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How to become the Mage?


to Control Desire!



Attention! The book was published in Russian.

(excerpt from the book)
© Vseslav Solo (Sergey Paretsky), 1989-2012 by GG



Translated by using an electronic dictionary.

Original excerpts in Russian is here.







(logic of goals and objectives, process)



To begin with, if you do not know the essence of the desire to do as such notions, and then you will never be able to learn to control his every desire, and if you do not learn to control desires, then do not live consciously, which means: Manage Desire - is the way conscious of, but strive to develop without the ability to control desires will mean the way profane, unconscious or unconscious, of karmic development, where karma leads and shapes, but you're not and shape the destiny of their own.
To understand the essence of any desire, does it mean to understand the nature of any movement in general as such, the existing and any possible, not whether it is one and the same: the desire and the movement?
The fact is that, if we begin to understand the questions, the first thing that comes to justice, is the fact that the desire and the movement is the essence of one and the same is true, but! But as soon as there is illogical, at least in part-time logic, namely the development, that is the subject of motion of a subject, which does not have its own mind, can not be implemented at the request of the this object, which belong to his movement, because it is so ? Yes it is. But we must not forget that this does not mean in the case of movements of the subject object that does not have its own self-awareness that such an object can not have desires, because: We always have everything at once and all and everything that is has all at once, just one question is, is that something of what we (and we all) we have, but something yet, something else has to have someone ( something) other (e), and we desire to acquire its development, we begin to own them, another thing is that the desire - it is a tool, not a goal, and who are beginning to realize, gradually gets used to, learns to control his desires.
It turns out the same, that the desire and the movement is the essence of the same, but the words are something different?
Yes, the words are different and here's why: for example, the automobile and its motion, the words are different, but the car and the movement it can not be perceived separately, because the car is always perceived as an object that either was in motion, or is, in itself, or may be in motion, and the desire and his movement, too, words that are different, but as a desire, and its motion can not be perceived separately, therefore, that when we talk about desire, we mean the available potential, existing or likely to be movement and when we speak of motion, we must talk about the desire because no desire to move beyond the impossible and even when an object moves without desire, it will either be moved, be in motion under the Earned the so-called own desire which, in this case, would imply lack of desire to be in motion in a desire, but simply because, regardless of desires (or even the absence of any desire is also a desire to have, if any, no, that is not the will of the adoption of such moving, will that mean, again, desire), or moves, there is a person within, as it will be understood, or even, say so, is not understood in the framework of the movement out of desire, but then such a move will definitely happen in the desire the other person to whom such a motion would be necessary, desirable. But the origin of movements can be and is not always necessarily directly linked to any particular person, but with egregors, or even with some objects that move through the desires of their egregors or specific people as egregors.
You understand that you are not easy to get started right away in this thread, but it requires a certain, even at first glance seem fragmentary explanations, a certain Hex Event that they gathered in a common understanding of what I do.
In short, if expressed in the example, we can safely say this: if you, say, lifted and lowered his hand and you had to do this is absolutely not necessary, it is the movement of your hand was sure to either your subconscious mind, which could be expressed purely in physiological, so-called processes of your body, in the process, which took such movement of your hands on all sorts of reasons, let's stagnant blood in a flexed arm and the other, but if it was not, that is, meaning a movement of your hands are not required to produce at you and not your physiological processes, then this motion is directly related to, again, with your subconscious. Only in this case, your subconscious mind will be expressed in the world vsevzaimosvyazannom your subject-objectless consciousness in certain desires (movements), formed from something in the world of your mind, whether it be from a person or even on anything at all was available in the existing given time, even events. This leads to the conclusion that when we tried to think about the famous phrase Exupery that if something is done (the stars light up), then "it" must "be someone" we would have understood the main thing is that out of the desire nothing happens, no possible movement as such at all possible to be, in other words -
If you do something and he does not want what you do, then this necessarily want someone (something) to another (e), and the more you do what you wish it was myself, the more informed you are, that is, you understand the need to make you, the more you live consciously in the world of his own consciousness earned you. However, if we understand consciousness as the materialization of one's own desires, not desires, which arise as a possession, because you can and wish, but obsessive, but it does not fulfill its own desire, and desire that does not belong to you, and someone incarnating through you, For the conscious fulfillment of his own desires is nothing as fulfilling wishes which you have brought to a logical himself, brought up, when you control its intensity and speed, not its speed and intensity controls you.
We have you dismantled such a thing as Egregor, Primary to the essence of the formation and movement in the second book in my school, "How to Become a Mage? The space or Entourage, "but here, you will need to carefully think of this story. So ...
Remembering this topic, you suddenly find that in fact did not wish to belong to any one particular person, but there is always a combination of all egregores, of which each individual person and is in reality. Yes, this is so, but only with respect to the layman, the man who was not yet, which really exists entirely perfect in all his movements from the desire egregores, of which he is, the last wish in it, and the layman sees this desire as a own. But, strictly speaking, there is no difference in substance to those who want to - the man himself or his egregors, importantly, the desire to produce all the same movement. Yes, there is no difference when it comes to parsing the logic, pure logic, without any particular affiliation, without reference to the terrain, so to speak, but when it comes to human conscious and doing it to them, they can not be indifferent to those who want to - people or egregors in it. Offered for your consideration is the difference between a layman and a man aware, that is, let us ask now the question:
What is the desire to profane egregornoe and that there is a desire to own one realizes that, although it has the same layman as belonging to their egregore and wishes as well as the layman through them, through egregors, but a significant difference?
We will understand it.
Pay attention to the Scheme 1 and Scheme 2. Looking at these charts and further reading material, we will discuss and identify the understanding that only the above question, the answer to which we will clarify the main points of movement of both people and the world of non-objective subject-objects as a whole, the main points of the movement as a layman and the person informed.
As we can see in Figure 1? It depicts a man in a symbolic image of the circle and marked as in some smaller circles egregors that is born should be born, or prospectively, each man of our understanding of the order. Let's begin to talk.



Figure 1.


In layman person is not there, but it is understood, it is formed and then entirely dependent on the confluence of a struggle in the egregores profane and each time, why, and will depend on the spatial location of the profane, and his desires, thoughts, and body movements (environment around profane), which clearly can be seen in Figure 3. Judge for yourself, called on the Figure 3 shows that the identity of any person, layman, of course, in this example, because every layman will have a different confluence of mass exposure to egregores and therefore will be his so-called personality, look- differently for each layman. But in this case with Scheme 3, profane man appears to be little understood and little advance planning, and myself, because the presence of egregore ideology in his personality is small, only 5% of personal desires and aspirations at this bozo is just not many (10%), and it will be very connected in the minds of their own and desires, that is, he can not distinguish between the desires and thoughts on the contrary, it they will be integrated, which means that a layman will not be able to control their desires or independently, outside the environment in which it is located, to think, because of the Scheme, this layman, as you can see and think and egregore egregore willing to pour their energies into the identity of both the layman as a whole; egregors act and feel in This, too profane to be merged into a single unit (15%), which of course will tell us that this man will take all through practice, that is, at first to do something and then makes him take that will characterize his as a layman more spontaneous, devoid of the preliminary analysis, but the layman will have a great ability, I'm not talking about the quality and accuracy of the transfer, the ability to express themselves in the environment, that is, their feelings and thoughts, tone of voice, because his hearing egregors , speak, and see not only that merged into a unified whole, so also they represent as much as 45% of his personality, that is, the man that will say or do will definitely be able to hear (a), see (a ), and therefore to make any movement of his thoughts, feelings and physical body into the environment with high accuracy, which he wants to have (another thing that he is willing to express ourselves, and here we already know that this man is not enough able to self-determination and wisdom, but his artistry is obvious), that person will be able to easily navigate in food products, in their reception and preparation, can be a good cook or eater at the beginning of someone because egregors taking liquid food, breathing and shape of the body in layman constitute a single mass in the presence of his personality, and not a too low 25%. Actor, but not a director.
Naturally, all ignoramuses will be different, and even in most cases not constant appear as shown by mass egregores in Scheme 3 with respect to a specific profane, for a layman for the most part can be changed among the masses in the presence of his personality egregores, and therefore will act on this and different, of course, the latter will depend on the location of the change layman, even a logical location (new ideas, information), and not only related to material forms created by the terrain, that's why sometimes profane man is very dangerous, and sometimes it is very important to change the location in objective or logical space, that is pointless to become another or start to behave differently, for a layman, primarily tied to their environment and die without it necessarily - it has no possibility of being autonomous, that is subject only to a man conscious.



Figure 2.


It turns out that any person at the time of birth to such a structure owned by their Figure 1, followed by a transitional scheme 2, and then a person can already be seen in Figure 3 egregornoy. But it raises a logical, consequential on the foregoing question:
When and how, by what this invisible laws, the laws of man transcends the brink of outright profane, profane his mind when he composed entirely of combat egregores in its so-called personality and becomes a different co-existence with the environment in a conscious and self-growing developing , as in egregore in their fight against it, but with him, to his knowledge, his participation in other words, you can define this way: what is the basis of the difference between a layman and a man to exist, that is, not as a conscious investigation, which ...





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