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Seeing Oneself!



Attention! The book was published in Russian.

(excerpt from the book)
© Vseslav Solo (Sergey Paretsky), 1989-2012 by GG



Translated by using an electronic dictionary.

Original excerpts in Russian is here.





We are in the morning and the evening very often, every day of your life speak, at least many of us, the phrase wishes of peace and good and did not reflect in any case have no real idea of ​​what it conceals expression of what the underwater arrays of energy it carries.
State of Peace and Good - a whopper.
But I will try to lead his account and arrange it so that you have not only misunderstood, but a body, fully.
World and Welcome to the world at first, ignorant view of Consciousness Relationship or relative level of human consciousness. Welcome to the world and the world are clear and unambiguous, when you start to consider their collection is not on the one side or the other, but with the cancellation witness, but rather will be told of the beholder.
* Good and evil, even if relative to each other, then only as relative to each other Awareness and Ignorance of the law the way of knowing the Truth or the Path of Self Awareness. *
* Simple - it's always the possibility of any vision of himself or herself out of evil as their own ignorance, the perception of evil, as is not yet known, and therefore does not urovnoveshannogo plot of his own consciousness. *
Any evil will always be of good laboratory for the person who is aware of itself.
* If the evil - is the process, the Good - is a conclusion, for evil - a movement, the good - is the amount and location, the quality of the knowing consciousness itself. *
* Only those who see good in motion and shows it in itself, shows the evil, because good and traffic are incompatible.
Any act of man is the manifestation of evil it because Good - it's always the end of evil, that is the end of aspiration, movement, and achievement. *
* If a lot of good lessons to start to show in his movements, it will be wasted, melted back into the evil, and a lot will have to restore again. Conversely, if the mass of the existing evil (evil as all that is unknown) to show the movements, it will melt into the mass of the Good. *
* The complete absence of good - is a complete movement or state of ignorance (devil), and the absence of evil - is a complete absence of any movement, state of God. *
It seems to me that, carefully read a paragraph of this very brief introduction to the proposed topic for consideration, you have a lot of thinking now about the importance of Peace and Good Fortune, of reason and expediency of the organization in your mind a true understanding of the Peace and Good in it.
Well get down to the immediate consideration and understanding.
A. Energokonstruktsiya line or configurational states of Peace and Good:



Figure 1.


Let us consider a map 1. First, we shall understand its visual logic.
The general title of "State Peace and Good" shows us that all that is in the scheme belongs to this position, which combines the two parts of the circuit (from the reader: the right and left), then there is one and the other part of the scheme will be subordinate to the title. Further, the title is divided into "Trouble" and "Joy," which allows one-shapes (figure A), shown in the diagram belong to the common header only after trouble and the other (figure D) only through joy. In other words: some figures of the circuit (figure A and D) are relative to each other in a state of calamity, and other figures in a state of joy.
The diagram in each of its parts (and in the right and left) is a figure (figure B and figure she is in), which present the same, identical, that means only one thing: this figure does not accept the influence of "Trouble" or "Joy "and is shown for comparison to figures for other schemes (figures A and D) to the title, is as if the presence of the header is the essence of the title, which allows us to judge the remaining figures of the scheme (Figures A and D), as about all sorts of deviations from the Peace and Good Fortune.
We argue further, and to start us ask ourselves the question: Where can people check more on the Good: the state of calamity or joy?
I have no doubt that some will say that more people tested for the Good in the state of disaster, while others believe the opposite. Both can come only in the state of the dispute and no more than that if they try to defend their own beliefs, not to talk out of position. Where is the criterion and the correct answer?
I think that, first of all, you were right to respond, if decided to talk, not argue, but the second, now you need not talk falsely.
If we assume that the more people tested for the Good in the state of disaster, the question and to the point: how does it prove? The same is true joy.
How to get out of this situation?



Figure 2.


Look closely at Figure 2. Conventionally, of course, but I tried to revive her as, in a way to humanize the middle of painting the figures of the head and indicating how these people look at each other, see each other.
Here: A look at the figure of figure B from the bottom up, and in the figure, in turn, looks at the figure of T as the bottom up.
Man, so it is arranged that when he is in trouble or in a state of joy, he belongs entirely to these states, is woven from them, makes their actions with respect to these states, the outside world sees, perceives it and reacts to it only eye trouble or joy. And how can such a person to check on Welcome to the World when he was not himself, not by himself, unable to take a sober view that whatever was around him and himself, because it behaves in accordance with its disaster situation or joy .
As it may seem strange, but in no trouble and no joy fully and truly man tested for Welcome to the world can never be. Although, if we analyze the sober and try to figure out, even if it where more people tested in the Welcome to the world is in trouble or in joy, it is to be, and it would be logical to define and clear: more people tested for the Good in the state of calamity, rather than in a state of happiness (if in these states it is he talking about checking for Good is about him) because he was angry in the lurch, and exalted in joy and awash in energy. You understand (according to the views of each other shapes in Figure 2: A bottom-up and T down) can make a conclusion: it is always on a hill to climb, or give something a lot heavier than it is to be done with the slides. Always a man in a state of disaster, it will be harder to give something than when he is in joy. Believe only person who can give you something, when he was in trouble, and do not believe the man, which gives you something in the joy of their own.
But back to what has been said above, namely, either in trouble or in joy, and a person accurately and clearly did not check on the Welcome to the world, because even in trouble, he gives, gives trouble because, not consciously. Giving in trouble, he gives, realizing his misfortune, leaving her and only her feeling in another person, but he can not feel the misfortune of another person, and if it will stop the trouble, it can also change and Welcome to the world will be different.
So in what is still able to check people in kind to the world, if not in trouble and in joy?
It's time to say the main thing.
Answer to myself: what is depicted as columns of figures, diagrams, resembling a kind of schedule that these columns express the sense of my own? (Prompt the direction of the answer: it is one of the most, the most grievous sins, vices of man.)
You are thinking about? It is hard? No, it is easy to take a look again at the figures, charts and graphics columns ponder deeply: that, if not arrogance displayed in them.
Yes, this is so, See also: A figure in a state of disaster - in pride strangulated; figure F in a state of joy - pride in the exalted, the figure of B and B in a state of comfort - the pride is neutral;
* A man is tested for Welcome to the world around him, only to be able to comfort or pride in neutral. *
* The state of comfort or neutral state of pride - this is when no one and nothing interferes with the movement in space, relative to your desires, your physical body, and such movement is not anyone or anything interfere, just nobody and nothing prevents the movement of your feelings, respect your wishes and feelings of these movements is not anyone or anything interfere, just nobody and nothing prevents the movement of your thoughts about your desires, and these movements are anything to anyone and do not interfere.
In other words: comfort - is a condition where you can, say, to pass and not come to anyone on the leg and would not catch on and do not hit and no one to catch and do not hit your physical body as well, and feelings, and thoughts as well but this does not mean that comfort is found only soft and luxurious seating and other circumstances. I think you now understand the state of comfort or pride neutral deeper than you knew before, and especially the comfort of you will know when to try to become a stay in it.
* Remember: the main point is that ideally you are comfortable, and all the rest of your status - it will always be incarcerated is your pride or arrogance exaltation, from which derive all sorts of bells and whistles karmic your troubles. *
You will know at once that remain in the comfort - it is the most important thing, but most naitrudneyshee your work in life.
In what state can be assessed distress or joy around the state in which you can make a reasonable, logical, and you need self-awareness in the way of things, the condition can be most safely and consciously work out the karma? Of course in the comfort and pride in neutral.



Figure 3.


Why did most people and the natural check on Welcome to the world in a state of comfort or pride neutral?
It's very simple. First, in the comfort of a person does not hurt and no one bothers him - is the ideal state for the shortest path to the realization of karmic himself to God, and second, only losing the comfort of a person evinces his own ignorance, he, or someone starts interfere with or impede him in physics, in feelings or in the mind, and therefore organized a new karma (fate).
Now, if we consider the human ...





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