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"How to become the Mage? or The Way Goes On!" (book Fifth)



C o n t e n t s :

Foreword to the series 5
Laws of Peace and Good State: 8
"Sin unexpressed - is half-forgiven". 8
Live variants 17
Breathing "Violet Pea Travelling". 24
Introduction. 24
The process of Breathing itself. 31
Astral Vision. 60
Introduction. 75
Practice. 76
a). Conditions. 76
b). Process. 78
2. Initiation to Shambhala. 82
Introduction. 82
Nine Commandments for neophyte Development: 82
Semantic review of the Commandments. 84
Panorama of the Initiation. 88
Main tasks of the Initiation to Shambhala: 97
Symbol of the Initiation. 100
Astral Vision. (Continuation, the beginning - Evening Fourteen) 107
2. Initiation to Shambhala. 107
The process of the mystery of Initiation to Shambhala itself through the Symbol of Developed Infinity. 107
Peace and Good State. (Continuation, the beginning is in books: "How to become the Mage? or Seeing Oneself!" and "How to become the Mage? or Will in Law!", as well as in the beginning of the given book) 122
Consideration of the Known Conceptions. 122
The Mercy and Compassion, Pity and Merchenary. 122
Sport, a sportsman state. 127
Table-talk. 129
Toast-master. 136
Toasts: 139
Some advices: 142
Money Egregor. 146
Advertisement. 146
P/S: Continuation of the Money Egregor (as well as of its theme "Advertisement") read in the next book "How to become the Mage? or Laws of Laws!" 152
Some information about the books of V.M. Solo: 153



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