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How to become the Mage?


Will in Law!



Attention! The book was published in Russian.

(excerpt from the book)
© Vseslav Solo (Sergey Paretsky), 1989-2012 by GG



Translated by using an electronic dictionary.

Original excerpts in Russian is here.




A lot of literature now exists on the Karma, the literature in which an incredible number of interpretations of this concept, and almost countless explanations and regulations, but still no full understanding of Karma, No statement of its nature and mechanisms so that the neophyte could not only "know" but also "know" and "act".
Karma in terms of perception of the Russian people, who speak and think in Russian, means nothing other than fate. Sometimes karma is understood as a kind of rock, something always exists, but is usually the name of Karma
used to the heavy Karma, Destiny, is not welcomed by man.
Then I will say that the Karma can not be taken always, everywhere and in everything just as immutable, because Karma also movable in its manifestation and perception, as well as everything that is and why it exists, may be in various species, and isolation and awareness.
Suffice it to give a rough account of the development of the Karma in the life of any person and will be very clear that Karma is able to mutate, interpreted in perception.
Conventionally, of course, like all things in this conditional world, I share and divide the karma to certain types. What are they?
Here they are:
- Unconsciously mirror, with the active medium can be mobile, but not consciously;
- Mirrored logically grouped, which has an analogy activity environment;
- A mirror, which is recognized, closed;
- The mirror, really realize, open (data collection activity of the medium);
- A mirror, with a conscious environment, devoid of self-activity;
- Mirror and projecting, free;
- Projecting and contemplative, excepted;
Of course, the mentioned types of Karma is very tentative, but they give you, when will be examined individually below, views, opportunities, and skills.
As for the very first idea of ​​Karma, it is appropriate to say that Karma (Destiny) - is, above all, the relationship and unity between the movements of cause and effect, in other words, as they say, cause-effect relationship, the is, a state where every next action (movement) is the response action (movement).
Man has always been curious, and then absorbing it in its entirety and fully understand the desire of the sacrament of his future, but he was always nevdamek and what it takes to correctly understand the space of his mind.
He is like a rip-off -
The fate of primary.
He goes even random
Always again ...
And every day I would like to
Soul freedom,
But in the wake of their own destiny
Goes through the years ...
(Vseslav Solo. From the book of poems, "The Department of Earth")
Amazing world of profane consciousness of his lack of understanding of the universe, and it becomes even more amazing when you begin to see, understand what an ignoramus wrong, because for every time and for each degree of awareness there is the surprise.
After all, an ignoramus, he is always, in fact, goes, does not develop in the future and the past. The so-called future of the profane, there is nothing like its past, because the movements of his Karma, he had already built at one time, it goes where it is all built the same, only now he has to realize it, to overcome the subject, more lower speed in the subject of their islands.
Then, what is the past layman?
And the past is nothing like the same in the future which is profane, but the past is perceived as an experience, and as long as the layman is not translates it into the net.
It turns out that the end point of understanding for the layman is only - is the moment in which only a layman, and there is always present, which has the character to overcome the built and the construction of the new, which ultimately leads to the convergence of the profane building and implementation and, eventually, a layman comes to the state is really only now and no longer at this level of a layman. Past and future for it merges into a single unit that starts to mean that the layman was free and came as if for the very first rank of the beholder.
Easy comprehension of Karma, difficult path to true development, the ever elusive concept of time, man has always catches up with him, picking, its deployed environment zazerkalivaya subject-objectless consciousness, learning her way as its really expanded consciousness, becoming themselves.
Proceed immediately to the study of the same karma.




1. Types of Karma.

Unconsciously mirror (fully active only medium can be mobile, but not consciously).
This kind of Karma starts from the initial generation of a secondary non-objective Islands and continues until until a born and growing secondary island is completely pointless not go into a new quality of life, the quality of movement on their own devices.
We have already discussed with you the mechanism of formation of any secondary non-objective Islands, in principle, so I will confine myself here only as a reminder that anyone, especially the developing secondary pointless island functions as a mirror of photographing only photographer that every time he becomes a pointless subject, a resident of this Island, or those items that are logically proved dominant, the basis of the overall configuration (objects) Islands at the time of the next photo - making an analogy to the law to live in the space of another object or the Isle of non-objective subject matter.
When there is something that just reminded me - Wednesday as active subjects protection karmically grimace with each other and to develop secondary mirror aimless Islands, located in the parsed Sight Karma.
What or who is in a similar video of Karma?
Strictly speaking, there are no problems easy to define objectively. You are easily able to properly understand it.
For example, if you make a saw cut stump, then we will see the amazing shape of rings, if you do nadkol or, again, saw cut in stone, we can see his breath fresher, structural arnamentom, but that is not important now, but it is important that we first see rather, the first time will see it will be more precise, saw cut himself on a stump or stone, that he sees the world now saw cut to the environment - one way or the like so generated new secondary pointless Islands (nature and contemplate the future).
Thus, the secondary groundless Island born and he immediately became zazerkalivat world environment it is not stopping, eagerly begins to pose in front of him, like taking pictures in the "Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors" (see the first book, "How to Become a Mage? Or Lost!" , entitled "Subject-Logic pointless Islands").
Over time, in the space of such re-generation of a secondary non-objective Islands, there are moments of association in the group, a kind of coalition and consensus campaign pointless items reflected on the permit it. These groups are beginning to live independent lives, as it were, more or less, but to some extent, after all, I would say, a kind of organism. As a result, they completely unconscious and purely logical (karma), the struggle for the union (power, so to speak) of the entire space of non-objective Islands Secondary, there is a splitting of the subject on the basis of which this island belonged to the secondary pointless (for example, the stone was destroyed and this at the beginning is almost always the most probable, because to achieve complete reunification of many groups can not for the reason that the value of the Secondary aimless Island has a lot of times the size of each group are logically fighting (who gets pereiskazit in its own way).
Such disparate groups are now pointless items are crushed together and then, staying one on one with him, because that part of the Secondary aimless Islands, which remained after the collapse of a single Islands, now exists as a unified and independent secondary groundless Island, which is the same on the Law of Analogies (distortion) continues to actively zazerkalivat world environment, which inevitably leads to all the new influx of non-objective subjects to live in the space of this Island, and they either increase the force of the primary host, or just join in their group and begin to fight with the group-owner. Then again, a new decay can occur on the part of the Island, and or he will find a complete or relatively complete, the overwhelming unity in the decision to live each new abode of the active medium of abstract object, and then that happens and the transition to the next quality that confirms detect This pointless as the Island exists in the form of Karma - Mirror, logically grouped, which has an analogy of the active medium.
We certainly hear and become it, but primarily, as here, in this kind of karma, we have an interesting touch, lying next to the question:
Stone-Articles-treatment is possible, but, what is the mechanism?

Basics of Stone-Articles-treatment.


Exactly what can be treated as anything and everything. It is important to treat it, and with skill.
It is known that the treatment of stones, and does not take away the right of the same capabilities of other all kinds and types of objects and materials.
This principle is important and knowledge.
There are a considerable number of specialists for the treatment of stones, ranging from traditional healers who live almost a recluse from society and ending degreed men. But I have no doubt that almost all of them did not know, at best intuitive guess about how the treatment is actually a stone.
Now I will reveal to you the secret. It is very simple and natural when you have an idea of ​​Subject-Logic pointless Islands.
In what is it?
It's very simple. The stone, which was handling the master, an expert can be widely employed in the treatment only if the sheer purity of the master, the purity of his body, senses and mind and spirit as well, with the utmost purity of the subject Islands (things, objects around the master at the time when he manufactured the stone), as well, with the utmost purity of further habitat protection stone (already made), medium-Subject pointless Islands man who has acquired the stone (it's those people who will see the stone in the future, to see its use or just like that, even objects and things, the "eyes" that this stone will be there).
See how much you want perfect and almost completely feasible conditions for the precise and perfect, successful treatment of the stone.
Is it possible to do all this? I think that you answered correctly, if you say that this is practically not feasible.
But why such conditions are required?
The fact is that as soon as the generation of a secondary non-objective Islands after a saw cut stone, spalling, and the other (in the processing of stone master, expert), Island Secondary pointless (because things can only exist in the movement) starts to come into the movement, that is, he nachinet fast to live, zazerkalivat world surrounding the active medium, which means that now, which is reflected in the residence in this Island, and will, according to the Law of Analogy, Distortion, make (when you attach a stone to the sore spot), suck in, zazerkalivat your illness and well, if items reflected in the residence on the island, will be at this point in a logical installation that will fit, allowing the stone to take (the mirror as if to suck) your illness, but the reverse can happen, and then, at best, the stone you absolutely will not help and, at worst, you know what might happen in the worst-case scenario - a stone can hurt you, since your body and ending with Shimi va affairs, and the fate of your people close to you, even kill you.
What to do here and what to do, do the right thing?
The best option of stone - a process ...










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