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How to become the Mage?


Outer Environment!


Attention! The book was published in Russian.

(excerpt from the book)
© Vseslav Solo (Sergey Paretsky), 1989-2012 by GG



Translated by using an electronic dictionary.

Original excerpts in Russian is here.





Repentance is an indispensable part of the conscious work of a neophyte in particular, its karma. Just Repentance is whether it is at the heart of any kind, or the Curse, a magical operation, whether at the source of Peace and Good Fortune, and others have infinitely many elements of human life is devoted. Need to clearly and deeply understand the volume of Repentance, which can only get through the path of knowledge, skills and actions, rather than training, hopes and expectations.
* Complete neutralization, followed by a complete absence of any species and genera of astral relationship, except for the mental logic, thought forms (human, neophyte magician) to others, to varying degrees known, but thought-form as a subject and pointless, I called repentance (Process of Repentance). *
The yield on the perfect indifference of (smooth soul) and a comprehensive comfort, this is what pursues such a thing as repentance.
Ways to repent of all possible, but the result is one: indifference and comfort.
* The true and full repentance is possible with a perfect knowledge of the flavor of the body, mind and soul, may become a spectator in the case of (God). Hence, repentance is always relative, and a step for man, the neophyte and the Magician. *
So, in the early start to the drill-examination of Repentance, in its structure.
Pay attention to the Scheme 1-a. It shows two thought-forms in the image of two eyes looking at each other. One of the thought forms, again arbitrarily, we assume there are "you" and another "enemy". It is clear that the enemy is attacking you, it causes a karmic strike, and therefore the enemy. The enemy sees you according to Scheme 1 as well as to "the squint," that is, not entirely, but only a certain part of you as a thought form, and what's interesting is the fact that the enemy takes that part of you as you have a solid, often even not implying that you have far more in fact, the enemy takes the part of the whole.



Figure 1-a.


* To see, to perceive one another thought-form - that means must be visible as their perceived or how your existing experience in the Net. * (Net experience discussed below).
Judge for yourselves: is it could cause you to hit the enemy, if he'd really like you perceive you have fully and completely, and not as part of an illusion in the eyes of the Enemy performs the role of the whole thought-forms? Of course not, the enemy would have you never been struck in the form set out that the only issue, because if it were you, and not he, the enemy could not exist as an enemy.
* What is not greater than the part you from the whole thought-form that represents you, whole thought form, which takes a different thought-form as a whole you, the sibling closest to you and a thought-form, the more it is you and vice versa. *



Figure 1-b.


Continuing to deal with Scheme 1-a, it becomes clear that you see and perceive the enemy as a whole thought form, because, you know, and then call him an enemy, take offense at him, judge him, defending him and stuff, and you think that you right. And this is true, but only for you. Look at a map of the 1-b. Here, everything is shown from the point of view is not your as in Figure 1-a, but in terms of the Enemy. It is clear that you, as well as the enemy in Scheme 1 as well, you can see in Figure 1-b, like a mirror, perceive as the enemy of his whole thought form, is an illusion taking the visible part of the Enemy for the whole. (In Figure 1-b is you see the full likeness of the Enemy in the Figure 1-a).
Considering the two schemes (1-a and 1 b), it turns out that the enemy is not right with your point of vision, because it dealt a blow, or, but the enemy of rights, because he "does not know what he was doing," sees you as a part and whole, and not through what is in the dark, in my ignorance again, "I do not know what they do." You, in turn, right, because you have not struck a blow, or, as the enemy is doing, but you're right, again, as your enemy, just as much as, and wrong at the same time, because you see a thought form the Enemy , which means you too ignorant "I do not know what they do," perceiving the enemy of his people, because they see the enemy, then have to condemn the man.
Alternately, carefully poizuchat both schemes (1-a and 1 b), and you will conclude that both you and your enemy, you are both right and wrong quite equally and simultaneously to each other in accordance with its eyes open.
It turns out that if we see the Enemy, we understand some thought-form as the enemy, we did not to the right of the enemy, because the initial point of our mutual vision of each other we are both the same enemy, do not counterbalance on the scales of justice, because both take part for the whole? Absolutely, if you asked that. That this conclusion is shown in Figure 2-a and 2 b, which I propose to examine, by comparing with Figure 1-a and 1 b.



Figure 2-a.


How does looks genuine repentance?
Let's assume that some unspecified time elapsed from the moment when the enemy struck a blow to you, and you saw his enemy. This time can be calculated as the number of seconds or minutes, hours, days, months and years, decades. That is, let the last second, minute, hour, day, month, year or longer, it is not important, important is the condition in relation to the enemy and ourselves that when the enemy struck a blow to you, you were left unspecified in this time. Let's just say, after an unspecified time, you continue to see the enemy as the enemy before you continue to see and to remain in their former positions, or about the former, which can be expressed in different terms, such as: "If I had it (meaning the enemy) are met (if not a little time has passed), then I told him to "stick" because he had hurt me "or" villain (again, the enemy), for which he hit me? "and other variations, all of them quite fit into the scheme 3 a. Have you repented of, can I say that? .. No! .. You continue to see the enemy Enemy, which clearly shows the scheme of (3-a), you continue to condemn.



Figure 2 B.


Another variant. Gone: second, minute, hour, day, month, year, decade, and you more or have finally started to see what happened sometime between the enemy and yourself, in other words, through the eyes of the Enemy, for example in the sense " Well, he is right (meaning the enemy), then "punched!" "or," He (the enemy) was quite right then (maybe now, if little time has passed), "and so on. Have you repented? .. No! .. Why not? Yes, because now you have fallen into the opposite (Figure 3b), but the same ignorance, as in the case of Scheme 3 a.



Figure 3-a.


The fact is that if in the first case, you condemn the Enemy, calling, calling him an enemy, then, in the second case, you are condemning yourself, that just is not the less ignorance (ignorance), shown graphically in Figure 3b.
* Never and nobody and nothing and nowhere and would not judge him, even himself, for it would have to pay for the new karma, to repent. *



Looking at Figure 4, we discover the following: an entity that has entered into a kind, so to speak metaphorically, a zone of Repentance and sees and perceives, and understands what has happened second, minute, hour, day, month, year, decade ago, there was a conflict with the "enemy", sees a completely different way, it is as if there is a third reference point, metaphorically, "the third eye" in a neutral position on what happened. This entity does not blame either himself or the "enemy", she knows, sees and feels only that it is there, in the frame, the events of his enemy and the enemy, in the same frame dented, both are absolutely right, and at the same time measure their eyes open, because both do not know what they are doing. One of them - and dented poimevshaya name of the Enemy, and the other rejecting yourself, not consonant with the karmic punishment on his enemy, once again tied the new karma with him through condemnation, through their own perceptions of their own destiny on their merits, but as the enemy of his ( rejection of a well in the face of the Enemy). And it now sees, understands and feels the essence of which is in the area of ​​Repentance, the third reference point, he sees, understands and feels a kind of third eye. She is in complete comfort, indifference in relation to an event that was, she just sees it and understands and feels free, as it is, regardless of any convictions, denial, and other delights.



It is neutral, and to himself and to the enemy, and hence there is exactly what the essence is no longer in the frame of the event, it was another third, so that the frame of the event belongs to her only as a mental picture, which, in turn, will go into Pure Experience (Pure Experience consider below), will cease to exist and specifically targeted, and will be able to participate in the future of nature as a waste of skill, but not completely, but some, what will be needed in some of the places the essence of movement in space of its own consciousness.
And the process of Repentance, The path to contrition - as it looks?
The process of Repentance all completely different. One person may or may not mourn for long long time and eventually priya-ty, to reach the zone of Repentance, the other person may be a long time to suffer physically or sensually, to finally, too, like the first one to join the band of Repentance, the third may be engaged in self-flagellation, both literally and figuratively, as did many on this earth. I am also going a little later in the course of my presentation materials, to offer you the Magic Circle - is a mechanism, the process of informed Ways of Repentance, which I was able to develop to their classmates, which I enjoyed, and not once successfully.
Now, I would like to conclude this topic to clarify one important issue that will help you understand how Scheme 4 links into a single unit such concepts as the State Peace and Good, The Curse, Repentance.
It is said so that if you hit on one cheek, then turn the other, as to understand?
Look at Plans 3-a and 3 b, 4. Reason for yourself, because if the entity will operate under the Scheme 3 a and 3 b, it will not let your enemy, do not give him an opportunity to cleanse and awareness, not let themselves their own condemnation of sin, and, just as his enemy do not give yourself a chance, and cleaning and a new awareness of self, that is, the enemy it is not subject to the Curse of it, and everything is punishable if it is required by fate, but only after a Curse. It turns out that if the essence of Scheme 4 is in third position, she lets herself in the frame of the event, forgive yourself in that frame, and hence its condemnation of wine, wine that she named her the essence of striking the enemy of his, now becomes exhausted, completed, the guilt is gone, there is no energy. And the essence of which was the enemy of it, and which, in her eyes, now ceased to be such, it is forgiven, and the energy of sin, created by the evil hit inflicted is left alone with the former enemy, and this energy hits all of its power, in what It had been shown in a frame event, beating and punishing a former enemy, he punishes himself and beats now, it provided the opportunity, realized Curse.
Let's talk further, refine.
The whole world around you pointless Subject-Consciousness is your thought patterns, and that the essence, as a former enemy of yours, the same as your idea is you and not otherwise, so that when you cease to resist the blow dealt to your enemy - you hit, struck on one cheek and you took it as a deserved hit, went to the Zone of Repentance, you are cleared, but the essence of that hit you, like your idea as part of your consciousness, the thought-form, it too must be cleansed, and when you do not see it more than his enemy, then, according to the Law of Analogy, so as you clean, and it is this entity (enemy) will inevitably take on the role of your other cheek, completing a whole.
There comes a time when you both now, and a former enemy and you will only have you and no more, and as much as the depth of knowledge has been made in the frame of the events of sin, the depth of sin. It is at a depth of Sin mutual, but derived in a zone of repentance and the power of a perfect Curse you and get just as much a single entity with a former enemy is now yours.
* "Remorse - is always the beginning of the Process of Curses (your enemy), and the Curse of Completion (over your enemy), is the beginning of your temptations. *
You are one cheek, and the enemy of your other cheek Your just think about it, to consciously and always and always and everywhere know what they do and how and when.
III. Balance of Human Development, Net Experience, Purpose and Means
I suggest that you review and learn how to apply pondering what I'm going now to present, namely, it will be a unique Libra Human Development.
Again, for simplicity of your grasp, will be explained, as before, through the figurative image.



Figure 5.


Imagine naitochneyshie scales, which are arranged in the following mechanics:
In Figure 5 in windows A, B, C and D: shows the scale of development, which is calculated 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 ... and so on, it means a - ( conditional) level of overall quality of human development, as well, drawn cup, which is - by itself (conditional) possibility, a person's ability to accept or receive knowledge (information) and, to take in one or a few, and in all areas of development , (I mean, what could be and there are so many different bowls in proportion to the number of thought-forms from which, according to the process of possession under the Law of Analogy or Distortion is the person that has those basins, and their design, logical coexistence arranged matreshechno) the same is depicted in Scheme conditional limit - is how much information can take the cup.
Naturally, the scale of development could be: the infinite and various configurations of divisions, and the cup can be: both heavy and light, and the deep and shallow, and thin as tissue paper and solid as diamonds and iron, that is up to its conditional limit.
The scale of development may indicate how the development of good or evil in man and its degradation or rises, and the cup is able to accept and Evil and Good in the degree required for a person, that is, to make absolutely everything there is possible.
In the window shows a balance, where the cup is empty, and its contrast-arrow associated with the cup lace, passed through a beam, on a scale of points by one. What does this mean? We understand.
The cup is empty, so you can fill it.
All right. We begin to fill. In the B Scheme 5 a cup dropped to a conditional limit, it is full of over the top, and the arrow went up and stood at number five, which means that people who took a certain amount of information, continue to take more than nothing in the state of knowledge will be the next to roll over the top without falling into the cup, will not be assimilated. Now what to do next? How did continue to develop?
In this case, you will need to give knowledge, information from the cup, to convey what you know and possess someone to release the bowl, otherwise, you cease to evolve.
So that's why so many people who own any secrets, then do not develop their own secrets, and even a State, which would leave its state secrets are always secrets, it would also cease to evolve, right? That's it.
So, if you want to come to you something new, another development in what else you have to constantly worry about that time to give the cup that already have? The conclusion is correct.
Now, turn your attention to the box in Scheme 5: the cup is empty, all that was in it, given the scale and are ready to work again, because now is where to come to new knowledge, new information. Thus, a person is ready to receive, develop further, which is observed in the next window, D Scheme 5: the cup is filled again, but new, ordinary knowledge, which again should be required to give.
And what happens with the knowledge that you gave the cup, what has become of them? Timely question.
After all, action - the release of information from the cup, must necessarily be based on logic, and in fact to release the cup.
That is, information that fills the cup, must cease to exist in the bowl, to disappear from it, which would correspond to what people forget, to forget the knowledge in the bowl, but in this case it is, the bowl is empty, right?
And so it is not. But what?
Here, everything is much more natural than it seems at first glance.
Are you familiar with this when, say, a few people start the first time in my life to learn anything whatsoever, even if, for example, will develop cycling. So what? And that can happen, as is usually the case that some of these students to ride a bicycle master the driving skills of people in one hour, and someone in two days. Why does this happen? Such ruptures are made only in the case of larger or smaller presence in each of the students, the presence, as they say I am pure experience.
Let us, without question, consider what a pure experience, and we understand what happens to the information, "ejected" from the cup, it becomes what and how.
* Just because a person has mastered a certain logic in a specific address bindings mastered the movements of his body, mind and soul, mastered, and only then released from a certain logic in a specific address bindings through which this development took place, and always mastered the forgotten man is what I call pure experience. *
* Net experience - an opportunity to a particular skill of the body, mind and soul, the possibility of a specific person's ability to be used in the other, in its sole discretion conscious or not conscious, various logics of certain other specific address bindings, non-specific logic that binds a specific address, through which a person has acquired, mastered such a skill or ability, have become an opportunity. *
So that's why, if a person does not know how to translate the experience of the body, mind and soul in the Net experience, he develops a new hard, although sometimes akin to the already existing experience it, but not forgotten, not harvested from the cup, not translated into pure experience, is true ? Yes.
Often, a person suffers accumulated experience or skill to their other activities and has obtained these actions clumsily, in the style of experience or do not go as expected.
The driver, who knew how to control a car, if he have the opportunity, will try to manage and lorry gently and carefully, and it is driving can prevent it, it will look funny and awkward, even if such a driver will not survive the experience of driving a car in the Pure Experience , and vice versa, clumsiness happen to a truck driver, if he then change to the car is pure experience.
* To learn what else faster than what is required to have a degree of need for the skill that you acquire, you need to make short-term accumulation of experience and a break before the next accumulation of this, be sure to have time to translate the previous experience in the space of pure experience. *
For example, to learn to drive faster, do not extort himself from morning till evening, and it is enough to make short trips by car to the framework of solving specific problems linked to your extent necessary to keep pace in the break before the next trip to transfer experience of the previous trips to the net . That is, to do anything at all was assimilated within the skill of driving a car, but do it (whatever it was), not in the style of driving, but only as much as would be required to use the exhaust while driving the movement of your body , soul and mind in some of your other actions, make these and other actions did not recall at the same time, without linking the movement of your body, mind and soul with driving a car. For example: you have time to stop at the entrance to the store and pressed to the right, missed thus hastily leaving a person out of the store, which, if you have not completed prudent action must be confronted with you, because it is during the exit of the store looked back. But you, in this situation do not even remember that in essence, you become oriented as well as you would sitting in a car bearings: time pressed on the brake pedal (stopped at the entrance to the store) and pressed the right time (missed hastily leaving a person out of store, turning back) - this is the use of pure experience.
But that's not what I would like to present to the Human Development Scales, for I have said until now is how these scales, bared their mechanics, which is well within the winged-known expression: "Do not hand scanty giver." But not everyone and not everyone and not at any moment and any place you can give, and here's why:
Are you familiar with such as you, Let us assume, have conceived something started to do something and then suddenly tell someone about it, maybe just a shared initiated or conceived, and then - conceived and initiated went upside down, failed, did not materialize became incarnate not as we would like, and other variants of turmoil. Know familiar? Naturally. In everyone's life very often similar incidents occur. Why do they occur? And when there is, then: one of us angry and disillusioned, or similar disruptions calls the evil eye, and some damage, samosglazami, samoporchami, and someone concludes that, well, no luck, anyone However, referring to the appropriate lens nye logical reason just does not pay attention to such disruptions, or materialist finds itself in a similar moment of failure.
In different ways we react, but react to the same thing - Devoted bowl. Look at Figure 5, and imagine it to happen, as if the cup in all the windows schemes would not be shown? It's true. In this case, we would have all escaped from the hands, only to come and then we lost came worse, things could only give rise to hope, to swim by, not in our hands.
It would seem that the laws of mechanics Scales of Development Rights shall need to give the cup, but ... in fact, give the cup, it is from the bowl, rather than the entire bowl! As it is, "Do not bowl itself?"
It's very simple.
* That, as you have begun, plans, yet can not exist or function in the majority with the help of, the participation of other egregores - with respect to domain-independent non-objective thought forms, which are located in spaces of abstract object and the Primary Islands, to exist or operate in a minority of your participation, that requires continuous or more than half of your participation for their development, I call the Cup. *
Do not give the cup, do not let out of her and your business will never suffer, at least from this. Remember Scrooge Makdak, from the famous cartoon, cares for his first dime, and you - take care of their affairs Bowl. However, here, in caring for the Cup is not quite all the way from ten cents, but still, at least one shaped base.
You can only talk about what concerns have that function without your participation, because only this is the fact that in the Cup, not the bowl.
In order to understand better and more practical than all this, I propose to examine the relationship between whatever and what was the purpose of whatever means of achieving it. Consideration of this relationship will help to correct and you need to understand is why I strongly advise you not to give the cup, and learn a kind of space technology, the fundamental lesson of achieving any goal. So:
Relationship Goals and Means? Yes, look at it.
The aim is a means to achieve it - the dream and goals for the agent is the person having such imperfection, not just an end in itself, it is always found funds for other human means to achieve its own goal to, another person and in his hands, a man that has means beyond the objectives of becoming a temporary tool and nothing more.
That's why I recommend you see that goal should always be that you have not done in this world, because - it is only possibility, and in fact develop independently and consciously.
But I am now interested in a slightly different approach to the means and ends. The fact is that if you were to make a goal to achieve a goal ...





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