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In the volume of Higher Magic.

Every human after his death leaves his physical body, but not every one will be able to remain conscious after his decease and not to die in some measure, not to be dissolved in the space subtle, astral world, since the overwhelming majority of essences are weaved of possessions, of appropriations, of taking from outside: feelings, emotions, ideas, thinking paths and so on.
And all that, as well the earth body, as those objects, that surrounded him, the human, he will have to leave, and in such a semi-mad state of only own, inimitable, the essence is unavoidably born again, because it doesn't know self-cognition, it comes of Earth in its new embodiment.
To die, knowing what the death is, to die consciously, having death experience during the life - this is the first touch to immortality and in most cases - no more coming back on Earth, at the physical place in a new incarnation, but the aspiration for obtaining knowledge to the God's Origin, to more and more developed Cosmic Consciousness, to its control, its cognition.
"Astral body" - it is the entire Epic of novels, based on Primary Universe Knowledge - Saint Tot's Book.
Through the novel form, fiction form, there the theory and practice exercises on Higher Magic and way of an astral person (a person who goes out into astral) are given.
Every reader, if attentive and aspirated - can learn to fly, to become a flying man of the Newest Era - Era of Cosmic Consciousness, to Initiate himself to Shambhala, the Country of Gods.
The Epic "Astral body" is the beginning of Planet Earth Dissolution, of dual-plane humanity existence: astral and mental.
Concluding novels of the Epic are foreseen as manuals on Cosmic Consciousness, as manuals on being mastered today by me the science of Light.
In "Astral body" in the first novel "Buffoon or Beginning of Magic" - it is proposed to a reader to follow through the structure of detective story, and poetic touch, and mystic way, and magic realization of love, and philosophical conditions, taste of fantasy and at the same time the real state of energy of the subtle world in motion and manifestations.
I appeared many times, as well in large as in chamber lecture halls and a majority of my materials now already has corroboration of authenticity from the side of my numerous audience.




Magic-Epic "Astral body"


"Izida or Gates of Sanctuary" (novel two)



C o n t e n t s :

Part one. LOOK FROM ASIDE. 214
Stream 214
Right in Power? 222
In captivity of Astral Faith. 224
Visiting 232
In a Feelings library 235
Deputy of mine 239
Part two. ASTRAL GANG 250
Secret of publications 250
Cold 253
Opposition 262
At luck! 265
Rapture of body 270
Satan 276
Part three. Ura Bogiv 287
Theft of dreams 287
Lesson one. 295
Escape 315
Little Lucy 318
Obsession of love 322
Lesson two 338
Part five. FUSS. 343
Friend of childhood 343
Dubinin's meditations 346
But what, if … 349
Magic advice 353
Why? 364
The Last Supper 367
Contemplator 371
Lesson three 374
Among dead men? 379
Mother of God 386
It belongs to .. 390
Death? 392
It was … 394
There is one! … 397
Evidence 400
0-three 402
Fire 408
Who? 410



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