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Видеокурс Выхода в Высший Астра, автор Всеслав Соло  Книги Всеслава Соло  Видеоприложения к книгам Всеслава Соло


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"Dressed up in others bodies"

mystic melodrama,

a novel from the Astral Library

of Sergey Istina - the main character

of the Astral-Magic Epic "Astral Body"





Attention! The book was published in Russian.

(excerpt from the book)
© Vseslav Solo (Sergey Paretsky), 1989-2012 by GG



Translated by using an electronic dictionary.

Original excerpts in Russian is here.











- Cool the company!
- Yes. I agree with you. I am so eagerly looking for her.
- Seasons others - everything is easier. I did not want to meet the knife on the street - not in the operating room, and now ... Glory to God - this company.
- And yet, as they do it?
- I do not know, and do not want to know, would rather have done to me. I already hate men because I like them.
- How can you! Men - it is lovely, their muscular body ...
- And you, woman ...
- Unfortunately, so far. I hope ...
- I would have tore to shreds all the women for what they have.
- Goosey you. As much as I was happy with your appearance ...
- Yes, on you, take right now ... God ... Lord, have mercy, I'll kill her now.
- Did you say something?
- No. And leave me alone.
- Okay.
Short time, two of them, only that it seemed quite another to another visitor, silent, as if to take care off treads sensory pathway alone, but soon, stamped on the spot, realized that their paths diverge at nowhere, because now they sit in one, reserve purposes, this is not a big lobby, waiting room, luxurious, feather soft, leather armchairs, facing each other, where only one second between them - a coffee table, and each enemy for himself, and who the opponents of the first presses the "trigger?". . Waiting near the inlaid dark, smelling of wood, doors, behind which, soon, there in the mysterious depths of the firm and there will be "shot", which must decide who to stay alive: one who is, or what, by whom he lives.
He and she. Woman and man ...
The first broke the silence of the girl:
- I've seen people who have helped: I spoke with them and die with envy - she said.
- I am acquainted with them, too, - has consented to the continuation of the conversation the young man.
- At the interview? - A lively and committed the girl asked.
- No, - said the guy in the intonation denies clarification in this regard.
- They are good, but ... - Started to say, but she paused thoughtfully, as if looking at the interlocutor of the same understanding of which have missed today, but which, as it was seen, he is also thinking. As if their own assertions are not mistaken in its internal speculation, it could even finish, and myself, still waiting to finish for her companion. Wrestling: the fear that he would say is not what she thought now, and an unwavering belief that she still hears from the interlocutor is that he understands it - it excited her, and she blushed a little, looked down, puzzled bit her lower lip.
- I know what you want to say - clarifying the hitch in the conversation, the young man said.
- Is it true?! - Bravely replied, swallowing disturbance, girl. Now his eyes rested on her companion.
- There's something wrong - he said, and a subtle nod of the head and eye movement pointed in the direction of a mysterious door - you know what I mean? - In a whisper, quickly finish it because the door gently opened a third and a soft, gently insinuating male voice announced:
- Next, please, anyone? Come in - and then: just suddenly opened the door was closed again, leaving a short pause before the confusion of the two firms visitors ...
Bright and spacious room. The entire length of one of its walls stretches the window, glazed dark with a metallic sheen glass. Front of the window, and right and left of him, one more door. Right along the window a long table covered with black leather. On the table: a computer and a few folders. One of these signs, the labeling of her possession of something, a man is not tall, forty-five years old in appearance, with curly black beard and mustache, with lush, barashkovatoy hair on his head, a man in a white coat, the reflections of the sun in its present a thin, golden-rimmed glasses. At the table one easy chair, as in the waiting room, lobby, is the same, from which a few seconds ago, just got up and knocked on the door and went in here, and stopped some distance away from the table, this young man:
- Next, I - he said slowly.
- Sit down, my dear, in the chair - clearly the man said, raising his left hand points to his forehead and peered into the next. - On what channel to us? - There and then he said, took off his glasses and put them on the table to the left of himself, near the monitor. He again stared piercingly at the visitor, and this concentrated examining knows with what intention directed, the newcomer was not so comfortable. When he sat in the chair offered, it seems sighed beneath him, straining their bulk air and weightlessness, but still kept the weight of a regular habit of the human body in balance to its softness.
- In what sense - "on what channel?" - In a cautious tone of the young man asked.
- We are the official company and an acquaintance does not work - fussy, but not overwhelmingly said the man in a white coat - the channel, we have only two: one of them - all sorts of advertising, and the other - our agents. So which of these: Advertising? .. The recommendation agent? ...
- An agent, your agent is recommended to apply.
- After that you went to an agent?
- How does it through that? They themselves know why I ask.
- I do not mean it's not your frustration myself, we shall understand this and always think in a positive form, I hope, as always. - Owner of the office is not permanently stopped, gradually, rather stealthily, glancing at his visitor. Then he took a deep breath and as if memorized in advance rapidly applied in similar cases, said more than one answer - a clinic, hospital, street, police station, more. In any of these named places? I need to know the statistics, for the proper and expeditious rassredotochivaniya power company, the business must be efficient. Profit, my dear, is not the last thing in our work.
- With your agent I met in the street - there and then said the young man, once dissuaded a man in a white coat.
- Very good. Here, take-ka anketku - owner of the office held out a few sheets of paper to the visitor - fill it. There will be something it is not clear - ask, we shall understand together, I'll help. Documents with a are available? - He asked gently, and added, - I mean the passport and the like.
- Everything is what you need, your agent is advised.
- Well, well ... Fill out the questionnaire - short, though tearing waste of time, said the owner of the office, again put on his glasses and turned to the monitor, was his bony fingers smacked his keys on the keyboard.
It took approximately half an hour before the young man answered the questionnaire pologayuschiesya completed and handed leaflets man in a white coat back. For all the time filling the form the visitor never asked for help from the owner of the cabinet, and therefore representative of the company, looking up close look of the monitor, again, who shot his familiar points at once hurriedly plunged into the study outlined the points of the material.
- So-so ... - Sometimes he kept saying - yasnenko ... well ...
The young man waited patiently for their fate and did not take his eyes off his face screwed up reading, but little was clear the guy from the steep, is not related to each other phrases representative of the firm, and because of his suspicion grew.
- Okay. All clear - soon concluded his study of the master's office. - Here's a bunch of photos - and he gave the visitor is not big in size, but a heavy black plastic bag.
The young man took the package, opened it and began to consider otlistyvaya slowly one after the other photos, which depicted a girl, girls, women, and even quite a nice old lady. When he looked through the entire stack of photos of persons, a representative of the firm asked him to review it again once more and all:
- You should select and show me that what you more than to face what you had not refused to live. I think you understand me.


A visitor quickly peresherstil some pictures and briefly put one of them on the table pododvinuv it to a representative of the company closely.
- Bay you do not fool! - Said the representative of the firm. - I think because they are usually called. Good girl. You do not want to choose something else, so to speak, for an expanded definition, or you just like this one?
- There is another, but it ...
- What, you say, maybe pohlopochem.
- It is not yet registered with you.
- Tell me, where you can find, our agents have some work.
- It can not be found. She is here.
- Well, pull out it from the same pack.
- You got me wrong, it's here, but not in a pack, and there, - the young man nodded his head towards the lobby, waiting room - sitting in a chair.
- It is now clear - as if comforting her interest, said a representative of the firm - it is now, so to speak live, sitting in the waiting room. I understand you correctly?
- Yes, she's there.
- Okay. I'll keep this in mind, but she did not speak. Get out of here through another door - and the owner of the office have the right hand side of the proposed path for the care of the visitor. - Come to me three days, this Friday, do not be late, at exactly ten o'clock. Here's a reminder that you need and will have to do before thou mayest emerge in due time.
- The young man left the room, looking on the fly stuck memo.
- Next, please, anyone? - Receiving a voice was heard in the firm's representative through the opening, once again it ajar, the entrance door cabinet ...
... There was a Friday. Broad, of medium height and build, with a pointed nose and a deep expression of black, tar-eye, with long and bushy, hair below the shoulders
a young man in the colorful sneakers and a dark blue jogging suit knocked on the door, in the familiar door at ten o'clock in the morning, as he was, roughly, ordered three days ago.
A few seconds later the front door in an office has opened a representative firm. Like last time, it opened the owner of the office, a man in a white coat.
- Come, my darling - gently and decently he said - go through and sit down in a chair ... And I must admit, it was started a little bit worried for you, when a more detailed study of your documents - if it is reported in the last days of his work to the young man, sitting at his desk.
- Why is it so! I am disciplined in such serious matters, - informed the interlocutor nice guy, thinking to himself: "The last time addressed to" you ", and now ... for something like Crouch?"
- You are probably wondering - was explained by a representative of the company - why is it they say, that is, I am on Tuesday - "you", and on Friday - on the "you"? .. It's very simple.
"As if reading thoughts" - thought the guy.
- So, I say - everything is very simple - after a pause went on more representative of the firm. - The "you" I mean everyone, absolutely everyone who comes to us and takes forever, but when I read your papers and found the opposite, that you are sure to come back to us, then, I confess, a little agitated, even who knows what, and suddenly change your mind-after all, albeit unlikely, but still - anything can happen, and for our company, each loyal customer - a first-promising nature of income, profit, my darling! And, you know, loyal customer, this is - is an honorable man, this is - "you"! However, so far no more and no less than that! It seems that now you have calmed down and we have the opportunity to continue our work?
- Of course - as if in passing smile, confirmed the young man and shrugged, suddenly, he, in a moment representative of the firm's outstretched hand.
- Now, perhaps we can go into the next room, where we will arrange with you our future collaborative relationships. Must all hold together the individual contract and negotiate delicately subtle nuances - snapped upright at the top of a small increase, representatively, as he did at a meeting of employees of the firm, a man in a white coat.
A nearby room looked exactly the same as a cabinet representative of the firm, only the windows in this room was not, instead, where there would be a window into all of this wall, melodic sported a photographic picture of the golden autumn forest landscape, made on paper and glued directly on the wall from floor to ceiling. The picture is highlighted in particular, so that the light of several lanterns hanging from the ceiling, illuminating it draws additional depth images and create the illusion of the presence of a living fragment of the forest here in this room, and the work of the hidden air conditioner volumetric stressed that presence. The young man was just asked to sit in another chair, which he did without delay, and the man took off his white coat, hung it on a hanger in the closet, and now appeared before his visitor in a chic gray satin suit. Straightened his tie, he took his seat at the table with a very proud and sat down in the official view of swivel chair on wheels.
- I think you are ready - said he was inspired. - George Fatovich Vorby, at your service! The founder of the firm "reverse side" - a solemn man introduced himself.
- Very nice - with undisguised astonishment said to represent the young man. - Well ... as you already know I have the documents.
- No, dear, be kind and do not think for work, but introduce yourself too. You see, my dear, your idea is not important for the apotheosis of a whim or mood - it's kind of the beginning of the ritual of our company. We should leave the old life in your office from which we came here with you. So ...
- Yury Bondarevsky - introduced himself as a young man.
- I am happy. Very happy to deal with you, Yuriy - summed up the verbal camouflage of a representative of the firm and held out his hand again, but this time slowly, to the client.
Exchanging the next handshake, the two sitting opposite each other person with a couple of almost imperceptible seconds, looking eye to eye.
- So, the first condition of our company - said Vorby. - It is a familiar and inherent in all the world: the energy exchange. And once the exchange, then, as you know, Yuri A., consists, this condition of the two are inextricably linked, parts, components, so to speak.
- I do not quite understand you - Bondarevsky alert.
- I express natural that we, our company produces a definite, vital for you, work, and you pay for it. The result of our work is known to you, otherwise you would not be sitting in front of me now. Now, I think the time has come ...
- How much does it cost?
- That's it, I was just talking about it - agree with the question of the representative of the client company. - The time has come to know you, and the second component. - Bondarevsky stood at attention. - It should not have an accurate picture for you, but the scale of "flip side" - a mere trifle.
- How much is it? - Could not resist Bondarevsky.
- Twenty thousand.
- What? - Hastened to clarify the situation the client.
- You insult me. Dollars, of course, dollars.
- Bucks .. - Disappointment, and said slowly, as if peresprashivaya from himself, the young man. - I do not ... kind of money - finally drooping voice he concluded.
- That's right - fun continued as if nothing had happened Georgio Fatovich. - Probably could not have had! But we need you to repay!
- How? - And that broke from the client, and the rising tide of anger felt even in this short, "How?"
- According to the contract that you sign, you will be required to work off overseas, let's say ... in the same Belgian - two years, and all they earned money will be credited to the account of "the other side."
- But, I must be there for something to exist, and this - waste, can I raise such a sum?
- This is not your concern! .. Your case will be only one thing: good faith to fulfill its defined, work responsibilities. You will have to feed, you will be a place to live, as well as transportation to and from work in Russia, is guaranteed - free!
- Then, what's the reason? I do not understand.
- They are employers, convenient for their business cheap wage labor, you will be paying less than if paid Belgian, and you will perform various kinds of rough work, did not require any qualifications. It's too long to explain to me you, and there is no need for what, and what is and how it is calculated. It is important that this transaction is beneficial to you, us and the employer.
- Well, I think.
- You will have to answer now or we will not take you down again, - Telling the representative of the firm and gentle smile in the face to the customer.
- Well ... I have no choice ... I agree with such terms.
- That's fine! - Exclaimed triumphantly, and theatrical Vorby. - It is also agreed, - he added.
- Who? - Again alert has been aspiring to humble his lot with the client.
- That is the girl in you "put" eyes on Tuesday at his first arrival here.
- Agreed to what?
- In these conditions of course, and you thought what?
- I do not know.
- As you wish ... So ... It remains to add that to the next event in which you, with the signing of the contract, will be enrolled, of your, or her, your darling, consent, any more what is not needed. Because, all the rest - the technology, our business, the company, the process of our services to you, and here: and she, your beloved, and you, all other conditions are just going to have to perform.
- And what are these conditions?
- The procedure itself, but more on that later. Sign the contract, he is in front of you on the table.
Bondarevsky Vorby signed and immediately put it in a secret safe deposit box mounted in the wall of the forest landscape.
- This is my job ends, and I suggest you go through that door - and the company representative politely pointed to the appropriate door. - There you will prepare and will make you everything you need. Goodbye, my darling.
- Good-bye, - said the young man.
- Farewell - highly repeated Vorby.
When the young man found himself in the next room, he immediately wanted to go back to the room with the forest landscape, and he tried to open a back door through which he had just found myself here, but ... the door was locked and did not even flinch under strong jerk.
- There is no turning back - he heard a strong voice for someone his shoulders. - Hysterics do not help, you do not belong to yourself - you're now on all the time the contract - the property "flip side".
- I am a free man! - Cried out in panic, not looking back, the customer.
- A. Prior to the contract - concluded unequivocally all the same, relentlessly calm and authoritative voice.
So: music began - a quiet, silky.
Slowly ... Bondarevsky turned to music, almost face to face before he was a young man, probably belonged to whom, and voice. The man looked athletically pumped his muscles were highlighted like streaks fade, surprising light. He was wearing a long white apron and trousers, reminiscent of bloomers. The athlete was standing on the white-tiled floor barefoot, short-cut, with a fleshy face. This could not refuse to obey, and he Bondarevsky suggested that it is now clearly understood - him still require.
- Where do I go? - Asked Bondarevsky.
- For me - immediately there was a resolute voice and athlete turned and walked over weighty long, stretching all the vast space kipelno white screen.
Here, the client met the one, the same athlete, and both of these great human beings, easily picked up on hands Bondarevsky and gently laid him on the couch tough broad. And when Bondarevsky, a little accustomed to his recumbent position and began looking at everything, then only then, he suddenly saw that same girl that was with him in the receiving company, on Tuesday, and which reminded him of a representative firm in "forest room". It was, indeed, it is, but he did not even know her name. The girl was lying, just on a broad couch near him and she smiled at him:
- Take heart, - she whispered ...





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