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"How to become the Mage? or Will in Law!" (book Fourth)



C o n t e n t s :

Foreword to the series 5
Evening Ten. 8
Peace and Good State. 8
Evil and Good Basics: 8
From some basic rules and Laws of Peace and Good State: 15
I. Never let have your place and don't take someone else's place. 15
Variant First: 18
Variant Second. 19
Explanations to the Variants. 20
Position "A": 22
Position "B": 25
Position "C": 27
Position "D": 28
Position "E": 29
Position "F": 30
Will it be correct, and if not, then how to? 32
"None of the Hermits will come to me" 36
The other half. 38
Evening Eleven. 52
Karma. 52
Introduction. 52
I. Karma Types. 56
Unconsciously-mirror Karma (with the entirely active surrounding can be mobile, but not consciously). 56
Stones-Objects-Healing basics. 59
Mirror, Logically Grouped, having analogy of surrounding activity. 62
Mirror, Conscious, Closed. 66
Mirror, Conscious, Open (gathering the surrounding activity). 71
Mirror, Conscious with the surrounding of no self-activity. 74
Mirror and Projecting, Free. 78
Projecting and Contemplating, Liberated. ……..81
As a conclusion on Karma Types, 84
and also, "Conscious (Karma), appearing unconsciously in the space of a new surrounding activity, actually built for the purpose of its cognition" 84
II. General questions and basic conceptions of Karma existence and formation mechanisms. 87
Karma's "sack". 87
Quick distribution of Gold bullions. 92
Evening Twelve. 100
Karma. (continuation, the beginning is in the Evening Eleven) 100
III. Desires Mounts. 100
Integral intercoupling or Binarity of Desires Mounts ……….105
Karma's Ruler. 108
General picture of the situation: 111
Variant of the situation First: 111
Variant of the situation Second: 111
Variant of the situation Third: 112
Variant of the situation Fourth: 112
Variant of the situation Fifth: 112
Variant of the situation Sixth: 113
Variant of the situation Seventh: 113
Essence of the Variant First: 113
Essence of the Variant Second: 114
Essence of the Variant Third: 114
Essence of the Variant Fourth: 114
Essence of the Variant Fifth: 115
Essence of the Variant Sixth: 115
Essence of the Variant Seventh: 116
Field of appliance of the Karma's Ruler. Astral Training Grounds Task. Desire Formation Basics.. 116
IV. Interrelation of Free Will and Karma. 128
Money Egregor . 138
Development Basics of Matrix, the Cup. 138
Details of Home First Necessity Degree: …….152
P/S.: 153
Some information of V.M. Solo books: 154
In the world of "Astral body" 154
Mood 154



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