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"How to become the Mage? or Laws of Laws!" (book 6th)



C o n t e n t s :

Foreword to the series …….5
Astral Vision. 8
Soiled Space. 8
Introduction. 8
Talisman. 9
Introduction. 9
Choice of material, Work over the body of the future talisman, Conditions……..13
Energetic preparation of the objectively or non-objectively ready body of the talisman……22
Process of Talisman Creation from its objective or non-objective body, that passed the Energetic preparation…….24
As parting words……………………31
Mood of the Soiled Space. 34
Consciousness Breathing. 47
Introduction. 47
Main tasks and possibilities of the "Consciousness Breathing": 48
Conditions of Preparation and Conducting of the Consciousness Breathing. 56
The process of the Consciousness Breathing itself, its texting for the tape record. 58
Gender Birth Laws: a boy or a girl? 85
First Law of Procreation. 87
Second Law of Procreation. 87
Third Law of Procreation. 87
Two Formulas. 102
Explanation note. 102
God - Semi-God - Ignoramus. 104
Ledge - Hollow. 120
Slides magnetized to you and from you. 128
The Interview to the theme. 128
How is our ability to memorize is arranged? 129
Your actions. 136
Energetic side of the Remorse Process. 146
Money Egregor. 149
Advertisement. (Continuation, the beginning is the Initiation the 5th book "How to Become the Mage? or The Way Goes On!") 149
Three equals one and two. 151
p/s.: 155



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