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Видеокурс Выхода в Высший Астра, автор Всеслав Соло  Книги Всеслава Соло  Видеоприложения к книгам Всеслава Соло


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What is the Going Out into Astral necessary for? 14
What is Astral? 18
Note on Astral. 43
When and how one can speak in his environment about His Astral? 49
Where and how one can get Energy for Going Out into Astral? 56
Exercise first. 57
Exercise second. 57
Exercise third. 58
Exercise fourth. 59
Exercise fifth. 60
Brief comment on the exercises: 61
Pure Energy Accumulation Breathing or the "Food itself". 62
Pose of "Pharaoh". Time and place, duration, relations. 71
So, pose of "Pharaoh": 73
Energy. 75
"Suit" of breathing. 76
Construction of breathing 82
Entrance into breathing. 85
What kind of Astral going outs exist? 87
Some Special Constructions for Astral Going Out. 90
Introducing Explanations. 90
Construction "Vertebra". 92
Construction "Curtailment-Condensation". 97
Construction "Sinciput" and "Point". 105
Construction "Vibrations". 107
Conclusions on the Constructions. 109
Astral threshold. 112
Flight in the "Tube". 112
"Temptation". 123
"Threat". 133
Astral Evolvent. 144
Going out into Astral from the Dream Body. 147
Astral body basic forms and main particularities of being in them. 153
Passport form of Astral Body. 153
Egregor form of Astral Body. 159
" Bathyscaph" form of Astral Body. 166
"Cloak room" form of Astral Body. 170
"Invisible" form of Astral Body. 175
Training the skill of seeing your Astral hands. 181
Introduction. 181
Practice. 182
a). Conditions 182
b). Process. 183
How and what for to be on your Astral Planet? 186
Briefly about the primary, basic manners of behavior in Astral. 192
Astral person way of life. 199
Hatred - 201
Love - 202
Conclusion. 204
p/s: 204



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