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Attention! The book was published in Russian.

(excerpt from the book)
© Vseslav Solo (Sergey Paretsky), 1989-2012 by GG



Translated by using an electronic dictionary.

Original excerpts in Russian is here.






"Sin unspoken - HALF OF FORGIVENESS"



The Act states the Peace and Good is in the everyday life of the profane, and the neophyte magician is very important to respect the further non-contamination of the space of consciousness existing products of negative karma. Compliance with the Act makes it possible to localize the further expansion of the error and, as a result, you are applying this law will work out to be alone with our sins, that is required for proper development, because:
* Ideally, if we know a word, then only we will be able to forget him, even if someone makes us do it, you still will not forget us, as a sin, if we know it, even with someone a joint or a depending on someone else (the people and their actions, attitudes) of something (the circumstances) it is still only our sins that and nobody and nothing can fix it in us but also our own and only us. *
* If someone tries to correct the sin in someone else, then this will turn out exactly as much as one in which sin is correct, it will correct itself under the influence (leadership), but he himself, as himself. And if he will not correct itself in a sin, then no one can do it for him, which means that any statement of his sin - it is only the helplessness and the pollution of his mind and no more, because everything and everyone is against whom, and which we express our sin is nothing but our thoughts in the space of our own consciousness. *
Indeed, why is all the same so it is said: "Sin is unspoken - is half forgiven"?
We often think, and this happens in our daily lives that can be completely painless, and we do so, tell us about some kind of his sin to someone, some random person, whom we never see. From far away, say, a business trip, on vacation in another as absence, travel, we reveal their sins and believe that from this, nothing will happen other than as a partial or complete our repentance. But it's not so simple and clear.
Let's face it.
First, the fact is that: how would those who did not support you in your revelation of sin, as if not tapped on the shoulder and said that he would have done the same, anyway, this man, even the addition not wanting or knowing it, condemn you, blame, even if it is itself the last sinner. In other words, it must unmirrored will reflect your sin and the amazing energy configurations are manifest.
What is the picture of those configurations, and what is their process?
Consider the Plans 1, 2, 3, 4. They have shown how the interaction between you, telling about their sin, and the person who receives it as a listener, know your sin.



Figure 1.


If you start to analyze the scheme of the 1st, you will see that it shows us that any entity (person) is like a ray of God (the gift of the beholder), or, as I mirror that reflects perfectly everything that is it is itself. Also, the first scheme, one can understand that, so called sin narrated shots (shown) may arise in three ways both simultaneously and sequentially relatively chaotic, as well, only some one or two public- that direction. These areas are indicated in Figure Beats the numbers 1, 2 and 3.




Figure 2.





Figure 3.




Figure 4.


Next, we need to understand the features will be expressed in normal language, on the possible options, but mandatory in origin, recurrent strokes, which are clearly shown in the following Schemes of the topic here, to begin with, we analyze the Scheme 2.
In the proposed Scheme for the study represented two units: a person who perceives a sin and a man telling of sin.
Responsible for their return stroke (voiced) sin a sin which, after its appearance can be considered as a perfect second, arising in the sphere of abstract Secondary Islands of man, sin, and having declared the existence of such in the space of a full-scale subject-objectless consciousness.
Of course, that (it can be seen in the diagram) a person who perceives a sin by their original on the merits of being in general (from nature) mirrors the beholder, he even (possibly) not implying this, but troubled in his soul, condemn the sin , it is possible and that it will condemn outright, that is, people will express it out loud, not just poimeet only as energy. But the man who had shown his sin, be sure to take a energoosuzhdenie that will not slow down affect it, we already know where.
Why in the case of Scheme 2 people perceiving sin will condemn a person exhibiting the last judge consciously by the logic of his mind or his sense of logic?
The answer here is simple and natural: a man has the morals of Secondary aimless Island Affairs, which is or as it is close enough, but is associated with purity of perception Mirror beholder deployed environment (such as it is), and such logical compatibility or affinity so be aware, how much will be cleaner, meditative morality. Here, the peak of morality, or, if you will, the peak of condemnation, as it may seem paradoxical at first glance, but it will be a state of perfect non-condemnation, utter indifference.
I think you understood me correctly, when they saw their own way in the state of the beholder mirrors the gradual approximation to the highest conviction - indifference.
What's very important to understand?
If you look closely, not only will visually look at the plane of the proposed schemes, and will become a body of thinking, then you will realize that mirror the beholder can not be different for each entity. That's the essence of its mission - to unite everyone and everything that is. Mirror of the beholder is one for all and through it all is one, and therefore, when the Mirror contemplative man (now you understand what a mirror to the proper noun only conditionally), who takes the sin manifests itself, will affect a sin, it would only mean that this sin manifests itself reflected in the mirror contemplative man, talking about their sin in the same way and at the same time as in the Mirror, contemplative man, perceiving sin.
Briefly dorazberemsya same in the rest of After the above Schemes.
Now if we can understand the origin of recurrent strokes in the address of the person manifests his sin, it is based on the fact that it shows sin in himself and himself in front of him, in the space of his own consciousness beats himself, then we can finish options such attacks.
Figure 3 a person perceives a sin, as the latter reflects the return stroke (the beam in Figure 2) directly from the beholder mirrors and sends it directly in the space of abstract Islands Secondary Human Relations, a story about their sin, and, a return stroke is made quite unconsciously, because, in this case, the person who produces it, perhaps even that of the enemy attack, and if I could know about it, it would have been surprised or outraged by him himself, for his secondary groundless Island Affairs will be built, in this embodiment, quite a different, even opposite moral.
Further, if we consider Scheme 4, and we understand that if a person tells about their sin, will narrate itself (exercise) to himself, in the broadest sense of the narrative, that is, sin will be out loud or to myself, but alone with himself out of any entity and items were specifically selected for this process, the return stroke will still be produced, only the energy of the narrative of sin will be reflected directly in his Mirror of the beholder, and sent to secondary groundless Island Affairs, passing other points consciousness - is the shortest way to the return stroke, the so-called small ring.
And what kind of person who took him to the sin retold how things were to be had with the energies, and above all, directly with the energy of the known sin?
Here is a brief explanation, but it is clear and, I think it's better if it is to present an explanation in the style of listing the items required to show a panorama dotted:
A. Man, take away the sins (learn about it, hearing) is a precedent, logic to perform the same or similar in strength and number of power of sin, and thus acts as a media precedent, logic, sin for himself and for the environment to the deployed consciousness.
Two. Being a subject-objectless consciousness and the objects of man, take away the sins, peculiarly dirty, sinful colors are by weight and strength so far as they are logically predisposed to this type and the type of sin.
Three. Only after posting a kind of infection and expanded its environmental consciousness, man, take away the sins, may in time wholly or partially to waste all the energy of sin, but he would meet him after all manifestations of the implementation in the medium of consciousness, which, according to the Law of Analogy (Reflections ) will be asked to get back into the space of his aimless Islands Secondary Relations and then will enter into force, its ability to react to such, if it is not located again to collect the energy of sin in itself a manifestation of acclaiming or denial of individual, scattered them to the same parts of the once-common sin that belonged only to him as a man who adopted such, and in the end, sooner or later, but commit the sin itself.


4. Man, take away the sins, primarily through what he thought was a person who has expressed his sin (voiced by sin), will be ...




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