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(ENERGY Spatial exercise)





Attention! The book was published in Russian.

(excerpt from the book)
© Vseslav Solo (Sergey Paretsky), 1989-2012 by GG


Translated by using an electronic dictionary.

Original excerpts in Russian is here.



(комплекс предметно-беспредметных упражнений энергетической гармонизации, опредмечивания в пределах первородной матрицы, плотности физического тела человека, идущего по пути осознания себя)





People are countless number of years on Earth have been doing all kinds and types of exercise, but do not know about the little (except that intuitively might guess, and only one), what to do any physical exercise can even be the same, and any known not only with different experiences, but with different results here.
And not because of different results, that each person differently and developed physically ready to perform exercises, in the sense of one's
objective body (the body can be taken into account, but not as important), but because something else is different here, each man doing physical exercises.
Consider this: a hundred people went on an excursion to the Hermitage, and there they were, each of the hundreds of people, for ten hours. These people came out of the buildings of the Hermitage - a tour is over. One of them, after watching this, ask him about his impressions, say, for example, that, well, well ... saw that people there do not protolkneshsya. Another says that, say, a wonderful buffet. The third talk about a beautiful girl he had noticed it and took it telefonchik. Fourth thoughtfully and concisely answer, they say, unforgettable and wonderful experience he had received. Someone else said something, and someone else will respond differently. But some man will come out of the building and the Hermitage will be brilliant and well-known artist.
See how interesting it turns out, the same Hermitage, and all the people got from his visits to different things, of their own.
Also, the immutable law of Analogy, it is with exercise. They make countless
number of people living on Earth, but get their results, even if you do the same exercises and the same, and even if done in the same place, the premises and at the same time.
And it happens because the meanings of all people have different attitudes to physical exercise and focus, attention, ears and eyes are different at the time of such exercise, and spatial reference points for the different senses, and all you want, the other is different from them. Hence, the results are not similar to each other.
I believe that this so openly and directly, not indirectly or secretly, or at a loss, I say in this book is that exercise can do the same, but they will bring you exactly the results, which conceived.
It turns out that by linking certain feelings and meanings of groups thought to the process of a particular physical exercise, with its elements, to obtain the implementation of planned - just what you want. That is to produce not only the changes directly in the physical body.
All the people lived well, live and will always live: any of their actions, not only is exercise, be sure to rhyme with something, they are linked. Dock with some thoughts and feelings. Hence, the life can vary for each person in strict accordance with all sorts of such of his rhyme.
For example, a person traveling in the bus, sits and looks just as it seems, is neutral in the window, yawning, saw shop, think of it as a place where goods are sold (would agree that a shop can be different ways to think). And then found the man in himself, against the backdrop of the store and seeing some of his thoughts (the place where they sell goods), assume also his bad mood. Well ... Maybe his wife had quarreled in the morning. And then, after a certain time in his life, as they say, bam ... and his wife started trading on a panel. I think, why would it suddenly did this happen? This person will "break" my head to myself: why did it happen in his life where such a change, this logic in his life could have materialized? And it could happen very easily and very logical.
The fact is that every person, whatever he perceives as a visually and aurally, in their feelings, be sure to all this expresses their internal relations. A man who saw the store as a place where you can purchase goods, for example, could easily, even accidentally and unwillingly, against the vision store, recall, in his bad mood yesterday's event, in which he participated in his home, where He quarreled with his wife. And it was yesterday, at the time of the scandal, he thought that the wife is ill-serves itself when offering sex or preparing food for the family and for him personally, that could well be deciphered as the subconscious mind that the wife of bad trades in her body and its services, and so on. He could think of that, they say, it does not deserve good products, clothing, and a husband like him.
All this against the backdrop of the store could immediately begin to materialize different fate of both the man and his wife.
Of course, I have a quick plot developments. In fact, our blend of thoughts and feelings of the surrounding objects, events, people and so very easy to pick up the logic, absorb it into itself, we sometimes changing beyond recognition, and even lightning.
As the saying goes, "water wears away the stone." So, gradually, gradually, that we see around us, all involved in what affects everything that we already have. If we do what we have, remember, and projecting their feelings or just in thought, even to himself, but the overlay to what is happening in the outside of us - we generate a energogibrida, modified through this. And then when we get back to what were, after such overlaps, then we will bring a new logic. It's very simple: if you go down the street in his shoes, and on the street is damp after a rain. And then you went and got a bag of slippers, and clothed them, and they walked a few steps. And then put the shoes back in the bag. And when you returned home, he got soiled shoes from the bag and began to walk in them around the apartment. What happened? You brought the logic of street shoes into the logic of the street to the apartment. And further, by the way, if we continue and this example, your apartment and it may be a street type. Maybe all the family members will go well on an apartment, in a street shoe.
And then, after a certain time, a man sitting at the train station and some thinking about why he was homeless? And because the shoes had once walked down the street.
Remember the famous of Bulgakov's "Anna has not yet spilled oil"? So, those slippers, dressed in the street, and were spilled oil to the future King. Think about it seriously at all. You build a life, just a mood, any relationships, feelings and experiences, and therefore can not change them and building design. So learn it through this Energosmyslovoy fizzaryadki!
Analyze the details of his life and if you are logical and really attentive and observant, it is quite pinpoint why today those around you or other people and not others, why do you find yourself in such-life situations and not in others. You will learn how to influence your life!
If I was able to even slightly touch up on your thoughts in this direction, then you've probably now realized that human thinking is closely linked to the events of his life. It Energosmyslovaya fizzaryadka I worked out a long time and practice, can help you in managing your life events, specifically, knowingly and purposefully.
This is Energosmyslovaya fizzaryadka as a single object from its two component parts. On the one hand, it is polished over the years and by different people - from a purely physical exercise, and with my hand, it is equipped, is seen differently, update (remember the Hermitage?). All of the exercises and the elements are linked, rhymed with the exact energy layouts of your feelings and thoughts in the space of all your subject-objectless consciousness.
Hence my advice to you is not in a hurry to notice that all the exercises you have long known that you'll be practicing here - no, you are not familiar, this is totally different and new exercises themselves will see it and understand then, based on your personal of life.



semantic Effects

In this world you can do much or anything, but with different meanings, causing changes not only an ideological result of any acts, but also can become another form of even the subject, that is, there are other consequences.
Then to find out more and more clearly in future materials, described in this chapter, is required to make a brief digression into the annals of the sources of every kind and time on Earth.
Yes, plenty of time, its shape and length quite the same thing! For plenty of time - it ...









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