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How to become the Mage?


Magic Operations! TELAPATHY



Attention! The book was published in Russian.

(excerpt from the book)
© Vseslav Solo (Sergey Paretsky), 1989-2012 by GG



Translated by using an electronic dictionary.

Original excerpts in Russian is here.







Magical Operations were always and everywhere and at all times of human existence.
Magical operations can be divided into a kind of levels:
Ceremonial or Item Level
Astral or sensorial level
Mental or Thinking level
Spiritual or divine level
Anytime, anywhere, any magical operations, and often accompanied by a only a certain, a special ritual, a process without which the commission was not a magical operation may not be conceivable. This process was not required fad, not just from caprice, but to was the possibility of entering into the consciousness of being a different speed, the speed, the speed is different from everyday, ordinary consciousness, and because watching dancing shaman or sorcerer passes, we can not think that they are meaningless or unnecessary, except for the person who does not need them, and as such may be the only God, or Ignoramus. The first is not needed, because I always come to them, and second, because they did not see them, and therefore may not need that, what is not in his mind - all others will need in the ceremonies of entering into another state, so it will be more accurate - his mind to perform magical operations.
Another thing is that some will have the possibility to perform the ceremony of entering the different speed of his mind by canonized action, while others will have the opportunity to diversify such action, to improve or even just to improve and invent a creative way. It will all depend on the degree of human consciousness, of how he lives his own mind or consciousness is not his own, which means not yet mastered himself.
The desire of man to consciously manage the development of the logic of the world, being, and not just follow in the footsteps of her so-called natural, gradual development and has created such a thing as magic operations. After all, by and large, any magic operation is nothing like inconsistency, which is contrary to the existing logic is not my design, but its birth, time and place of occurrence.
In fact, everything that can announce at this world with the help of any kind or any kind of a magical operation, must be taken the same logic of the world, not least because that will be in it, but it is always taken in the conflict and that lack of respective masses of time and space, which would have to justify some sort of realization, the product of a magical operation.
If we see the wood, which are neatly stacked in a pile, we mean the natural or directly know is that these logs were piled in a heap for some time and someone and for some reason. But if such a pile of firewood to happen before our eyes beyond the logic of the above excuses, we will also see a pile of firewood, but the conflict of time and space. We'll have to take a lot of firewood, as it were free, without any coherent energy, but this will only appear to us, for the presence of energy-exist always and everywhere, just in a magical operation. Energy costs in this case will necessarily be the same for the most part with the power consumption, which normally has any man who will face a pile of wood in natural vision, that is, the pile of wood outside the no-show ties with the Magical operation, and realized in his being in the clear logic of events. Of course, the more people will be interested in the processes of logic, formed the pile of wood, the more it will spend energy, but if it is absolutely not interested in this pile of wood, then such a person and not spent very little, except that the very presence of this heap firewood in his mind will be occupied certain place, which could be expressed in certain units of energy - it all costs.
It turns out that the more interested in some subject, to spend more and vice versa?
Absolutely. But the cost is always, I stress again, they make up at least that weight, which is the subject of occupied space in the mind of man.
But is it good or bad thing is that there are costs to the knowledge of the natural logic of the subject and the costs of the knowledge of the subject as a result of the logic of Magical Operations. How these costs are different from each other, in short, looks like the mechanism of both energy consumption, it is because you need to know to behave correctly?
I must say that there is nothing in this world from the fact that there has been negative than positive and vice versa, is always and necessarily any object exactly as negative as positive. This means that waste energy in the knowledge of the natural logic of the subject and object materialized by Magical operations are perfectly balanced positive and negative principles, that is, the knowledge of the natural logic of the subject will be as much negative as positive in the knowledge of the subject of Magical Operations, and in the knowledge of the subject naturally be positive as much as the knowledge of the subject of Magical Operations negative. Here the comparison is positive and negative on the volume and weight in relation to each other (positive and negative), not only within the object itself, but also between objects as well. That is, the balance is always present and only the extent and depth of knowledge, vision, such a balance is nothing but the very life of man, his movement development. But not here, I'll talk about it in detail, because my task to reveal the objects of such equilibria can be implemented as an accessible and objective fact-negative and positive aspects of the subject under consideration, to be able to sample and self-determination for you.
The fact is that when a man spends his energy on the knowledge of the natural logic of the subject, it spends its energy this way, as suggested by the logic already available. For one, the positive side, it's good, because it does not require additional energy to find, but the energy to open the logic. But on the other hand, the negative, the person canonized as the logic of a natural object, it is not independent, subject, does not develop itself, and strengthens the development of the logic of the natural object, even, perhaps, and not development, but rather that of a fortress, strength and Spatial Magnetism, involvement in other units of consciousness itself. When a person begins to learn the logic of an unnatural object (unnatural, so to speak here to the subject that emerged through the Magical Operations), it is sure to be a waste of energy exploratory nature, it will address itself to the substitution of his personal, already available to it logic, this recognition to them, which means that a person will develop their own and can say that deliberately. But it will waste energy and the search himself will be given the opportunity to stitch his own famous address logic addresses unnatural subject cognizable and he will not know exactly what to expect from this perspective. And in the case of a natural object of all clear almost immediately, in any case, the logic is already there and it stopped about-that allows it to consider all sides in time and space, which means you can take what you need (but Again, a balance - to take only what is and is not to create what you take).
In the case of a natural object of comparison with the subject of an unnatural order of a magical operations be identified, exposed, above all, a sequence of energy and speed, consistency and speed of perception is the foundation of any possibility of the Magic-term operations and the foundation of any natural object, which means there will be difference between the normal appearance of the subject and the subject of Magical Operations.
For example to say that, if we consider a natural object, we can say that all people have the perception of the speed of the logic of the object will be to some extent vary and will be called a reaction and attention abilities: see, hear, feel, feel and others. But different is not so much to declare a magical operation, and therefore, in general, all people living in specific, which may Compiler-kovyvatsya each other circumstances and reasons for these circumstances (in the lower and upper limits of speed perception, reaction and things like that - here can not speak of Magical Operations for Operation Magic can only be for a man who will face an unnatural subject, with the speed of its reaction rate of reaction is different from the person who created this subject).
And another thing, it's important to know: when the operation is performed magic, then the person who produces it, may be in a single rate with that of its speed, or the result of the vision of Magical Operations may not match the speed of the Magical Operations, at the moment of creation, incarnation itself, hence the results from the perfect magic operations, the effects on the host Magical operations are different, and it will be for the person who created magical operations, or magical operation, or the natural order of things, actions, which, in turn, will be either high-speed power disturbances in a person's life or not - the difference is large, it affects the possibility to qualify for such magical operation or not.
The rate of consciousness - is the amount of consciousness, the spatial scale of the HYDRATED such, but rather the velocity of consciousness, say, magic and conventional - is the ability to instantly access any point of ordinary consciousness to any point in the magic of consciousness and, if this instant access is not, then everything else will demand from the ordinary consciousness special process of entering into the consciousness of the magic that will be called a magical operation, ie the acquisition of magical consciousness of the consciousness of the usual rate, but then these are only the consciousness and in turn, the smaller the serialization will lie between them, the less people and the common more it is magic, and therefore, if the full nepoocherednosti of consciousness, a man goes into a state of complete presence of all his being in the process of Magical Operations, which means that no one else is seeing, noticing, man becomes an absolute magician and his magic operations may notice the only other unity of his consciousness, but he himself, a state of identity can also be called a completely naive, but did not paroxysmal, not amenable to the power of ordinary consciousness. This consciousness can be a magical and beat of the ordinary consciousness, but it can not win, example of this same Christ.




Some of the Laws of Nature and Explanation Magician:

Man - it's always match his speed of both worlds: the world's Magical World of Operations and the results of such Operations.
The magician - a man ...





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