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(book about healing) Part 1





Attention! The book was published in Russian.

(excerpt from the book)
© Vseslav Solo (Sergey Paretsky), 1989-2012 by GG


Translated by using an electronic dictionary.

Original excerpts in Russian is here.



What is the mere fact of treatment, cure? Is it possible to treat and cure? Are there any illnesses actually or disease - it is absolutely different from what one thinks about it in the conventional sense? Many diseases, or whether it is the only one, and reproduced in countless forms? Why is there disease, and why they have consequences, and maybe they go to another energy being? How should I treat the disease? The disease - a result only if the physical ailments of the body or it may hurt a soul and mind, and maybe it was from a sick soul and mind of man, and having the disease? Do I have to pay for treatment and, if so, how and to whom and how, and if lechish himself? Can you get the disease and how it is realized that there is infection, contagious disease? Is it good or ill it is better to have only healthy, which is given to man's disease, and may be on to something? Can the disease be a victim? Corruption and the evil eye, curses, spilling into the disease, they can be directed only to certain people, can only be perceived by some individuals or under their influence are covered absolutely everything? What in general should be treated: body, soul or mind, or perhaps even the spirit of the need to fix, where to start? Is there a single method of treatment or techniques are countless, whereas if they are compatible with each other or they may only interfere with each other, and maybe there is absolutely no method of treatment, and is a creative, spontaneous, intuitive or logical approach in each case the disease is whether such a technique which will allow to approach the cure of any disease in any stage, building upon any platform, whether it be on the platform of the body, soul or mind, a technique that looks like a tool, not dogma and How? Diseases are for children, adults, age or no difference between them? Is there: incurable diseases, as well as disease called karma, Fate, which brings people out, as they say, the last of his life? Maybe living as a man, impossible not to be ill, but always in the eternal battle with some diseases, for man and the disease is the essence of the same thing? As such, any human disease, from which it is composed?





My medical skills were formed in the primary system ten years ago. Up to this point, I am involved in the development of his personality, her education. I wrote poetry, went out and went into the Astral, read, learned some important time for me, the book spoke to me of interest to people who I could draw energy from his desire to devote themselves. Yes, it happened in the practice of my life that I was nobody and nowhere and never, in nothing consecrated, and I'll devote myself. This is what happened with the mysteries of the treatment - I bought their skills naturally and independently.
I remember once I had arranged to meet at the Black Sea near Sochi with a girl: she was from Moscow, and then I lived in another city. A meeting with the girl did not take place, but I'm a small world, as they say, quite accidentally stumbled upon one of the seaside street near Sochi on one of his friend from Moscow, which, if my memory serves me, then went around and worked as a foreman for repair elevators. We began our holiday together to while away the evenings and drank, almost three-liter bottle not a home dry red wine, who gives seed bitterness, which we bought from local residents and heated kettle. During the day, I was completely free. I went to the sea, sat not far from the place where the waves licked the crushed and concentrated on his body and on the sea air and open space, tried to do all sorts of hand movements and thoughts and feelings so as to feel any changes in their own well-being, mood . And I was quickly things turn out. A week later, I realized that I can try to heal itself, and I started and really get it done when needed, for example, to remove a headache or something else. Somewhere in three months or so, already preparing to leave Moscow in my first book, the first novel, a textbook "astral body" and the first time I have started teaching their own medical skills and was very surprised that they are well That being said, working not only me but also for the very first time, I'll then be expressed in their address, my fellow students. It turned out to treat not only for me but for those people who took over my medical passirovki.
Think for yourself about what is the duration of study treatment passirovkam? They have, as you must understand from my description, as if two components: the first - the development of human striving in this direction, the second - the structure and skill. Even I, a person who individually, almost without any help got it all, and it took just something personal time from the beginning (when I invent medical liability) and packing up to those at a level that I could been taught, about three months! Do you have a will turn out worse? Of course not. After you pick up a ready-made approach to the matter that is already available in the image and you will only have to learn and nothing more is required to invent, reinvent - you get much faster. I will say this, that my fellow students have quite a considerable number are beginning to function well in their hands taught me medical passes are often immediately when they are at, say, at home, after that Evening Training. Here is a book, you do not need to take notes, everything is ready. Just read and absorb, apply if you wish. A desire - a piece, as they say, can be acquired. If pripechet disease or any circumstances where an urgent need to treat yourself or someone else, especially when you need help in an emergency situation, so you immediately recall and all is well and responsibly out, because there will be no election of the state that so meditative.
In this book, I'll give if some of the examples related to my medical passirovkami, it would be examples of what I say about them, from the illuminated, that is one of those, I usually cite in their Evenings of Learning as the related material beliefs to fellow students. Of course the fact that I have a lot of other examples, but I said nothing about them, because not everything can be open, because then, and not all will turn out as we would like a certain fraction of the secrets in any training must necessarily take place. Healing and the material in this book is the case the same: I teach only one-third of what I know, the rest is always with me (by the way, this applies perfectly to all of my training), it was then, and you can develop, and not degrade and developing, each subsequent time to give people the knowledge of those stocks that were previously classified by two-thirds of the total of my knowledge, so, each time new material comes potesnyaet old, but I do not do so, do not live in such a way that potesnyat had nothing, then nothing new will come, because the new comes only where there is an old, old and if not, then nothing can be called new, but old, and therefore a man of such stock shall be the whole is woven only from the that already exists in this world, think about it carefully and you will understand and justify my secrets that I keep constantly and continually give to you. So, I would like to cite as an example a case in which there are many I have, the case is not quite so absolutely ordinary that on there from, as I mentioned above, illuminated, in which I had to take a part. Again, I do it just to make you feel a state in itself, a perfect ignoramus when first confronted face to face with the work of medical passes. Then, I will give an example of yet another incident which occurred fresh to my classmates. And I do it for you to feel yourself at the very beginning of this book is not read by people who are treating someone, and people who are being treated. That such an attitude should be the primary in a person who has decided to engage in therapeutic passes, for if the contrary, that person will always be weak expert in the field of human knowledge, because there will always be to rely on outside help, and not on its own strength, because that the primary it will be passive and not act. Learn how to heal, not to be treated! So you read further, two of my example and understand them, especially as their own personal, try not to worry their patients' behalf, and on behalf of a person who works with patients - that would be required laying the necessary logic and will be the first point my teaching you.
Once, when I began my teaching career in the field of High Magic's thoughts, or, alternatively, as I say this, in the field of Energy Logic of Human Consciousness, I visited one of the southern cities and stayed in one of his central hotels. I remember that morning at the door of my room and someone was hard enough to knock nervously. I hurried to shout at the closed door to the one who broke my dream: "Who's there?!". "It is home to the doctor?" - Heard someone fractured Russian, because I could hardly understand the words, but immediately realized by the emphasis that answered my shout of a man from the Caucasus.
I got out of bed, quickly threw on a tracksuit and went to the door and opened it, still rubbing sleepy eyes. At the door stood an enormous growth and a rather plump man in his forties to look at, really, Caucasian, and it's pretty consistently repeated his question, before the call to me: "Here lives a doctor?". "No, - I answered immediately - no doctor does not live here, and here I live, Vseslav Solo." But the man paid no attention to my answer, apparently, he was told the hotel attendants, that this room stood a man who can help you, and because, as he needed just a doctor, he decided to own that I have a doctor and nothing else. Caucasian continued to insist on: "I need a pill - he said doggedly, - you have a tablet? '. A few minutes later, I realized that to get rid of this man I would be hard, because he hardly knew in Russian, and then I told him this: "I am not a doctor, I have no pills, but five minutes later I ready to follow you to your room and try to help in your situation. " Caucasian aggressively and diligently waited for me at the door, it is natural that the door in the corridor of the hotel and within minutes we were raised to his room, located one floor above. Along the way he is with difficulty explained to me what they are, it is not the one from Georgia, sold here in the city, the goods, a good drink in the evening yesterday, today urgently needs to go home, and the driver, as they say in the Russian style, bast do not knit - drunk as a lord, and the bed can not stand. We must help him so that he could drive at least an hour or two. I nodded my head in Caucasians this a sign that everything is clear to me and I'll try to help, to which he replied, even more excitement in their behavior and we walked into his room even more intense: Caucasian glad I live as a "pill-reaching."
Finally, we showed up in his room, there was another two Caucasians, they looked pretty dejected and broken, very worried about the faltering trip. I pointed to one of the beds, located in the room. On it under a mountain of blankets and sheets heavily wrapped, lay up, as I realized this, and their chauffeur.
I approached him and tried to pat him on the first prospective arm, hidden under the blankets and sheets - no reaction, no how. I have again and again their attempts, but all in vain. Then his companions offered me their services to pick up, wake up the driver, but I stopped them and said the intention that I am a little bit to work with him through the blankets and sheets, but we'll see the result. Caucasians were seated on chairs and began to closely observe my actions, showing in his eyes pleading for help and some overt fear simultaneously.
I went to work. I did the first treatment passes through something (in this case through the blankets and sheets) are completely without contact with the patient. I made ​​the "Pose Sculptor" for about five minutes (we have with you are going to study). Suddenly the sheets and blankets, and soon began to move out of their head is thrust deeply etched drinking driver - his face was badly dented by the irregularities of blankets, sheets, pillows. It's all squeezed into a ball, always frowned and blinked his thrills by trying to understand what was happening to him at all. His companions looked at each other in surprise and looked at me. The one that brought me to the room, told me: "We could not do anything with it, and you have obtained, he woke up" - and he exchanged glances with the other Caucasian, sitting and intently watching me, and this time had exchanged with them smile more cautious, but expresses some hope and relief.
I continued to work intensively with the patient and tried to ask him: "You can get up and sit down on the bed?". "Uh ... No ... He does not understand you! "- Immediately exclaimed one that brought me to the room. "Why?" - I was surprised, and paused in their activities, looking back at this person. "He does not know Russian at all, I'll tell him" - immediately replied Caucasian and went to bed, leaned over her, now painfully shake my head from side to side, and became a fellow something aggressively short phrases in Georgian kindly tell him in tone it was clear that he begs and tries to explain something. "I think that it is now generally do not understand any language" - I said, seeing as, indeed, a drunk driver on the stupidly staring accesses to it mate, and all Georgians once helpfully and harmoniously, immediately podhohotnuli me in response Expressing agreement with my conclusion.
I thought at this time to myself, well, when you work with someone who talks to you in one language, then, sometimes a single word, it tales you, enough so that your treatment passes increased tenfold his strength, and here, I is the first time, he did not understand me, and therefore have to rely on the work of their feelings and thoughts, and partly to the movement of their hands - pure energy use only, without a word character.
Soon I was able to sit on the driver's chair and I continued to work with him passes. Finally, he became more active and even started to show some interest in what I do with it. Then I asked one of his friends to bring a glass of tap water, water, and I brought it recharge. Then I asked the patient to drink this water. He has refused for a long time, kicked, broke out, izvorachivayas in the neck, turning his head from side to side, escaped from his lips a glass of water. But still managed to persuade him to drink water. Nadlamyvayas in every throat, choking and stammering, sweating, a driver with the incredible efforts of drinking water, and immediately ran to the toilet - the water was heard from him vyhlestyvaetsya back into the toilet. After washing in the bathroom, the patient again appeared before me in the chair and I continued to work with him. In the end, suddenly he pulled my hands away from you, when I tried to make another pass - I realized that he finally came to himself, because then it's pretty fresh and smartly got up from his chair, did some sports exercises and appeared in front of their mates in quite passable, and a cheerful, ready for driving.
I advised his comrades is to have half an hour the driver does not sit behind the wheel of the car and to drink more water. The water he immediately drank, but did not run to the bathroom to her vyhlestnut back, and made faces, like the first time, and behaved quite like a normal, sober people. I said goodbye to his bespokoitelyami morning, they started to poke me in the pocket money that I did not want to take, but it was impossible to convince them.
I returned to my room a little tired, but in a good mood, because this case has given me the opportunity to make the next step in the growth of my faith in yourself, faith in what I can work its healing passes, not only with a man who speaks with me in the same language, not only with the person who is able to do something to understand and not only directly in contact with the patient treatment passes, but also very different, so when my medical passes between the patient and is kind- a barrier, even when the patient is unable to understand anything, even their language. In my triumphant winner.
When a person the first time, convinced of the strength of his own medical practice passes with him is always the case - the joy!
And here's another one, from the illuminated cases, but for the joy of the colored man, whom you taught the medical passes.
I remember, I've just worked while in one of prigornyh cities of Tajikistan. In total some five Evenings Teaching at the time I exercised and not more than an hour for three to four astronomical every evening.
So, one of my classmates, who can say almost just finished my training, was in an extreme situation in your life, it happened just three days after the end of the course.
His family had an accident, an accident with his year old son - his son playing with other children in the mountains, down from the mountain. His breathing has stopped, the heart has stopped, it all turned blue, almost died from relatives of my schoolmate in his eyes. But the classmate was not taken aback, he grabbed his son in his arms and, as I then paraphrase this story aggressively and rudely threw all relatives owed, and mourning the death of a boy from the house into the yard with his son locked himself alone in the house and minutes ten to fifteen went from there to the delight of relatives with porozovevshim smiling and his son - he saved it!
Why did he do it, you say? After all, he was not yet the practice of therapeutic passes, but only knew about them, heard them, and just a little touch them during the evenings of Learning. And I'll tell you this: it is sufficient if the effect comes ekstremalka an extreme situation.
The fact is that when I teach their classmates therapeutic passes, I will immediately warn them that the obtained knowledge, above all, want to use to treat themselves and, if and to treat someone, another person, then only when there is this extreme situation, and no more, in other cases as well, if there is a karmic responsibility - it is better not to treat, cure and teach - it's from me to my fellow practitioners to develop an original setting for the experience. The fact is that in an extreme situation of my classmates, even if they did not have the practical skills of the medical passes, automatically in the work and have it immediately begins to turn out correctly and exactly as expected, but still with decent power greater than outside ekstremalki.
So, even just by reading and studying this book, you do not think about what you just touch the healing passes - you have to master the true, that you will be able to, if you do happen in the lives of some extreme situation, apply, to revive the material presented here, in practice, you will be able to straighten ekstremalku, overcome it, to win positive. I still can not believe it, so even better. The whole point of your life, that it will prove to you that I am right, if you have not realized this on their previous experience of your life.
The fact that it is possible, for example, take and begin immediately to practice the healing passes, did not prepare themselves, their minds and then we will deal with years of practice, treatment, and achieve some specific results.
But it is possible in a special way to prepare your mind, true to form their own vision of the world their environment and then the practice of therapeutic passes show the results pretty quickly, maybe even right there in the first place, as they say, call, and show little or no less than the person , who for decades studied healing passes, practiced them, but without the formation of consciousness, the vision of the world. I am also on their Evenings of Learning I build material flow so that my classmate, a first formed in his mind, and then would have been on this fertile soil were sown the seeds of a medicinal passes - that's why my classmates quickly and almost immediately things start obtained in the treatment area. Of course, you can think of that, well, yes, here they are, then, those who are directly taught by me alive, so to speak, they and in fact prepared the consciousness and healing passes for them as seeds click. And I'll tell you this: for you, reading this book will be all the same happened, even if you do not listen to me will live in my teaching. After all, you have the ability to configure their minds, to decide in a particular world view of your living environment through my book of the School of Learning - read them and this book will give you lightning fast results, if so requested by your life.
All my fellow students - special people. Even those who, as such, too, are practically not involved in the mystery of his life after learning I live or from books,
Suddenly, when what is really required by the circumstances of their lives, doing all right, quickly, effectively positive. So, all that being said, from time to time. Everything in your power will be available, but each will manifest itself as a vital necessity, need, and at one time.
Many of my classmates live in yourself and do not even know that at one point in their lives happen is that they will practice their knowledge.




installation approach


Internal organs of the human body is not, does not exist. There are only Astral-Mental scan the body and the sort of hardening on the surface (by the environment), in the form of a physical body (so it can be said about the shape of the solidification).
No, really ...




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