey Paretsky), 1989-2012 by GG



Translated by using an electronic dictionary.

Original excerpts in Russian is here.










There lived a happy man, and all the while he peacefully and fit right in life. No it does not interfere with ...
Once past its gracious homes passed another cunning man. Where is he, this took place, was born and where to go, had his way - no one knew. Alone, and was listed in his pedigree paper, that he arrived ...
And it felt like a man passer, bouncer, stop blessed to live in housing lucky, because his home was not cunning, and not build very much like ...
He asked, and lucky to have a sheltered, sheltered by a parishioner, because he lived happily and disrupt its blagochuvstvovanie refusal to permit, so then do not remember this ill-fated, - had not thought of.
You've got to make a reservation in advance of the important fact: the lucky man was very strong and sturdy in his Teles, and cunning - quite the contrary, the people of flimsy, with a greasy luster in the eyes.
Fox began to live at lucky. He was openly afraid of it. But he wanted to live in tricky: in order to stay home so lucky to be subordinate to, and was lucky!
Many talked about a cunning about how to subdue the lucky winner. One day he came up with, on reflection. If on the side of a strong and good lucky all the way to the right of abode of grace, and he was cunning, must live in submission, why not do the opposite?
Thus, to qualify, and then - the power would be subordinate to you, because the force - blind, and the right - sighted!
So reasoned cunning ...
- Let the power of contemplating itself through the right! - He cried. And it meant that the force should have been lucky to go in obedience edinonachalnoe bouncer.
Now, when the conclusion was clear, the mark remained true and invincible, based on the lucky way of life, the right bouncer. We had himself become the embodiment of law. And then came to the cunning mind of the correct idea!
The fact is that whenever he is cunning, turned to lucky with their suggestions on changes in the lifestyle of gracious homes, have always answered the lucky one thing: to live like this tells me the heart, the wind, river, forest and sky, fence ...
And then one morning Luck went outside after the grace of sleep to begin their usual way of life. And suddenly:
On the fence with green paint, large scrawl in the language of lucky it was written: "From now on, the head of this gracious home is a parishioner, and you, lucky, to obey him in everything!
Following the lucky narrowed, smiling and cunning came to the threshold of the house and took a proud posture favorite!
Lucky, who was accustomed to obey, to listen to others tips, was not surprised the inscription on the fence, and though his heart ached, and unfamiliar, but he obeyed unconditionally accepted the head bouncer, and bowed to him. After all, lucky, and do not realize was that the cunning himself, last night, secretly, wrote these words of the clerks on the fence!
- Do you see? - Exclaimed the fox theater, referring to the lucky. - Fence to you today suggested that you all listen to me, because I have - zaboroizbranny man!
And started with the day and hour in the house blessed lucky "Fence Days" rule bouncer.
And in vain lucky expected to meet every morning, a welcome sign on the fence, which would be ushered in relief and would restore justice back to the right to dispose of the blessed abode of his first, the true owner under the laws of the heart, the wind, the river, the fence and the sky. But there were all new signs on the fence, imprisons lucky, and he did not know when it will all end, and what does he do now, and how to live? ..
"It turns out that no law in force, and force in law!" - I thought, and turned away from the booklets in a red cover. But something stopped me removed, melts away. And the next moment I realized that in order to return to the earthly body of mine, should have the right to freedom to do it. Not the will - wish it - namely, the will to go back!
And I, as yet, only had the opportunity to wish to go back!
... Defeating the collective will of the astral gang!
It was a real force, and I'm looking for the right to possession of that power. Astral band did "sign on the fence" like cunning. And I believed her, obey her imprisonment in the astral body voluntarily, outside the chamber and the associated source! For my camera, and hands bound - this is my faith! Lord!
That's not what it means to stay out of the corner, but without the rest of the world their faith!
But could I be with him at least a shadow of a doubt? It would seem that it is easy: do not believe in astral verdict gang - and all!
And you - again at home in the body!
Such could not happen, my faith in the world! I could not believe the verdict. After all, if I could, first of all, I would never have emerged in the Astral!
I got rid of me, outside of faith in the physical plane, but I'm still so defenseless, then believed in the reality of the Astral. That was my trouble, and ...








The astral world is now for me was the same reality as before are inviolable and indestructible peace of land. When first I sought out hard in the Astral, specially practiced in that particular way of life kept my feelings and thoughts, images, and Astral seemed to me a wonder, delight, radiant novyu ahead in its approach: to dream, brought up the astral space to turn out in me , but today I started to forget - that this earthly world, where originality and strength I'd been missing!
I diligently sought out, but now in the earth of the Astral world! While I do not succeed, but I still did not know how to do this - I had to learn!
The failure of my attempts to return to his earthly body was exposed to the disgust of this action and has reached the point that I had not even thought longer to return to these experiments, none other than a victory over the collective will of the astral gang Ostap Moiseevich - devout owner, a servant of dark forces. This band was a real force, and I needed to possess the right to that power. Astral band made a kind of inscription on the "fence", and I believed in it and obey its conclusion in the astral world voluntarily, outside the chamber and the associated source. It turned out that Ostap Moiseevich was not only the head of ATS my area, but, in any earthly sense, a kind of chief of ATS certain astral sub-plane. Well, my understanding of this is easier to not have to accept his conclusion in the Astral. His ease and affordability, but also a certain subordination and dependence on me, my astral body is tired to me. Lord!
That's what it means to abide in the world without a trace of his faith and the will!
It would seem: it is easy - do not believe only in the judgment of astral gang - and all!
And you're back home, in an earthly body! No! .. Such could not happen!
I was not just in the astral world, and above all their faith in the world, and to some extent the truncated will!
Here I would like to immediately mention that in the Astral human feelings and passions seep into the foreground, the will of man depends entirely on the possession of his passions and feelings. For example, if a person lives in the earth's something passionately fond uncontrollably, ecstasy, totally subordinated to this hobby and passion of his, in the astral world, he will now and then fuss with this defect, and it will be truncated by it. I was in a world of their faith. I could not believe the verdict, because if I could, first of all, I would never have emerged in the Astral!
For God did not believe in judgment and simultaneously in the Astral would have meant nothing, as an example of the ground, like what I was least among, say, your friends and loudly claimed to his bodily neprisutstvie!
And if I started kicking at the moment, I'd have to either believe in a physical presence, or not to believe, but still physically present and receive the real beating, with bruises and scratches!
The world of our faith, whatever it was, there, when he discovered us, auto lives, begins to live independently of us, and destroy it, destroy it, do not believe in it - a tremendous and almost an impossible fate!
This is subject only to the higher beings or gods! This amazing paradox!
The proverb, which says that it is easier to destroy than to construct - into a speck of dust on the road, imagining themselves a stone!
A world of their faith seriously, but still easier than to destroy its foundations!
The world of this faith - indestructible! And even more so, double-indestructible - a world of collective faith!
Astral - is an updated example, at least for me, invented by an example, the collective construction of unshakable faith to the reality, which is the ever so accessible to me the world of physical forms. But I still had hope to behold, and partially or temporarily possess the perception of this world, but this possibility lies in overcoming the disgust of others in the presence of terrestrial bodies!
Not only that - this possibility, other than disgust, aroused in me a sense of crime!
After all, to take possession of someone else's body, at least in part, - meant to keep on Ustrashimov-volitional or scandalous, or enjoy the sight frightened abandoned "bone" to distract the essence - the owner of the body!
I've seen wandering in the Astral, as many vile nature of his bizarre expanse of imagination, in other words - the astral inhabitants, especially the residents of the lower astral sub-plane - a really watched and tracked down, and waited stealthily, stealthily, and then blatantly and unceremoniously dug , introduced in the strange, passionate affections of the body and do such a robbery, so insatiable taste reveled in another body that plagued him at times to complete exhaustion: while it did not fall down dead - do not leave it!
And to blame spineless meditation diligently, trusting fortune-telling, in the long-suffering mysterious seances and other hell!
People out there on the ground, and did not even realize how much they are easily accessible via all of the above fooling themselves available obsession, wearing a other astral entities that are either subtly interfere with live worms, like the spiritual, the owner of the body is decomposed by it, either themselves have provided own body and reduce the host's mind, or is obsessed with his body being dragged along the path of the passion that is pleasant to themselves, and not the owner!
That's why so often alcoholic or even a man obsessed with something in the repenting minute insights, through a veil seized his body astral inhabitants. But soon again, given their violent rule!
How is pertinent here is the proverb which says: "Measure twice and cut once!"
And, indeed, - seven times reflect well: Do you really want conceived, asking for the execution of this or you want invaded the astral essence. All of our disease too - obsession!
Beware be obsessed! ...
And interestingly, I discovered the concept of hell, or at least of its elements. Imagine, and it will be scary and painful to see and feel the suffering of those or other astral beings, for various reasons, once parted from her earthly body, dying there on the ground, as they suffer here in the Astral!
Since then the earthly body, they parted, but with a passion instilled by his, for his life on earth is firmly and thoroughly educated, they are very, very long time can not, can not give up!
Their astral imagination breakable in the throes of terrible, it looks old earthly pleasures, but no body, and it remains only to rush from the piercing pain of desire, no hope, and because so many crazy to break into someone else's body!
Behind all this, I watched as if from outside, for that matter, I watched from the side and in the earthly life, and the latter was not easy, because the world of earthly forms are now seen differently. I saw the astral body of humans, animals, birds, insects, plants and other objects of the earth, such as seas and oceans, rivers, mountains, buildings ...
I had an opportunity to contemplate the Astral people and all kinds of items both within and from outside!
So, people are quite surprising: all human bodies have their color and they were all covered with luminous dots, and the thoughts, ideas flowed glowing sparks!
Yes, I saw the idea and even, if desired, could many of them to control what I do not dare, as did those vile and passionate astral beings, as well as others (with some intent and execution) astral inhabitants, the variety and purpose of which, as I understood, for his benefit I had yet to learn. Yes, I still looked the part, rather than cutting into their lives. However, once I was able to give an alcoholic one land, I'm just a little touched up his mind, tell him during the event with delirium tremens, he saw himself not as he was forced. The alcoholic drink immediately denied, but the astral entity whose presence in the body of the alcoholic has now become irrelevant, rushed furiously at me, so to take revenge!
But I am mentally and really paid off her ardor, and listened to the essence, and calm, thoughtful, and flew away. I do not know whether I'm cured addicted to alcohol in it, but the fact that I have no small astral force, I realized, realized with pleasure. And I had it in view of the fact that I have, whatever it was, though weak, but remained connection with my earthly body, lying on a couch in lethargy, and so it seemed to condense fueled my astral body, subtle energy, because the earth fed the body, there on the ground, and took care of him ...
So, I was trapped on the astral plane.
But the more I began to understand the thinking about the ways of his release, that I needed to get in touch with Yuri Bozhivym, who now, as I knew he lived with me, once mine, Vika. It is easy to say, "get in touch!"
But how?
Appear before another bunch in the astral an appeal: "Hello, Yuri! Help me! "Absurd!
Bozhiv, though very different from many, though very close to an understanding of such things, but still not enough trained people to not get confused and do not go to an appointment with a psychiatrist or do not start across-notification of other people about the miracle, a phenomenon Instead of a serious insight into my circumstances, accept my teachings and actually really help. No, in front of a bunch astral Jura appear in any case impossible, at least for now - is impossible. But what do you do? One should also not the way forward Bozhiva help me?
It remained ...







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