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Diary for a Warlock, Diary for the Future, for 12 records on materializations in Love sphere through a special ceremony.
addressing to the most ancient God of Love.
My Introduction.
I have been often asked and I am asked now about my sources of development, where my knowledge comes to me from.
Today it is time to open the World of my Teachers, the World of unknown earlier Town of Gods.
The first God, God with whom any wishing human can contact from now on - is God of Love TELAALOFF.
That God, is appeared without any borders in his mercy directed to the addressing to him person asking for being closer to somebody else, or to make closer any Earth objects. He is willing to: help and punish, distract and create.
Receive his lighting up, when he uncovers his power for you, the power of the Third Rome by your agreement.
TELAALOFF - God of Love, who existed even before the Ancient Egypt and He came again, to unite the whole Earth.






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