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For millennia, people throughout the earth engaged in various physical exercises, invented, discovered and settled their practice.
In this book, in no small way for the first time on Earth, brought to the attention of man that what you're thinking, feeling, and that oschuschaesch during the execution of elementary fizzaryadki and perceive the results thereof.
Even the simple essence and mood depend on the outcome of any case! And on what and how to exercise influence, especially!
So, it is elementary: if in the wrong mood to Accomplish fizzaryadku, you can not just simply does not get any sense of it, but also hurt yourself, even to die for! And no one will know and not guess why this man is dead!
In this book taught a whole system of special spatial reference points that are generated and are placed in the subject among the feelings and thoughts, sensations of human right during the performance of some simple exercises.
And not only in the exercise here is the essence, (although they are to some extent play a role), and those discoveries and inventions, which the author managed to locate and construct.
If you indeed want to be treated during the fizzaryadki, fix their own affairs and build their lives every day in their own way - in your hands is the same one required you to book now!
Attention! The author of this book immediately warns the reader that he is not responsible for any use and any material in this book in the practice of treating every person as well as in the practice of self-medication, because the author can not control the fact of a true development and application in practice treatment and self-material in this book - responsibility for any results of treatment and self on the basis of this book lies entirely on the person who uses these materials in their own practice and self-treatment.





ENERGY GIN. Introduction 5

Semantic Effects 13

ENERGY GIN. Part One: "The high relief." 27

A. The Cross 28

Two. Exemption 32

The first part 34

The second part 35

Part three of 36

Part Four 37

The fifth part of 38

Crosses 40

Tightness 44

counterweights 47

Pan 51

Active Obedience 55

57 chick

Raspravka astral folds 60

Orange Man 62

Matrix for 64 feet

An impression of anxiety 68

bonds of 72

Chelovekomir 77

The flow of 86

money 89

Part two. Magnitirovanie Matrix 94

Part Three: "The bas-relief." Wind 110

The Lord of the Earth 114

Flying plate 119

A strong back is 124

The pedestal of the Will 126

130 contempt

Cast of Leni 134

A gust of 137 Indifference

Wise Feet 142

Washing 147

Karmic Flow 149

Immortality 151

Podplechiki 153



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