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Some parts of life. Whether they are necessary for memory? On the one hand, it is nice, and sometimes sad, but interesting to look into the past, but not one pair of eyes. On the other hand, traveled, it has experienced. Otvolnovanno it? I think if you pull a person back there, so it is not completely fulfilled something. Is there energy. And it's the beckoning of his retrospective account. Or, well, it is obsolete? Discard and forget and just ahead? Yes, go ahead - it's always the right decision. What is not understood and was once displayed in the solutions is better to forget. The new all can be solved in other forms, and events. Energy is not lost, they are always up. Why then put it for show? Yes, just like that. Just kidding of course. Not only so, but with the intention of course. After all, someone as it is needed.












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