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"How to become the Mage? or Outer Environment!" (book Second)



C o n t e n t s :

Foreword to the series 5
Evening Three 8
I. Damnation: conception, forming, realizations 8
Damnation Classics. 9
Three Classical Types of Damnations 10
Explanations 12
Necessary Conditions of Any Origin and kind of Damnation Realization ………13
Fourth Kind of Damnations…………………16
Damnations? 19
Terms of Damnation execution?…………….26
II. Remorse: conception, structure 26
How does authentic Remorse look? 31
And what about the Remorse Process, Way to Remorse -
how does it look? 36
III. Balance of Human Development, Pure Experience, Aim and means 38
Evening Four. 60
I. Attachments. Toys. 60
Parable: Fallen in Love. 60
Explanations 72
From some of neophyte's statements: 77
Loss and Acquisition 77
Orientation and Aim 79
II. Egregor: essence, motions and metamorphoses 82
Construction of explanation 83
Conflict 88
Some Primary Laws of Egregors Controlling …….105
Evening Five………..106
I. Basis points of a Soul. 106
Mental way of decision 106
More Practical way
II. Money Egregor (Continuation, the beginning is in the first book) 128
1. Reviving of Means 128
a). Creation of Personal Money Egregor Matrix 128
b). Development of the Matrix or Own Business Search 128
c). Beginning business, instead of preparations. 137
d). What are primary means for a business and how to get them? 141
e). Expanded or Narrowed Consciousness as a depth of Own Money Egregor Matrix. Expansion, narrowing of means Consciousness. 146
Barrier: 151
What is the Way of Wealth Denial Barrier concluded in? 153
What is the Way of Wealth Mastering Barrier concluded in? 154



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