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Видеокурс Выхода в Высший Астра, автор Всеслав Соло  Книги Всеслава Соло  Видеоприложения к книгам Всеслава Соло


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How to become the Mage or to Stay Alive



How to become the Mage? or to Stay Alive!



Attention! The book was published in Russian.

(excerpt from the book)
© Vseslav Solo (Sergey Paretsky), 1989-2012 by GG



Translated by using an electronic dictionary.

Original excerpts in Russian is here.





What each of who have taken this series of books in their hands, can be obtained by studying it?
I will list just some of the truly inexhaustible possibilities:
* It is possible and whether you want to get sick, or maybe, sickness can not meet?
Virtually everyone can heal, learn to treat yourself and someone else. But if you compare the way in the main study and how this is done, whether it be traditional or non traditional, like a man who walked across the field all the time its straight and finally trampled a field and died of hunger, there is a need for prevent a hurry: at the beginning of the disease learn to respect their own and others, because these diseases, only the eyes - to see where you or someone tripped. Treat the disease is not necessary, but from a wrong step, because any disease - a trace of him. And so, after all's fair to say that in this book you will not find anything to treat it as you see, but you will find a correction of consciousness - how you think and live.
* By what law we choose, are looking your other half, a loved one? By what law are reunited destinies of men and women? How to learn to do it deliberately? Why are our favorite go away? By what law are born boys or girls?
What is energootnosheniya between a man and a woman? In this book you will understand it. You have the opportunity to realize the "Formula of love".
* What is all magical operations, and how to be able to produce them? Can I? Yes. You can.
* What is fate? According to what laws it is formed and how it manifests the power? How to recognize, do not hesitate to then - to work out, and step over their own destiny consciously? Topics such as - Astral ground, Karma. Why do not we remember past lives, whom I was born and lived, and who was not, Trimmer phantom State Peace and Good, Touch of Freedom, and many others will answer these questions.
* You will learn egregornoy work with photography. This will help the main laws upon which this work: the mystery of offscreen space and soil.
* Is there a mystical laws in business? How do you know that you can find the business? How to do business? How can we become truly wealthy and why, and how not to ruin, and for what? These are the questions you will also find answers in this book.
* Are there parallel worlds? What are their laws? Why do I need to live? There are answers. In addition, I propose as a direct practice - two types of Energoperehodov in parallel worlds.
* Can I learn to leave their physical body during life on earth? Why? Can you master astral traveling, and what is it? Yes. Construction Output in the Astral, lifestyle Astralschika Primary and manners in the Astral - also available are set out in this book.
* Contemplation, Faith and Freedom; Energootnosheniya gender, sex, parenting, Egregor, its structure, the essence of the concept of egregore; Initiation to Shambhala; breath to generate clean energy, breath - a trip purple peas, Breath Consciousness, What is light?
It is difficult to list me all that is given in this book to you, given how - Ability Awareness practice.
When I started to even create their own school, when I was just approached her, I said, telling the people around me and coming on the possible dissolution of the Earth. I have spoken, and I say now that I have come Dissolve the Earth, "Rasploskatit" it, because it is not round.
Is this possible? Yes.
Did I have a Master? Yes. This is a physiologist in the world, amazing stamina, who retired on their own people - Vladimir Korschikov, now deceased, and now surviving, PhD, hardworking energetic, person of the Jewish People - Alexander ... name he asked not to be, he has his own way and not should interfere with him.
In my ancestry there, though distant and indirect, but in varying degrees of well-known politicians, the military. But it's not what I want now to say, rather, about energoradoslovnoy. For the mother: healers. According to his father, my great-grandfather was a magician, he - gave before his death, my father, my energy knowledge.
It so happened that since her six years of age I was trying to write poetry. I saw around me the world of men in their own way. I thought: Why is it all slowly and irritable in the world? Why do people move so slowly, even on airplanes? Why does not everyone thinks going on since? Everything should be much easier and more affordable - thought, felt, and there was ... And I tried it, invent your own magical operations, and sometimes they obtained from me.
All of their summer vacation, in those years when I was in school, I spent at his grandmother (the mother), in a village house on its very edge, and opposite my grandmother's house - she lived a real nun. She was never married, spent many years in this monastery. For hours and told me to read this old woman, while she was about eighty years old, and she told me to read about Christ, about the life story of saints and much more.
Then, they, my grandmother and her neighbor, a nun in the evenings to sit on a bench near my grandmother's house and talk about wizards, witches and others, the most interesting time for me, not real life, and I hid carefully listen to them.
Just when I was already twenty-something, I was able to get acquainted with the Encyclopedia of Occultism in the presentation of student G.O.M.a number forty, with the Holy Book of Thoth in the presentation and some of Vladimir Shmakov
rymi other books.
Timely received higher liberal education, I work in the world and secretly perfected in its main endeavors.
For several years, when the need came, I, as a large, and in chamber music halls, honed, working out the flow of materials, knowledge, opening up to me and now - retold in this book. Besides her, issued in the light and my other books, novels, "buffoon, or beginning of Magic," "Isis, or the Gate of the Sanctuary," Arshiinkin, ghouls, and more - a lot of books to come.
When I hear from many that Christ took nothing for tuition, I ... intelligibly smiling innocence of the speaker.
Nothing in this world can not step to come to a place than as a free ...
And Jesus knew it. And on learning the price was very high, because he wishes to say, that he gave everything and went with him ...
How can you take from this book, understand and practically apply?
Everything will depend on how much you'll be able to give, because only turns the receive and receives from, gives, it will depend on how much you can spend.
And the only one who tries to give and not to give will not work - can lose, every moment is doomed to loss.
Reads the writing itself
Peace and Good to you, who attended the reading of this book. I'm happy for you contemplative and open to you for what you decided, and not deliberate, he began, and was not going to be found and the finder now ...
Greetings, Present Case on your island ...
We always talked together, but now only learn about it when we read myself ...





Introduction or - Evening of the First Touch




Information that is presented here in the Introduction, the First Touch Supper - is very important. It is a really carefully to understand it, because the logic of Subject-pointless Islands is the basis of the Vision proposed in this book and all subsequent lessons will mean that from your side of the below described - you have a true understanding.
Subject-objectless Islands
The habit of Human Consciousness to believe that thoughts can be just visible, is not material, gave birth to materialism, but a habit to assume that everything is absolutely, without exception: there is thought, illusion - gave birth to idealism.
The materialists are to everything around them and the outside world at the moment as to the material, objectively existing. Idealists on the contrary: even seeing the concrete material objects called their illusion. Both are only able to argue, but they do not have, unfortunately, seeing the true picture. And most interestingly, none of them can not be accused of is not right, because each of them is absolutely right in accordance with its eyes open.
In no event do not want you to think that I wish to speak on the basis of a new "Welcome to Patent", issued by the Lord my God. I propose to discuss:
That is, they both materialists and idealists must be long to agree with each other:
The whole world is material and not material, but not at the same time for one unit of its perception, in other words - is material and not material, but not both at the same time for each individual.
The fact that, in fact, there is nothing that was not a thought, but there is nothing that would not constitute a material!
The paradox? But it is at first glance.
So, let us explain.
I have long searched for that opportunity of seeing the world, kotorayaby able to explain everything, at least, everything that man knows about his world. I was looking for a scheme of perception of the world, which runs out to all existing and anticipated experience of the Human Mind.
And I did.
In order to investigate and understand how it was possible, you need to move, because everything is known in the movement, or through it.
And I propose to reveal the following example:
Take any person is aware of itself as such. His first task in this example - is a look around and realize that wherever he was not now: in a room, an open area (yard, street, area, field, ocean, desert, space, etc.), whenever this people find - see some limits, which I propose to call out of sight.
The room will be outside the walls, ceiling and floor, and even the view from the window or windows, too, will balk at certain definite limits of visibility. In the open area outside of these will come: the sky, earth, horizon, objects created by the so-called natural or man, pictures of available space in the vision of the constellations and other limits of visibility.




Figure 1.


* All that for a man about it, is within its visibility at each point in time, I call the logical space object Islands *.
All that is on the object Island, is necessarily material, or Consciousness Concerning stopped, but this will be discussed later.
I propose to draw attention to a chart and look at this diagram Subject Island.
Continue consideration of this scheme.
Let us pay attention, look at this scheme, but subject Islands - two islands. This - Primary and Secondary Island pointless pointless Island.
* Anything that is out of sight for a man who is on the object Island at any one time, I call - the logical space of primary non-objective Islands *.
And indeed, in fact, anything that is out of sight, will not be the subject already, but only pointless, but having the opportunity to materialize.
From this we can derive the first set of laws of logic Subject-Islands pointless at first, until it is available in this form, reading, because in the course of presentation, this series will take a number of other laws - the formulation and understanding, so:
* It is all that is on the Subject-pointless Islands is thought forms (thoughts) material or material *
* All that is on the object Island, may be required in the space of abstract Islands and vice versa, but not both, not at the same time, but only random-turns per unit of perception (for some people) *
If, for example, delivered on the Subject of the East pit, people will begin to scroll in the space of the object of the island, then, in the course of its movement, some non-objective thought-forms of the Ultimate Island will materialize - to move into a space object Islands, and other items subject Islands back from the direction of human will dematerializovyvatsya, that is, to move into the space of abstract Primary Islands - see Figure 2.




Figure 2.


Wherever you are, wherever you are, you always Islander, you are always on the "palm" objective Islands.
Subject Your Island, although it is within sight, but when in motion, constantly shift in the space of your consciousness. When you move, Island Item necessarily in the direction of your movement takes place, and in a direction opposite the direction of your movement is minimized. This is shown in Figure Two: episodes of movement enshrined substantive Islands, which is depicted in the diagram circles moving from the bottom up, all in a circle - materialized, all of the terms - irrelevant.
You can practice your understanding of subject movement Islands in comparative order, metaphorically, but quite clearly, pootslezhivat this movement: take a large magnifying glass and looking at it, the reason it has, say, on a geographical map, drawing, mikromaketom areas, or over something else at the discretion of your imagination. As well as changing the image in the loop, and you just by moving your day Yas every land and every moment of it - are always on the object Island, within its scope.
All right. Again, I propose to look at a chart and look at her secondary groundless Island.
What is this island? What are its features and functions, membership?
For starters, try to remember, to recall almost all the same that it was, say ... Moscow department store, remember this building and its function, social belonging.
I emphasize that any entity or any other object, the object can be taken and put in its place, the place of the Moscow department store - the essence of it, what we need to understand now, do not change.
Now think about it carefully and in a sense of space: how it is perceived, a Moscow department store?
The fact that he is always present in our minds, if it is not now on our Case Island, as it is present twice.
We must once again think about it and feel: how it is "twice"?
Well, in the first raze his presence in our mind is clear: we can even provide some hand in the direction away from Moscow department store. That is, we understand that it is present in the logical space of our Primary aimless Islands, where, out of sight of the objective Islands, where we are now.
But then how can we explain the presence of the second department store in Moscow, when it is alleged that there is, moreover, the presence of both the first?
Moscow department located in our minds in two places at once. How? Where the place of its second location?
If we carefully look at the chart first, then we could not help but notice that the Subject Island shows, we can say that, in the form of a donut. It has the Limits of Visibility in both directions simultaneously, it is as if the inner and outer sight. On the outer limits of visibility we have said above. As there are internal limits?
Again, the first scheme, they are provisionally identified as the surface of the human body, inside the body.
Secondary island is pointless, I emphasize - is conditional, the surface of the human body, the surface of our body.
It seems that you are beginning to understand me correctly.
It was there, in the secondary Nonobjective Island and is also, as well as on the Primary Nonobjective Island, is the second time, and simultaneously with the first, a Moscow department store, which we remember, that is, is double.
Can not take much effort to it now, the simultaneous presence in two places at the Moscow department store feel.
But that's not enough.
Since the Moscow department store, at first glance - the same, there have, as it were two versions of memory, then the natural question arises: What is the difference between a department from another? What makes a department store, located in the logical space of the Primary department of the non-objective Islands, located in the logical space of secondary non-objective Islands?
Think and begin to answer this question.
I do not advise to hurry up and say that one mall we can go through the motion of our objective Islands and this department will be on our Case Island, and another as not to try - can not come, because he - well-pointless. This explanation is similar to the answer to be false, and, below, for presenting the material, you realize it will become clear.
So, you think again?
It's good when people start to think: there are questions, need answers. Do you, in this case, appear, appear peculiar, I say - in the minds of the cell and, therefore, is to "pour" to answer, the answer has to come and it does not fade. And nothing deeper than your thoughts, questions need answers, the more cells in the minds and the more reliable and thorough one will answer.
Grow in knowledge not because they like the morning mist, and only develop on their own, according to his needs in the responses. This - the shortest way.
So, if you did not have to answer the question about the difference between the stores, but you're thinking ... - Good. I answer - because there is much to respond.
Suppose this: Moscow department will smash and destroy any who wants to do it, for whatever reason, people. Here, I'm not asking the question about the response to such actions on the part of society. I ask you this: what will the reaction of the department as a building, structure, object? What will happen to feel the department store?
We must respond.
Yes. This, our department store, located in the logical space of the Primary aimless Islands, is absolutely indifferent to the fact that it crushes and destroys some people.
Let's agree on one condition. To further brighten you accept the material, imagine that you are very passionate about the Moscow department store, that he did not care about you.
Now, let the same person, which was already mentioned above, will begin to tear down and destroy one of Moscow department store, which is in the logical space of your Secondary aimless Islands.
Will this mall indifferent to destroy human action-Crusher?
This mall is not indifferent to pain. Because it is - your own store, your personal image of the Moscow department store, created, collected directly by you. It is a part of you, and you are part of it, and tear down and destroy this department, as well as tear down everything and destroy you personally own.
Of course, not everything that happens, someone breaks down or destroy our logic Secondary aimless Islands - always seen us as a pain, but a lot.
Still, no pain - the main thing in my answer, it is not a fact for which I was responsible, although it is important not to be the last place.
I pursued the above described example of a single goal: to help you understand that he was a Moscow department store, which is located on the Primary Nonobjective Island - is a product of collective egregore, that is, the subject as it is, subject to no relations, and the same store on your secondary Nonobjective Island - is entirely woven from the way of your relationship to the mall Primary aimless Islands.
To make a definitive clarity, say, aimless mall Primary Islands immaterial existence of a department store like Island Secondary non-objective, but the department store department Islands Secondary aimless aimless Island Primary care about.
Of course, it is possible to think falsely, and so: but if any building krushat violently krushat when most or some of these actions against the people collapse, then how to explain in this case?
It would seem that, in fact, one understands the pain of the objective building, a building that is directly in it, located on the object Island.
Here, at first glance, it would seem that a person does not care exactly what the building, which krushat a subject that exists, but in reality things are quite different. Think about it, listen and look closely: any pain a person having in his soul, and this is like nothing else, logically confirms that, yet again hurt the existing building on the space of secondary non-objective Islands (conventionally in the shower). The person feels pain just behind the building instead of building, feels pain in itself, but it emphasizes that all the same, do not hurt the building that exists on the object Island, and the building, the existing second, located in the space of Secondary non-objective Islands.
* The logical space of non-objective thought forms, deprived of feeling that lie at the outside - what I call primary pointless Island, and subject as The Island *.
* The logical space of non-objective thought forms, woven entirely from their own experiences - I call pointless Secondary Island *.
It seems that now you understand me correctly, is closer to how I would like to ...
In this case, I will continue.
What is the mechanics of magic thought, its implementations?
The answer to this question is directly related to the concept of Domain-pointless Islands, with the notion that we have now, even in the first touch, but it got.
And so.
The mechanics of the magic of thought and its implementations are very simple. The fact that all the people from morning till night, and live by its laws, but not everyone understands this. Usually I say, everyone Mage, just not informed.
What is the mechanics of this?
* First, the time necessary to be able to remember or forget the idea. Indeed recall and truly forgotten, and not just think about it. *
* Second, remember or forget the idea in a particular spot of his consciousness. *



Figure 3.


Try to look at, say, a pure white ceiling for a moment, and then - in a single moment, as far as it will succeed and, even if it does not really seem like you're used to, and see how the imposition, mental energy, that is, as a fact presence, seen in this case, pure-white ceiling - purple ink blot spreading, too, with a minute posozertsayte - juicy ponasyschayte blot, its presence on the ceiling in his mind feelings, but now, try to erase this blot from the ceiling, in other words, forget that she's there.
Most likely, you will succeed only with great difficulty, or do not work. This shows how much that is not perfect you in managing your thoughts, demonstrates the extent to which they are, your thoughts are still sticky, you are not malleable. Need to learn quickly and easily manage them, and therein lies one of the perfections of the Mage skill.
I once played in a big hall in Ukraine, where a young man from the audience asked me: Here you are, he said, explaining that to realize their ideas can be learned, but how? Every day I try, I wish that at the end of the day, I came out of his office and the corner of the office I would expect my friend in his car, of course, to bring me home. Every time I leave the office, going to his corner, and the desired car is not! How so? Why not?
I told this young man as follows: The fact that every time you go out of your office and go for his ugolne to the machine and the machine.
The young man asked to clarify that answer.
And I explained to him what I had in mind when he said: "Not to the car and the car."
Note in Figure 3.
In the beginning, on the object Island was a young man his office, say - his job. At the same time, the young man wanted a car conceived another, and this car shows in the space of Secondary non-objective Islands. In the space of abstract Island Primary - no car, but only what is, in other words, no machine.
Note in Figure 4.



Figure 4.


Office and all the rest remained in the space of primary non-objective Islands. Island on the object a young man, now, the place around the corner from the office where the car should be, but it does not cost anything. The car was located in the space of Secondary non-objective Islands. It turns out that this young man did not come to the car and the car - the magical implement, in this case, did not take place.
Carefully analyze the circuits 3 and 4 and proshtudiruyte description of them, and you begin to imagine, to understand why: the one or the other thing you have in mind or something else happened, happened, and something of a wonder - did not succeed. This mechanic is present in our daily lives whether we know it exists or not we are.
But still, how should it do this young man to come to the car, not a machine?
In answering this question, I suggest, in the beginning, once again draw attention to the scheme 3.
Everything in it right? Yes.
The young man desired, the presence of a vehicle built right around the corner from his office in the space of Secondary non-objective Islands. But he went no further.
Look at the diagram 5.
The next thing he had to make, so it is - a permutation of the car in the space of abstract Island Primary, that is, the car was supposed to cease to exist in the space of Secondary non-objective Islands.
In other words, the young man had forgotten the presence of a vehicle in a space of abstract Islands Secondary, but remember in their own minds on the same car in the space of primary non-objective Islands, to put it there, so - to commit to build a magical operation.
And only then come to the car, which is materialized by the laws of the Isle of subject area of ​​Primary aimless Islands and will be subject to the Isle of Case young man - to make the implementation built. Take a look at the diagram 6 - Rea built a magical operation to localize.
Yes. The mechanics of thought-forms implementations - very simple.
To summarize your first touch to it:
* First - it is necessary to build a thought form, and remember okonkretit her feelings in the space of Secondary non-objective Islands *
* Second - transfer this thought-form in the space of primary non-objective Islands, that is, be sure to completely forget it in the space of abstract Islands Secondary and realizing that it is the transfer - to recall the same thought-form in the space of abstract Primary Islands. It should however, be - staged there, in the space of primary non-objective spatial Islands you in mind of your senses. *
* Third - you move your object in space Islands toward the thought form, you have forgotten in the space of Secondary non-objective Islands and transferred to the space of abstract Islands Secondary, pictures of your subject Islands due to its motion changes ahead, while moving your subject Islands materialize new items, they come from the space of abstract Island Primary, updating your subject Island, objects of non-objective state into the objective, and behind, on the opposite side of the direction of movement of your subject Islands, subject items - dematerializes disappear from your life, contact, visibility, disappear in the space of abstract Primary Islands.




Scheme 5.



Scheme 6.


And in the space of abstract Primary Islands, materializing out of the state of non-objective subject matter, your Case Island appears and you have found exactly the thought-form, which you, making a magical operation, rearranged from recycled non-objective Islands in Primary, if you sent it.
Your wish was realized, conceived aimless thought form was subject. Now she's on your Case Island real and true, and is familiar to you. *
The same way, and magical operations directly on the object Island, where no thought-form of the desired transfer of Bes-Secondary objective Islands in Primary and Magic takes this thought-form of his aimless Islands Secondary, immediately on his island by subject, avoiding secondary pointless - instantaneous materialization, realization of thought-forms, the appearance of the desired objective in the state. But for this ... Do you have ... Faith, now?
Of course, now - do not. But this does not mean that if ever In practice, my and my students - there is nothing of the possible.
Will you and such.
All must begin with the familiar, with what occurs in your daily life, happens every day, but you were not paying attention, did not notice because I do not know.
It should be gradually educate the Faith.
To begin to get used to detect the above mechanics implementations, at some point the available level of human consciousness - Consciousness Relationship, get used to detect the mechanics in the environment of his day consciousness.
Start with the fact that a miracle will learn surprising materialization and dematerialization of your Case Island - this is one thing, and it is very important.
In fact, think about it, feel a closer look into, and you are likely the first time in their lives will understand: what is the greatest art of magic
happens before your eyes, in your mind - that man, he subject, and with him you are talking to, but there is a miracle, man - dematerialises, leaves from your subject from the Islands and thought forms the subject in your mind, it becomes pointless - leave in the logical space of abstract Islands, and also doing is with all sorts of things.
Learn to notice it. Learn to notice today and every day, analyze the past, what, where and why do you have and have not turned out, did not happen, and you make sure that all your good fortune and luck does not necessarily fit into the logic of the Subject-pointless Islands, not in the correct posing thought-forms in non-committed or incorrect manipulation with it.
Of course, the fact that you already know by now about the Subject-pointless Islands - absolutely not enough to perform magical operations, and the machine from the sample, most likely, if you try this, too, do not be around the corner from your office, nor provided she's a young man, and all because they still quite a lot to know, except what you already know. But what has been reported to you is - the mechanics, the basis of magical operations.
Further, in the course of presentation, you will get a lot of awareness of the key and then ...
You can actually consciously desired thought patterns to materialize, that's not bad enough already obtained in non-small number of my students.
If you are firmly decided to become a Supreme Magus, really consciously realize the thought-forms, manipulate them and take their consciousness, then I suggest you forget such things as financial and material, living and dead.
From now on you there is only one concept: everything that is - it is consciousness of thought. You will need to learn to see the world as its expanded consciousness.
I would like to ask you: What do you think, what was the main idea of ​​Christ's birth, the idea of ​​his incarnations here in this, one of the parallel worlds on Earth?
What is it here? What was most important in his teaching, the main shaft, from where it will and commandments, and all that dalos of Christ?
Vzmyslite good. After all, the answer is very simple.
"You are in me and I in you" ...
Think about it. Try repeating the refrain of this expression to compare it with any other statements of Christ and you will see that in fact - this is the key to all that Christ has given us. "Thou shalt not steal" - "You in me, and I in you" - it turns out not steal from yourself, and so, in the same way - any sentence of Christ.
It turns out that Christ brought to earth - Cosmic Consciousness, its laws, "You are in me and I in you."
After all, in fact, that there is this one, it - the underlying phrase - "You are in me and I in you"? What it says, if the shift it to ours, a modern understanding of language and style?
"You are in me and I in thee," and I say to you:
I - your thoughts, and you my thoughts.
Each of you can look around and see that everything around you and people and objects, and so on, all this is - your mind, your thoughts.
Think about it, and in the beginning you will not yourself, you suddenly realize that you - alone in the world that we seek, not to anyone except for himself. And you talk and communicate and konfliktuete with your thoughts, substantive, or pointless, love or hate, accept or reject them, their thought-form, live among them, as among themselves.
I - your thoughts, but you are my thoughts - be aware of this and you will see, as even the understanding of this, much of the world will change your mind: "You are in me and I in you."
When I asked someone in the audience: Will you enlarge it, to continue his practice in the evening? My answer is always that I will try to cut them, because ignorance can only wander in the endless clutter. If I was not even thought about something else, only in this way - larger, I would also contradict himself, contrary to what I teach, though, after all, the search for my present day life, yet, bring a proliferation of materials, but then, they are searching for - are able to leave a trail.
My solar challenge is to bring all my materials to a unique evening-Formula.
Level of Human Consciousness, Consciousness Relationship remarkably similar, even if it does not seem offensive, but will be understood you correctly, but in fact, the level of human consciousness is like a computer.
Evening-The formula, conceived by me, will, should, as
I think, a few hours - a peculiar change program, to change human consciousness, a man in such a way that is consciousness, the man was able to begin to realize for themselves.
Strive always revealing in itself or that the investigation of anything was, try to formulate a specific phrase, which, over time honing and lead you to the formula of a certain order. Many of these formulas come together in one formula. This vezhestvenny path of perfection, the path of light - combined. Ignorance is always separates and divides endlessly all the myriad parts.
Amazing music of India. She perfected the same for centuries, and not thought out a new one. Its composers are not writers, and performers.
And now let you define what is a mechanics of the existence of consciousness?
And that's where to start.
The idea - always has a form. Regardless of any form of thought can not exist.
Any thought form should only be considered in the aggregate of all thought forms.
Two identical thoughts do not even primarily because of two rather than one.
Every thought is necessarily different from the other.
Each thought-form must have certain features in the logical space of coexistence of all other thought forms.
There are only two kinds of coexistence on this level of human consciousness. Thought-form: accept or reject the other thought-forms.
Accept or reject - the ability to form for each thought forms, the possibility of its development and its movement in the logical space of thought forms. Just accept or reject - is an opportunity for each to have a general form of thought-forms, to exist as a thought-form as such.
If, for the stability of the concept, try to suggest otherwise, to agree that two identical thoughts, after all, can then be considered in more detail how and why this can not happen.
We put these two similar thoughts next to each other.
Figure 7.
We know that each of them is moving in the logical space of all the rest, we sleform, or can not exist. In this case, from the moment at which we began to consider the imaginary identity of the two ideas, we call this moment - the moment of the conditional uniformity of thought, each of these two similar thoughts must begin to accept or reject the thought forms around her, and because each of two identical pseudo thoughts will occupy the remaining space in the logical thought patterns are strictly his place, but not the same, it follows that each of these two ostensibly similar thoughts to take or reject his and only his, located close to her thought-form of the logical space of all the other thought forms, each accepting or reject is not the same thought-form into a single point in time for both, and even if an outside observer, or seem to assume that it will accept or reject the same, it must, nevertheless, not one and the the same, because - dazheodna the same thought-form will be reflected in the space of secondary non-objective thought-forms of the two Islands, a completely different perspective, and therefore not the same, not one, but two and a comparison of different reflections. The same will happen in a consistent reflection of where to try to see how the impact on the queue in each of the two allegedly identical thought-form some kind of thought-form. In this case, even if the angle of reflection to withstand a rigorous, thought-form, which is already reflected in the first ostensibly the same thought form, and now according to the order is taken to reflect the same for the second imaginary thought-form will be different, not like she was the first thought-forms of the same imaginary will be different, if only because in the space of Secondary non-objective Islands will be the first of two ostensibly similar thought forms, which have already appeared there at the moment when it reflects that.
Figure 7 shows how the two allegedly similar thoughts on the reason that they take each his own and only its location, reflected: one - the TV, the other fork (A-B). Clearly, the thought-form A is not identical with the thought-form B.
Location of thought forms in the logical space of thought patterns affect the formation of the shape of each thought and explains why two similar thought forms do not.
Level of Human Consciousness of mechanics we have already more or less understand, it's necessary - Relationships. But how, I remind, after all, to determine the mechanics of the existence of consciousness in general, abstract, and easily accessible to such a definition might fit into your memory, zafunktsionirovat in it, to produce work of excellence, at least as the original formula?
Can there be water out of shape? No.
Can there be a thought out of shape? No.
Every thought has its own form, and therefore we are able to distinguish one thought from another.
In the world of consciousness is no empty space, that is, places where there would be a thought-form. Even the complete absence of thought-forms, too, thought-form is the lack of thought form, thought-form of emptiness.
All thought-forms. How can we merge them?
We need to find a quiet word.
The normal word. Then, all thought-forms - is the energy?
Yes. But what? To say simply - Energy?
Energy Consciousness?
You have to take a phrase that will reflect the character.
What qualities are inherent in the energy of Consciousness?
Movement? Form?
Yes. Then:
* Mechanics of Existence is Consciousness - Rasformlennaya energy in concrete, not discontinuous movement of natural forms. *
Display the definition of consciousness is itself, except mechanics of its existence - a problem, it's not that complicated, but rather a very relative, because the consciousness of a landmark, and a landmark in plastic form, which means that the wording can only complicate matters and may not be an infinite number of . And yet, sometimes, but we will have recourse to you for some definitions of Consciousness. One of these definitions, we have made ​​this level of human consciousness - Consciousness Relations.
So, while I propose to take as a working basis of the foregoing definition of the Mechanics of Consciousness of Existence. Try vchuvstvovatsya, perceptibly understand the mechanics. This skill is useful in the future: for magical operations and for medical passes and still very, very much.
Yes, everything is - an inexhaustible space of Consciousness.
Meet all the living and the dead, vostanut into one, and said - is approaching.
How is this possible?
Just below, we will come back to this, but in the meantime:
Let's try to do with you, as it were, a sort of padding, step aside to build another formula, and even if it seem to you in its original, is not yet finished form. But it should help us in an even greater understanding of what all is our consciousness.
Try and remember now, just as it would normally do, think of someone one of your friends, relatives or friends, co-workers, but among the deceased in your mind, in other words - is already dead ...
Remember? ..
Well ... And now for clarity and brightness in the future output, do not forget the man who was remembered - hold it in your memory. Think more of a man, too, from a number of your friends, relatives and so forth, but, still alive in your mind, live ...
Consider the simultaneous presence in the memory of both of these people, dead and alive - look at and think ...
What they are now, at this point in time when neither one nor the other really, objectively close to you not, when neither the one nor the other is not in your Case Island, how do they differ from each other?
How do they differ in a number of attending at the same time in your memory in my head - in the space of abstract Islands Secondary?
Nothing more than ...
You are absolutely correct answer, if so. But the logic of society, society people, after all, can tell difference, and from her point of view - it would be right: one of the two, which you mentioned is dead - the other is alive with one of them, with a living, you really like you are accustomed to understand - to meet, and on the other - no. Otherwise, a single, moving in the space of abstract Primary Islands, Isle of your Item you can lead and live - will be the subject, and to another ... no matter how you tried, but to him, to the subject, fail to come. No.
Why is it so?
We will be explained later, but for now, I am important, that you have identified a possible, even if we assume that: neither the one nor the other of the people you mentioned, neither the one nor the other in the form of its existence, presence, namely in the form of - this is important, in the form of its existence and presence in the moment and not in a derivative action, such as - of your movement to one and another, just the above, neither the one nor the other in the form of their presence for you when neither the one nor the other is not in the objective condition of your Case Island, neither of them - can not be distinguished from each other, and both of them are nothing like your - non-objective thought-forms of thought, to put it simply, your thoughts - do not more and no less so.
But, in fact: why did one of them we can come, and to the other - no?
Why are you in addition, the Moscow department store that exists today, in your mind can come up and this department will be on your subject Case Island?
But who says you can not come, too, and to the Moscow department store, standing a year ago or a year or more ahead? Why not?
Let's try to understand this, at least in the first touch, so find out how much you are still willing at this point to understand.
Once I remember, transported his first book, which is produced in one of the printers of the south, carrying its circulation to Moscow. I helped one of my friends and listeners.
We unloaded the heavily packed the book in front of my house where I lived nearby on Shabolovka.
What's interesting is that the distance at which we unloaded the circulation of the book, the distance to my house, and then to the apartment, which I usually took place at the time - about a minute, now, carrying copies of the book, I finally passed - and a half hours. In other words, I finally came to his apartment in the wrong, which could have a moment, but one that was already a half hour. Q: Why not?
Because I bore the book.
Yes. That's right, but rather to say, because I had a snap, I had to come to come to the apartment with all copies of the book, light, without being tied to a minute and a half hours with a circulation - binding.
Let's look further. Let us return to the Moscow department store. Why can not we come to it the same, but a year ago, or standing next?
For how much time you have, if now went to the Moscow department store, would get to his building?
Each call time. And rightly so.
Let's assume in order to understand more clearly, let us assume that you are about an hour's walk to the Moscow department store, but you want to come to the mall than to the one that stands on its egregornom place an hour later, as if you went to him immediately, and, say, want to come to the mall, which is a year later, more familiar as you understand - in the future. Can it make?
Yes. And for this there are two possibilities. One of them is quite familiar and accessible to you. This is - to go through a year of your life. But why not immediately?
And here's why. I just told you the story of a print run of the book. You remember, I had a binding - the book and because I came into your apartment is not in a minute and a half hours. And so.
The case with your desire to come to Moscow department store is not an hour later, and after a year - is quite similar to my case retold with a circulation of books.
Let's see.
In your mind there is an enormous amount of binding, it is - a lot of thought forms, without which you may like may not be able to do something, a lot of thought forms that you must have a logical relations, thought forms, which you can not get around without which you can not able to arrive anywhere, even move, thought forms, of which you are a member of itself, which is yourself, according to the formation of secondary islands of non-objective law of Analogy or Distortion.
You now have decided to come to the mall, standing in the year ahead, but you still have to do something now or go to bed, then the next day, again, something to do - communicate with thought forms, and the next too, and so - the whole year.
Even one that thought-form - the air as much as you want, it inhale and exhale in a year? Do not count - a lot. And without this amount of air you can roll up to the mall, standing in the year ahead, if you live in absolute and total annual bindings, thought-form air tight, tightly tied with all of your movements in the space of your consciousness, tied a lot tighter - not separable, as I was tied to the transfer of the circulation of the book.
Not just all the great teachers of this world, teachers both past and present say, and say that we should go in the path of liberation. Liberation from what? Liberation in the first place, from the bindings. But how? We're going to talk about it.
So you can come to the Moscow department store, standing in the year ahead by only two possibilities. To live my life a year or ... does not have bindings that come exempt entity.
Out of time?
Of course.
What is time? A relative concept? Yes. And the amount of time - relative to what it arises?
The amount of time and have the time. Let's try to formulate.
* The amount of time due to the proportional to the number of bindings in the space now, which is reflected and copied Island Secondary pointless for some thought-forms, if understood as the present moment is all the that is the subject-objectless, the number of bindings, without whom this thought-form to exist as it is not, of which she is, her secondary groundless Island, bindings, which are among at least two randomly selected points, say A and B in the space of consciousness is projected into this thought-form. Thus, for the amount of time there are only two possibilities arise: either the movement of thought forms from point A to point B and vice versa, the direction of movement will depend on the sequential binding of compatibility between a thought form, or, if the thought-form will not move itself, if regarding thought forms, will move the number of bindings that are located between two points A and B, to move from point A to point B and vice versa, where the direction of movement will depend, again, from the sequential binding of compatibility between a thought-form. In the case: the complete and simultaneous absence of any movement of thought forms, and any movement of the bindings - the amount of time is completely absent. *
So that's why a thought-form reaches a certain goal, for example, for the year, while the other two, and the third a sudden this month? Yes.
I would say even so, that if less is moved directly to the very thought-form in the space of abstract Primary Islands with the objective Islands, then the greater the probability of moving its anchor, then they have the ability to lengthen or shorten the time approximation to the desired goal and such a thought-form will be important during the start to move, as if to get off the train at the next stop, to put it metaphorically.
Due to what is lengthened or shortened?
It all depends on how much thought form
free of relations to other thought-form, and how she really has the ability to stay in the moment, what is the scale of the space of abstract Island Primary, which has mastered the thought-form, and really understands how to present time.
But time has a direction?
Of course. The direction of time dependent on the compatibility between the bindings of a thought-form.
In this regard, I propose to look at what is: The future, present and past?
Take a chair and place not far from the table, three or four steps.
Now, start very slowly, going from table to chair.
That at this point in time will be your last, and that - the future?
Right. Table - the past, and a chair if you are closer to it - the future.
Do not get to a chair - face to turn around the table and begin to approach him.
And now, what happened to your future?
The last table was the future. It's true. You have to approach the past, but now it was the future.
This picture with a table and chair helps you clearly understand how the relative direction of time, and why, and that the Exempt entities past and the future does not exist.
The entity that has the consciousness Relations, at the level of human consciousness - can not return to the past or move like lightning in the distant future, because such an entity is completely dependent on the compatibility of its own binding to each other, we can say - regardless of their priority, because of the very a priority and is - this is the priority and substance.
So what is: the past, the future?
Nothing. How is it?
Neither the past nor the future - does not exist for Exempt entity for the Magician. Past and future - a layman paraphernalia, human nature in bindings. Immediately want to mention that a layman - it's not a harsh word. In magic, mysticism, profane - a person who is not dedicated to the mysteries of the First Cause, so that a layman may be a man, very intelligent, for example - the academician or professor.
What, then, exists for Exempt entities Magician?
* For Exempt entity for the Magician, there is only one concept, in the wilds where he perfects himself, his way, this - this moment. *
And indeed, after all, and a table and chair, with whom you have experimented in my proposal, are in place regardless of your move between them. They are always just at the moment.
Here you are, let's go to bed today, and tomorrow you have a certain number of cases of known and yet unknown to you. But the fact that you have not yet reached the area where these events will unfold, so called by you, your tomorrow's cases, still does not mean that these cases there is tomorrow's space now, as they have a tomorrow for you when you go to bed now. These cases, tomorrow, is already there in place today, but you call them as tomorrow - this is an essential component level of human consciousness, which you will now begin to be overcome.
And past and future are at once both in the space of your consciousness, and only the distance, calculated as in the bindings, and therefore in the amount of time lies between an imaginary future and the past. Start getting used to it, understand it, the space to feel better if you did completely forget the human concept: past and future.
From now on you are the only possibility of existence of the World as your consciousness, and only at the moment.
Remember, now, an example of the dead and the living person.
Why, one of them, you're living the potential to come, and another not?
Because the so-called real person is like one of your bindings in sequential dependencies with your other bindings, and is in the same direction as you move around in the space of your consciousness, so you and have the potential for substantive meeting with him . But the dead man, too, like a living, is like one of your bindings in sequential dependencies with your other bindings, but in the past, as well as you are not an Exempt entity, then you can not see him on the subject your Case Island.
But with no small amount of real people, you also do not meet, and sometimes his whole life, but these people live along with you and you realize that they are alive. Here, how?
It's very simple. There is no need or sequential relationship of your thought patterns is designed so that you do not have a temporary opportunity to get to these people. It may happen that often happens in life, when, if you suddenly, after all, decide to meet at its Case Island with such a man, who lives along with you alive, but you've never seen it, it may happen that all would be contrary to oppose the meeting, interfere with, seduce, and more. Does not that familiar situation? And all because it is very much you need to pass the bindings before you meet with a man and could run out of your life.
But it can happen both when you're in a moment of such an approximation of a living person living in parallel, suddenly roll up to a binding, which instantly make your appointment with the desired person. Too familiar.
Why is this happening and not happening in your life?
This is because each of your binding has absolutely any, any logical relationship with the rest of your bindings available and not available, potential.
Sometimes quite simply, for some, perhaps not a very long time to pause or hold back their movement of thought forms, and then you will begin to move them, and when you again begin to move yourself among them, then - suddenly, you has proved to be the target and not spent on its achievement of his whole life as if it has always tried to do to get it. So what happens in our lives: let a man eager to get to the theater, and extra tickets there, but he does not understand even that, say, if he had not hurried to the subway, pushing all the people left and right, and the way to the the theater is relatively slow, it is the thought-form, which had an extra ticket could sell this ticket who wants to have it, sell it, in the same station, because then it would be, the thought-form time to come to the entrance to the underground with extra ticket in his hand, and so, when wishing to get a ticket to the theater a man ran out of the subway and headed to the building of the subway before the thought-form of tickets went to the station to sell tickets, the ticket was bought by another person.
Then why do we have to scroll only in a certain sequential compatibility of our bindings?
Here lies the question of karma, fate, and with this we have to understand in detail.
It seems that you have already, at least, even if you guess the real possibility of the onset of a time when people dead and living people, and in fact, be able to meet together, and you begin to understand - why is foreshadowed Christ. No matter whether we like it or not - the directed path of a parallel world, our civilization is approaching the sixth race, the release of Consciousness. Christ could not be said about it, because who else but he brought the Cosmic Consciousness, magic thoughts on Earth: "You are in me and I in you."
I - your thoughts, and you - my thought ...
As in what kind of laws is formed by secondary pointless person Island?
I believe that this issue should now be disassembled so that you understand and what are the conflicts of Subject-pointless Islands, conflicts that are directly related to the direction of our movement along the chain sequence of our compatible bindings.
Pay attention to the Scheme 8.
Island on the object is essentially a cube subject, and the secondary Nonobjective Island is also in the cube - the same as in Case Island, but reflected, adopted by the entity.
Why do so: a cube distorted?
We understand. The fact that, for this we need to consider how all formed secondary pointless Isle of man, and that affects the distortion of objects such as in the case of the cube in Figure 8, and what the mechanics of this process - to take or not take on the subject of a peculiar, to put it figuratively, in a secondary residence Nonobjective Island, in the space of Consciousness Relationship?
Be warned that in the nature of Subject-pointless Islands, such that I now propose to you - does not happen, but let's fantasize: imagine that an entity is absolutely clear, that is, in the space of non-objective Islands Secondary nothing - it is empty.



Figure 8.

This entity is somehow, some way ...




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