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Astral-Magic Epic Astral Body - Buffoon or Beginning of Magic - First novel


Astral-Magic Epic

"Astral Body"

"Buffoon or Beginning of Magic"

First novel




Attention! The book was published in Russian.

(excerpt from the book)
© Vseslav Solo (Sergey Paretsky), 1989-2012 by GG



Translated by using an electronic dictionary.

Original excerpts in Russian is here.










I jumped off the couch half asleep, suddenly his whole body weight by height and felt on the fifth floor. It seemed that my tiny room and the entire large-house is about to dissolve into the July night, and I fall to the ground. A few seconds later, I stood and staggered on the spot. Then he took two swift steps to the open window and was stunned.
At the level of my belly pierced in an instant dazzling ribbon lightning. Enveloped cool ...
A minute later I was clinging tenuous cloud sailed away and vanished.
Straight from my window sill, the depth of flying off into the night, started a transparent rainbow. It looked like a thin, rather broad and multi-colored strip of crystal, hard to the touch, but covered with an invisible air-soft, and it was as cold as snow. My hand was cold, my fingers were covered with frost, and I pulled his hand away. Suddenly my eyes as if quite independently from the body slowly sailed just inches over the rainbow in the direction of the cemetery. Rainbow far hung low over them.
Extraordinary efforts, I forced myself to look around and saw behind him a black square window, the silhouette of a man zamershego like a mannequin. This dummy, I learned the outlines of the figure.
Sensing some unusual condition of his aspirations, I calmly turned away from the receding mannequin in the window. I have already considered quite low for a metal crosses, fences, black trees, shrubs ... So I gradually learned the cemetery, bathed in the smoky light of the full moon. But at the same time I saw a rainbow at the top of the sill, I felt that I was standing in his room by the window. This duality, volume my view, did not bother me. On the contrary, it seemed that's what I've seen ever! ..
Somewhere at the level of human growth from the ground, almost touching the slender poplars, a rainbow broke, and I think, as it were stopped, hovered ...
I wanted to touch the tree trunk, to touch the fence. I could clearly see the deep fissures of the cortex, the sharp tips of the fence seemed to be groping for him with his hand, but I understood that with trembling fingers still feeling the window sill! ..
The earth below me once picturesque, the whole plane was shaken, stirred one of the mounds ...
From the fear of my eye as it recoiled back to the middle of the rainbow. I peered into the distance, and soon saw a tiny, black sticky ball climbed the poplar at the rainbow, and began to increase rapidly in size, closer to me. The next moment my eyes were already with me, as if in the flesh, and I drew back the curtain for me to be to be seen.
In a match the gap between the curtain wall and through the glass, I considered the black silhouette of a man walking noiselessly over the rainbow. In a few moments, a man walked right up to my window, and stood as if listening. After a pause, he stepped carefully on the window sill, as if afraid that the sill is made of cardboard. I held my breath and waited, mertveya ...
The man jumped from the window slowly into the room and, like knowing where I spun around to face me ...
I immediately recognized him. It was Sasha - a friend of my youth. But he died long ago?
- You're dead! - I blurted out.
- Do not cry - he said - yes, I did die, but you called me himself.
I tried to remember when? .. In memory of something blurry flashed, but I did not understand that just embarrassed shrug in response.
- You're invited - I came ...
And then fear, hitherto savor me, disappeared, vanished, as if he were blown away with me some mysterious outbreak of the wind, and caught up with joy, rushed to greet me. We firmly shook hands.
It was nice, after so many years, back, shoulder to shoulder, talking to one another, and then I started talking about the most important:
- Sasha is a God in the world?
- I can not answer you this question ...
- And yet, answer me: Is there a God in the world?
- I mean ... How do you answer - it is like trying to find the right words ...
- Yes, as it is, and tell me - I could not wait to hear this great mystery ...
- Ugh ... - Alex spat - you just stick with such issues! You and I have not seen for so many years, can be about anything and talk to a friend! - And he smiled.
- No, no ... You do not try teeth! I'm asking you seriously.
- If you want, I'll show you how we live? - Interrupted me Sasha.
- Of course I want, show me! - I was delighted.
- Well, come with me.
- Far away?
- Let's go down into the yard.
- But you see the neighbors. You're dead. There will be a commotion!
- For this, do not worry, we go ...
We went down the staircase and found ourselves in the courtyard. A bright sunny day, surrounded us on all sides. "But now the night ..." - mentally said to myself and then forgot about it because it surprised even more, to meet me was a neighbor Wick. I greeted her, but she somehow especially gently floated past, it is not paying attention to me ... But we are not indifferent to each other!
- This is what the hell? - I was outraged and accusatory okriknul girl aloud: - Vic! .. - But she continued to be removed without turning around. - Vic ... Vic! - I yelled angrily. However, she had already disappeared into the stairwell.
- Do you scream again, - said Alexander. And then I raspsihovalsya.
- But this is incredible! Pass! Why did not she say hello?
- Look around closely, - calmly suggested Alex. - We live in the same way as you do. Only you do not see us and do not feel ...
I'm evil, and looked around suspiciously. And indeed, right on the football field of our yard were some dilapidated huts.
"What kind of stuff here navezlo house management?" - I thought.
Everywhere the kids running around half naked. In one of the huts were sitting on a wooden bench in the old white linen garments. Alex and I walked towards the huts. The old men nodded respectfully to us, as we passed.
His eyes seemed to see double! .. Immediately darted residents of the neighboring five-story building, they passed through the cabin, children and old people! Like two movies simultaneously projected on a screen. But most of all, I was surprised, or rather stunned by surprise when the thick, clumsy woman with a red face, sweaty, panting, tramped through me!
I do not understand: I was walking through someone or someone was passing through me? I was lost in conjecture: who is real and who is - no! Inspired by the duality, I unexpectedly ran into a girl. In order not to fall off, intuitively, we immediately and embraced. The girl laughed and whispered in my ear:
- Young people may think that you're whole life in a hurry to my hug!
I held her by the waist. The girl leaned back slightly, her hands on my shoulders. We looked at each other's eyes. In a white lace wedding dress and veil, she looked lovely bride. Snub-nosed, blue-eyed, tall, intelligent forehead, long curly hair ...
- It's time to go back - I heard a voice behind the back of Sasha's. The girl escaped from my arms and ran away, but after running about three dozen steps, she turned and shouted at me:
- My name is Natasha. Natasha ... - And slyly added: - Remember ... - She waved a hand and disappeared into one of the huts ...
- It's time to go back - again, I heard Sasha's voice.
In the open window the night continued to reign, the sill hung a rainbow. We said goodbye in my room, and Sasha have already stepped on a rainbow a few steps toward the graveyard, like me, coming to his senses, called him a question:
- Sasha, you do I never said there is a God in the world? - He turned and said nothing ...
- There is no God! But there is something like it! - There came to me with his smooth words ...
Soon, Alex became a tiny black dot, and then completely disappeared. Rainbow dissolved like melted ...
Tired, I lay down on the sofa. He closed his eyes. And it began to sink into the black abyss sweet slumber, I felt someone's insistent clapping on my shoulder and demanding, a familiar voice over my head:
- Sergey, get up, you are asked to wake up.
I opened my eyes to open window was bright. Even from the hallway heard the voice of my mother:
- I went to work. Breakfast on the table ...
Slammed the door on the landing quieted down the steps ...






Suddenly, the silence of the morning in the apartment said a shrill bell in the hallway. I brushed off the sheet, jumped off the couch and quickly pulled the pants. Barefoot and shirtless, I opened the door for themselves and one eye looked out onto the landing: on the threshold stood a neighbor Wick. I opened the door wider and stepped out because of it entirely.
- Are you still awake? - Prihihiknuv smiled and asked, Vic, surveying me from head to foot, looking bewildered.



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