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"How to become the Mage? or Seeing Oneself!" (book Third)



C o n t e n t s :

Foreword to the series 5
Evening Seven. 8
Peace and Good State 8
Introduction: 8
1. Energetic Construction or a Configuration Ruler of Peace and Good State: 10
Variant First: 19
Variant Second: 23
Variant Third: 26
Variant First: 37
Variant Second: 40
Variant Third: 42
Variant Fourth: 45
Schedule: 50
P/S.: 52
Evening Eight. 52
I. Construction of Consciousness or Memory Basics, Development Scheme, Sacrificing ..52
Introduction. 52
General Panorama of Human's Memory 56
Scheme of Development 58
Basic or Natural Memory 65
Configurable or Control memory. 67
Operative memory or Work space. 68
Auxiliary or Umbrella Memory: 72
a). Access or Possibilities Platform 72
Platform of Conscious Access (Possibility): 73
Platform of Unconscious Access (Possibility)… 75
b). Motion Surrounding Platform 78
1. Orientation-Aim Platform. 78
2. Motion Means Platform 82
Fatalism, Fatalist 85
Mechanics of Motion Means Platform existence 88
Some most elemental and basic practical advices on learning and using of the Motion Means Platform: 90
5. Increasing of Label's Memory 91
6. Human Memory of Consciousness Adapter 95
First touch to the Immortality 97
Evening Nine. 109
Illnesses 109
1. Sources, base, causes basics. 109
Wind Illness 114
Feeling Illness. 116
Spirit Illness. 121
Overview of Illnesses appearance … 123
Three tastes 130
Note on Astral. 133
Money Egregor 139
Primary Means 139
Who with and how to begin and to have a business? 149



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